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Official France Box Office Thread

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Shouldn't be that much lower, I still expect >200m.

Probably between 200m-210m.About Astérix 4 : Astérix 3 had the lowest gross in France compared to Astérix 1 & 2.Astérix 3 was very bad, a bad WOM is possible, so I wouldn't bet big on it, under 7m admissions (some expects 10m but it's not realistic).
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TW LW Movie Studio Weekend Gross Change Theaters Change / Avg. Gross-to-Date Week
1 1 Brave Disney $2,874,036 -55.8% 690 - $4,165 $11,372,909 2
2 2 The Dark Knight Rises Warner Bros. $2,744,476 -52.8% 885 -7 $3,101 $24,913,568 3
3 N Step Up Revolution UPI $2,412,239 - 311 - $7,756 $2,412,239 1
4 N Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter Fox $1,628,458 - 475 - $3,428 $1,628,458 1
5 3 Ice Age: Continental Drift Fox $1,103,267 -50.1% 658 -63 $1,677 $48,810,286 7
6 4 The Amazing Spider-Man n/a $408,809 -56.1% 333 -119 $1,228 $21,830,037 6
7 N Seeking a Friend for the End of the World n/a $396,121 - 174 - $2,277 $396,121 1


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The most successful movie in Italy this year Bienvenuti al Sud is a sequel to Bienvenuti al Nord the Italian remake of Bienvenue chez les Chtis. All extremely successful. Why has the American remake with Will Smith gone to nothing until now? I would suggest an internatonal prjoject where an American executive gets bannished to another country with a bad reputation (could work with a lot of different places). Instead of the problems he has with the dialect they could use the bad English of his co-workers there, that leads to misunderstandings. The rest of the story could remain the same.

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