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Year 9 Advanced Schedule

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Welcome to the Advanced Schedule thread for Year 9. The Year 9 Calendar is based off of the 2025 calendar year. Here again are the rules:


1. PM to me 3 films, in order of preference, that you wish to schedule IMAX reservations for. If any of these films are a sequel to a film that grossed at least $200 million domestic, then that film goes to the top of your preference list. If you have multiple 200m sequels, just list them in alphabetical order (since as per policy, these films take IMAX precedence over non-sequels). So for example, a list could look like


1. Hilda 2

2. Scavenger Wars 4

3. Countdown to Extinction



2. Additionally, you may PM to me 2 additional films you wish to schedule that you do not want IMAX for (it was 3 last year). No indication of preference needed just keep them separate from the IMAX films. These films must either have Oscar Prestige Potential, or are planned/hoped to gross at least 100m domestic. DO NOT SEND ME PLATFORM RELEASE FILMS. Only films that will release significantly wide from the start (as in 3000 theaters plus).



3. When you PM me the films, please do so according to the following format:




If your film does not yet have a finalized title, just call it something like Untitled Fantasy Blockbuster or Untitled Hypercompetency Sequel, but if/when it gets an actual title, please inform me so I can make the appropriate edit in the actual schedule post.



4. Please PM me your film selections by 3 PM EST on Sunday August 22nd, 2021. I will post the full Advanced Schedule that night.

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Here is the Year 9 calendar. It will be replaced with the full Advanced Schedule once all submissions are PMed to me.




Friday, January 3rd



Friday, January 10th



Friday, January 17th (4-Day MLK Weekend)

The Formation (Horror/Fantasy) (Dir. M. Night Shyamalan) (IMAX – 2 Weeks)



Friday, January 24th



Friday, January 31st

Rocket Hero (Action) (Dir. Sam Hargrave) (IMAX – 2 Weeks)



Friday, February 7th

Wolfsbane (Horror/Sports) (dir. Gareth Evans)



Friday, February 14th (4-Day President’s Day Weekend)

Beyblade: Secrets of the Sisters - Let Them Rip (Sci-Fi/Adventure) (dir. Julia Hart) (IMAX – 2 Weeks)



Friday, February 21st



Friday, February 28th

Pitch Black (Fantasy Horror) (dir. Francis Lawrence) (IMAX – 1 Week)



Friday, March 7th

Untitled Fantasy Film (Fantasy/Adventure) (dir. Jeff Woolnough) (IMAX – 2 Weeks, 50% Split with Starlight 2 on Week 2)



Friday, March 14th

The Last Victim (Horror) (dir. Robert Zemeckis)

Starlight 2 (Animation/Sci-Fi) (director Rodney Rothman & Josh Cooley) (IMAX – 2 Weeks 50% Split with Untitled Numbers Fantasy on Week 1)



Friday, March 21st



Friday, March 28th

Ninja Turtles (Superhero/Action/Comedy) (Dir. Rawson Marshall Thurber) (IMAX – 3 Weeks)



Friday, April 4th



Friday, April 11th

Wicker's End (Detective Thriller/Horror) (dir. Lynne Ramsay)



Friday, April 18th (Easter Weekend)

Project Ruby (Animation/Fantasy/Adventure) (dir. Brad Bird) (IMAX – 2 Weeks)



Friday, April 25th



Friday, May 2nd

The Hunted (Sci-Fi) (dir. Rian Johnson) (IMAX – 3 Weeks)



Friday, May 9th (Mother’s Day Weekend)

Alakazam (CG Animation) (dir. Chris Appelhans)



Friday, May 15th



Friday, May 23rd (4-Day Memorial Day Weekend)

Blockbuster (Biographical Drama) (dir. Damien Chazelle)

Grand Theft Auto (Crime/Thriller) (Dir. S. Craig Zahler) (IMAX – 3 Weeks)



Friday, May 30th



Friday, June 6th

Lesedi (CG Animation/Fantasy) (Ashton Corbin and Matthew A Cherry) (IMAX – 1 Week)



Friday, June 13th (Father’s Day Weekend)

Friday the 13th (Horror) (Dir. Adam Green)

Xenoblade Chronicles: Power of the Monado (Sci-Fi/Adventure) (dir. Wes Ball) (IMAX – 2 Weeks)



Friday, June 20th

The Next Good Day (Drama) (dir. Tom McCarthy)


Friday, June 27th

The Scavenger Wars Part IV (Sci-fi/Epic) (dir. Julie Taymor) (IMAX – 3 Weeks)



Wednesday, July 2nd (5-Day Independence Day Weekend)

Heremias (Animation/Fantasy/Adventure) (dir. Brenda Chapman)

No Rest for the Dead (Buddy Supernatural Mystery) (dir. Joe Cornish)



Friday, July 11th



Friday, July 18th

The Hard Way Forward (Sci-Fi Adventure) (dir. Rick Famuyiwa) (IMAX – 2 Weeks)



Friday, July 25th



Friday, August 1st

Attack on Titan: The Wings of Freedom (Epic Fantasy) (dir. Matt Reeves) (IMAX – 2 Weeks)



Friday, August 8th



Friday, August 15th

Beastars (Animation / Drama) - Directed by Jennifer Yuh Nelson (IMAX - 4 Weeks)

