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Updated Rules on Thread Bans and Spoiler Policy

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Before @Eric Says Trans Rights opens the Weekend Thread, I wanted to post a couple of quick rule changes the mod staff discussed.  There's no BIG changes, it's mostly for clarification.  Please leave a reaction (even if it's a Not Cool) so I know you've seen the post.  Thanks, Cap.


Spoiler Policy


The old spoiler policy was 45 Days/Not Until Digital or Blu-Ray.


However, with same day release dates and wonky release dates, we've decide to reduce this to 30 DAYS for all media

You still can:

  • Talk freely in the Review The Movie Sub-Forum which is basically our Spoiler Forum for immediately after the film's released.
  • Post Reactions to TV Shows in the TV Forum immediately after the show airs as long as it's under a spoiler tag.


You still can NOT:

  • talk about any plot leaks/spoilers for projects prior to release.
  • We consider EVERYTHING that has not been OFFICIALLY RELEASED (aka, from a trailer, from a High Profile Exclusive First Look Piece) to be considered a spoiler.  That means no toy leaks, no reddit rumors, no Grace said this.


!! If you are going to post set pictures, please post them under a spoiler tag. !!



Spoiler Policy For Weekend Threads

(aka the @MrPink Rule)


You post spoilers in the Weekend Thread, you're banned from the thread for the weekend.  Doesn't matter if it happens Thursday night, or Sunday morning.  No excuses, no verbal warnings.  


Thread Bans


The new Thread ban policy is 1-4-1.


  1. First Offense: 1 Day Suspension from the Thread
  2. Second Offense: 4 Day Suspension
  3. Third Offense: 1 Week Suspension


Please Note: While we're not erasing any warning points a poster might've racked up, we ARE going to start everyone off at their "first offense" for policy going forward.    


Cap's Mom Rules


My Mom is a pretty smart lady.  I would strongly encourage of all you to, please, heed my Mom's advice:


  1. It's Not What You Say, It's How You Say It

    We're on a message board.  Alas, we can't hear the tone or inflection of your voice.  All we have are the words you type.  So, please, please, make sure that the words you are choosing don't hurt or insult the community at large.  People are not dumb and stupid because they have different taste than you.  Not everyone here has the same sense of humor.  Not everyone here has the same life outlook. 

    Also!!!  Emojis are Your Friends!! 🥰  If you're being sarcastic then embrace your inner boomer on Facebook and go all out!!! :hahaha:If you're thinking "oh, gosh, my post might be misinterpreted" be like Carrie Fisher!!

  2.   Don't Send Emails Post When Your Angry

    She always send to me, write that email.  Get all the emotions out.  And then put it in your drafts, and re-read it in the morning. If you still feel that way, then send it.

    I would strongly encourage folks to apply that same logic here.  Does this post add anything new to the conversation?  Have we already HAD this conversation 10 times?  Do I really want to get into it with so-and-so over such-and-such?  

    I won't front, I use this all the time.  I could've made a complete ass of myself last Novembers over Eternals, and all of those posts went into my drafts. I knew they'd just cause trouble and it wasn't worth it.  And if the last five years have taught us anything, it's that life's too short to fight over movies. (I know, it sounds counter to this entire board, but go with me here, lol).


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4 hours ago, Eric Says Trans Rights said:

You're just doing this to bump up your reputation count. I see you 🤔


  Reveal hidden contents



This would be true if you could still see the rep count ;)


(Also we're working on trying to get it back the old format.  We'll see what we can do.)

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4 hours ago, grey ghost said:

Quick question.


How many warning points before we're perma-banned from BOT?

Anyone who accumulates 10 active points (points expire 1-1.5 months after being given) is suspended temporarily. The suspension length depends on whether the user has been suspended before or not. Starting from a suspension of 1 month, each subsequent  suspension is longer in length. None of this is set in stone however (except the 10 point rule) and depends on staff discretion. 

Only people perma banned are those who create alt accounts to circumvent their suspension and people who have been suspended multiple times before. 

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