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New Deadline for Weekly Answers

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Hello players,I'm going to change the deadling to get your answers in. Going forward, the deadline will be when i wake up on Friday morning.This year has been bad for a lot of you missing the deadline. I'm not sure if it's because of the time change that BO.com has instituted or if some of you are just too complacent to get them in on time so I am going to change it up, hopefully for your benefit.Here's how it will work.The deadline will remain 11:59 pm website time. That works out to 2:59 AM my time. Obviously i will not be up at this time of the night. So when i get up in the morning, which is usually at 5:30-6:00 AM, I will then log on and lock the thread. Once the thread is locked, no one will be allowed to get it. So this will give a lot of you some extra time. The reason I'm doing this is too many of you have missed a week already due to lateness and I don't want to continue giving makeup questions because of this.This is really generous on my part so please try not to abuse this. This new deadline is not to make you feel like you can now do your questions at 5:59 AM, like a lot of you do, but to help you out because of the time change.A caveat to this is that you have 4 full days to do the questions, I have no idea why some of you wait until the very last minute to submit them.Some of you might not like this and that's fine. You can express it here, but I'm not changing my mind on this.Thanks.

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First of all, thanks a lot for this, B.

A caveat to this is that you have 4 full days to do the questions, I have no idea why some of you wait until the very last minute to submit them.

Theater counts. At least that's my reason. It's further complicated by the fact that they appear when it's 4 AM where I live, and I can't do the answers earlier than 9 AM, when I wake up (that's Friday already). Now, I'm 13 or 14 hours ahead of forum time, so 9 AM Friday here is 7-8 PM Thursday forum time, and naturally, I usually submit my answers in the last couple of hours.Also I have to say that when I missed the deadline last week, I knew it but still submitted the answers because previously I saw you lock the thread several hours after the deadline - I just assumed (wrongly) that since you can lock the thread after the deadline, yet still many hours before the first hint of the Friday numbers, the minute you lock the thread is essentially the deadline. Despite the fact you never said that anywhere and how serious your words concerning the 11:59 Thursday deadline were back in March/April.P.S. Can't help but ask this now: are you still going to give make-up questions to those who missed the deadline in the past couple of weeks? Since the answers are already there, you might as well just score them when you've got a free minute. Although, on the other hand, there are players who didn't submit their answers at all and will need make-ups, so you could give them to those who came in late with their answers just as well... just curious about this.
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It's beyond me why people are missing the deadline. Fair enough if you have a couple of busy days, but many people leave predictions very late. Most of the questions are related to new openers. You can predict that on a Tuesday. What will change by Thursday night? Nothing. I only wait till late Thursday if a Wednesday number can determine one or two questions regarding the weekend drop.

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Yes, I'm with you Alfred. I'm not sure what benefit there is by waiting until midnight on Thursday, the theater counts are announced much earlier in the day. But there has been a lot of people missing this year, so this is the easiest way to do it. I shouldn't have to do it like this, but so be it.

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