Red Dead Redemption Vol. 1 (Western) (dir. Taylor Sheridan)



Friday, August 22nd



Friday, August 29th (4-Day Labor Day Weekend)

Final Straw (Action) (dir. Mark Williams) (IMAX – 2 Weeks)



Friday, September 5th



Friday, September 12th

Fantastic Four (Superhero) (dir. Gareth Edwards) (IMAX – 2 Weeks)

Gone and Here Again (Sci-fi Drama) (Dir. James Gray)



Friday, September 19th



Friday, September 26th

Invader Zim (Animation/Sci-Fi/Comedy) (Dir. Peter Avanzino) (IMAX – 2 Weeks)



Friday, October 3rd



Friday, October 10th (4-Day Indigenous People’s Day/Columbus Day Weekend)

Mechamen (Sci-Fi) (dir. Jaume Collet-Serra) (IMAX – 2 Weeks, 50% Split Week 2 with Abomination)

Sleepy Hollow (Stop Motion/Thriller/Horror) (dir. Henry Selick)



Friday, October 17th

Abomination (Gothic Horror/Drama) (dir. Guillermo del Toro) (IMAX – 3 Weeks, 50% Split Week 1 with Mechamen)



Friday, October 24th

The Amityville Horror (Horror) (Dir. Mike Flanagan)



Friday, October 31st



Friday, November 7th

The Last Airbender: The Blind Bandit (Fantasy) (dir. John M. Chu) (IMAX – 3 weeks)



Friday, November 14th



Friday, November 21st

The Spy Inside Me (Spy/Adventure) (dir. Danny Boyle)



Wednesday, November 26th (5-Day Thanksgiving Weekend)

Texas City (Disaster/Drama) (Dir. James Mangold) (IMAX – 2 Weeks)



Friday, December 5th



Friday, December 12th

Hilda and the Black Forest (Animation/Fantasy/Adventure/Dark Drama) (dir. Patrick McHale) (IMAX – 2 Weeks)



Friday, December 19th

The Queen Who Never Was (Fantasy Drama) (dir. Michelle MacLaren)


Monday December 22nd

Untitled Karyn Kusama Thriller (Drama/Thriller/Romance) (Dir. Karyn Kusama)



Thursday, December 25th (4-Day Christmas Weekend)

Millinium (Alternative History Sci-fi Action) (Dir. Christopher Nolan) (IMAX - 2 weeks)

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The Advanced Schedule has been updated. When taking a look at it, remember to keep these things in mind:



1) Pursuant to the rules that have been established, Sequels to 200M Domestic Films get absolute priority. So if you have a First Priority Film that lands in the second week of a 200M Sequel, you do not get IMAX for your opening week. This occurred a couple times for Year 9. You do get IMAX going forward from that week because there is only a 2-week guarantee for IMAX.


2) Films of Higher Priority cut off films of Lower Priority. So if you release a Second Priority Film, and a First Priority Film releases the following week, you only get IMAX your first week of release.


3) Films of Equal Priority split IMAX. So if you release a Second Priority Film, and a Second Priority Film releases in your week 2, the two films split IMAX 50/50 that week.


4) You are free to move your films around to avoid conflicts and try to grab IMAX availability. Just know that the 2-week guarantees are now fixed. You cannot move a film to a new date and cut off another film's existing minimum 2-week window. You can move it into the third week and take things from there.

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45 minutes ago, Blankments said:

I’ll move Beyblade to Presidents’ Day; likely a much better corner for it to do well, even without summer weekdays


Done, You have have a 2 week window prior to Pitch Black.



Scavs 4 window is now 3 weeks prior to Hard Way Forward with Beyblade's move

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Here is my wayyyyy tooooooo early predictions


Formation - 45/105
Wolfsbane - 28/80
Beyblade 2 - 50/140
Pitch Black - 45/110
Fantasy (assuming Pillars successor) - 85/230
Bible - 25/125
Rocket Hero - 30/90
Starlight 2 - 55/180
Ninja Turtles - 70/215
New Voltron - 100/315
GLCE - 175/450
Alakazam - 30/130
Blockbuster - 40/160
GTA - 90/250
Lesedi - 65/230
Wicker - 50/135
13th - 75/165
Xenoblade - 60/175
Scavs - 175/500
Heremias - 90/160/400
Hard - 85/250
Titan - 135/330
Ruby - 25/100
Beastars - 55/165
RDR - 60/190
Bone - 35/50/125
Dead - 25/90
Again - 20/75
Zim - 35/140
Mechamen - 65/170
Hollow - 20/70
Abomination - 70/200
Amityville- 45/120
Airbender - 130/400
Spy - 65/185
Texas - 50/75/200
Hilda - 120/465
F4 - 50/200
Queen - 75/285
Kusama - 35/150
Millinium - 65/300

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1 hour ago, Reddroast said:

@4815162342 can you move project ruby to easter id think id get imax on that date. And move no rest for the dead to July 2

I don't think you would get Easter as it would be the second weekend of the RJ film. 

Assuming, Project Ruby to be a more mature animation (PG-13?), why not schedule it for January 31st or February 7th (note: I think one of those two is Super Bowl Weekend but don't remember), there's less competition and more breathing room.

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