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Found them! Ancient online boxoffice discussions

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type in the search ‘tnd vs titanic’ (my fave) or ‘titanic boxoffice 1997’ or ‘phantom menace boxoffice’ or ‘sixth sense boxoffice’ or whatever you want to search for. 



I had no idea during the 1990s that these communities existed. At the time I frequented a couple of actual online forums. The Apollo 13 threads, in particular, really resonate with me as that was the first film that inspired my interest and that I started tracking.   

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1 minute ago, baumer said:

It doesn't work for me. 

Sigh. Yea. Those links were just my personal faves anyway. Start by searching in the Search field, ‘tnd vs titanic boxoffice’ and you’ll get hooked. 

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@Jake Gittes @Premium George  I like this one:


The Phantom Menace Will Never Beat Titanic's Box Office. Here's why:

6/1/99Chris Pierson

In article <37eeff86....@news.earthlink.net>,
Nimrod <nim...@earthlink.net> wrote:
>So you're telling us why more folks went to see TITANIC than will go
>see THE PHANTOM MENACE, right?  You've told us why you think
>one will be more popular than the other, right?  In other words,
>this is a popularity contest, right?
>Well, by those standards one or two things must be made very clear....
>The biggest box office film of all time is GONE WITH THE WIND.
>It has sold more tickets than any other movie.
>The original STAR WARS is in second place, far ahead of TITANIC.
>Only a fool fails to take inflation into account when measuring 
>box office success.

Of course, to be fair, one should take into account that, when GWTW was
out, entertainment options were much more limited than they are today. No
TV, no VCRs, no net, no video games, etc. It was pretty much books,
theater and radio. Would GWTW have been _as_ successful if there had been
as many diversions in its time as there are today? No. Would it have still
been up there? Probably, but not at #1, given that Star Wars, which had
much more competition, is less than $100 million behind it in the
adjusted-for-inflation list.

The problem is, the whole box office issue is _way_ too muddy to make many
genuine, empirical statements about how "successful" a film is.
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