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2.4 "Rising from the Ashes"

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Game 2.4 (#20 overall!)


Predict the following:

1. Magic Mike's Friday gross

2. Ted's opening weekend and rank (rank counts as bonus)

3. People Like Us' Saturday per theater average (just on Saturday)

4. READ CAREFULLY: Brave's budget is estimated at 185 million. What will be the difference between its total ten day gross (the gross through the end of this weekend) and the budget? (Take the higher and subtract the lower from it)

5. READ CAREFULLY: By how much will The Avengers be over 600 million by the end of the weekend? (Don't give its gross (e.g. 612 mil) but take the number and subtract 600 from it (e.g. 612-600 = 12) and that should be your answer)

Will "The Crimson Knights" win again? This week, there may be incentive to beat them, and not just to avoid elimination. Can the unstoppable team be defeated for once? We'll find out.

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The suspense must be building now. Did anyone manage to rise to a new height to dethrone The Crimson Knights? I will tell you soon, but while waiting, know this: the win this week is a photo finish. Verrry close. Who will come out on top, and will The Crimson Knights finally face defeat?

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"Rising from the Ashes" - Game 2.4

They came, they saw, they conquered.

Everything this first Quarter of Season 2 has been favoring "The Crimson Knights." But as we reflect on the first quarter, we notice some significant changes from last season. Firstly, the people who have been eliminated are alarming. Week 1 saw the elimination of Top Ten finalist RichWS, while Week 2 saw the most shocking elimination of the game so far with Alfred, last season's winner, leaving the game in an early bow. Week 3 was a Double Elimination and saw tawasal, who placed just outside the Top Ten last season, leave with InFamous, the one new player to leave the season so far. So, we started with 11 veterans and 7 new players, and now we're down to 8 veterans and 6 new players.

This week several things will come to a head at last. "The Crimson Knights" have gone undefeated for three weeks in a row. If they scored first again this week, then all hell may just break loose. But before I disclose who the winners are, I will announce that this week was the closest so far between the top two teams. We're down to only 6 teams now, but 14 players remain. Which teams came out on top?

Well this week, we had a repeat top three, but were they in the same order. "The Shadowkillers" did clock in at third again. acsc1312 and CEDAR, two powerful veterans, claimed third place again with a 77.87% score, making them once more immune from The Challenge. But it's the photo finish between "The Crimson Knights" and the sensational threat to their throne "Epic Sensation" that has everyone talking. Did "Epic Sensation", who has come up a long way over the past two weeks, manage to dethrone our champions of the first quarter?

...let's review their scores. Fakhir did score highest individual with an 87.29% score, but riczhang and Totem came in second and third respectively. It all came down to the difference between Townzy89 of "The Knights" and Schumacher of "Sensation". In the end, Townzy's just beat out Schumacher's, and "The Crimson Knights" won again, for the fourth consecutive week, just clipping out the competitive "Epic Sensation".

It was a good fight, but the legacy looks to be continuing. With "The Dark Horses" and "The Dreamlords" dead, a new team emerged from the ashes..."The Black Stallions." Yet the team remains a dark horse this season, as Xeno and Doc fell outside the top three, along with "Rising Stars" and "Team Incredibles". Let's review the results:


DoctorWho: 70.15%

Xenomorph: 69.53%

AVERAGE: 69.84%


riczhang: 86.24% +12 (+2 2nd individual, +3 1st team, +4 4 week streak, +1 highest question 3, +1 highest question 4, +1 80%+)

Totem: 84.81% +9 (+1 3rd individual, +3 1st team, +4 4 week streak, +1 80%+)

Townzy89: 81.57% +6 (+3 1st team, +2 2 week streak, +1 80%+)

AVERAGE: 84.21% +27 (IMMUNE)


Fakhir: 87.29% +9 (+5 highest individual, +2 2nd team, +1 highest question 2, +1 80%+)

Schumacher FTW: 80.29% +3 (+2 2nd team, +1 80%+)

AVERAGE: 83.79% +12 (IMMUNE)


Electric: 53.41%

Goffe Rises: 66.45%

AVERAGE: 59.93%


acsc1312: 73.24% +1 (+1 3rd team)

CEDAR: 82.50% +3 (+1 3rd team, +1 highest question 5, +1 80%+)

AVERAGE: 77.87% +4 (IMMUNE)


Avatarfan: 83.55% +7 (+1 highest question 1, +5 won Challenge 3, +1 80%+)

JackO: 66.42% +5 (+5 won Challenge 3)

Sims: 70.60%

AVERAGE: 73.52% +12

But now I shall leave you with one final surprise before advancing on to this week's Challenge rules. Something big is about to happen, something that may alter the course of the season. Four weeks in a row "The Knights" have stood victorious, but a threat is looming on the horizon, and that threat will be revealed soon, very soon. Within the course of the week, you shall all see what has been brewing.

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"The Crimson Knights" won this week. This means it is their decision as to whether a Challenge will be held at all. They have three choices:

1. The Challenge (send two members against each other into a competition whereby one will be eliminated)*

2. The Creator Challenge (Challenge The Creator (me) - If you win, you can double your point total. If you lose, you forfeit all your points.)

3. NEW The Assimilation and Elimination Challenge (The objective here is for the winning team to choose someone(s) they wish to see on their team, usually a high scoring player. The winning team selects a player they wish to have join them. However, that player may wish to stay on his team. In this case, the winning team will Challenge that player. The winning team establishes the benchmark for that player to pass on the Challenge (for example, the player must score 85%+ or 90%+ or something). If the player beats that benchmark, he can stay on his original team. If he does not, he will be assimilated onto the winning team

NEW: Now this Challenge also features a second selection. The winning team chooses one member from any given team to join them. The other member of that team will go into a Sudden Death Challenge. He must score above the benchmark established by the winning team to stay alive (the benchmark cannot be higher than 90%))

Now "The Crimson Knights" may choose any of the above options, and this week there's no Double Elimination. Just straight up Challenge, to make room for something else.

Immunity price: 5 points

Immune players (from The Challenge): acsc1312, CEDAR, Fakhir, and Schumacher FTW

The details of an upcoming surprise will be revealed probably tomorrow and will be held about the same time as The Challenge (or whichever Challenge is chosen).

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The Crimson Knights








Epic Sensation




Schumacher FTW


Team Incredibles








The Shadowkillers






The Black Stallions






Rising Stars




Goffe Rises


Updated as of Game 4

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Two unique things are about to go down. First up is our weekly Challenge.

The Challenge - Week 4

It's July 4th, Independence Day in America, and two (un)lucky contestants are going to enter into another exciting Challenge round. This week, Avatarfan and DoctorWho each had to buy an immunity for 5 points a piece because they were two of the highest priority members ranked for The Challenge by "The Crimson Knights". But that left the two spots open, and those two spots will be filled by: Xenomorph (of "The Black Stallions") and Electric (of "Rising Stars"). Both players are veterans from last season who each made it substantially further than week 4 last time around, but this time only one will keep on going. Your Challenge:

1. Predict The Amazing Spider-Man's Thursday gross

2. Predict Ted's Thursday Per Theater Average

3. Predict Magic Mike's Thursday gross

DEADLINE: Friday, July 6 at 6:00 A.M. Eastern, 5:00 A.M. Central

But now there's more exciting news to come! In an unprecedented move, Townzy89 has made a deal that will rock your socks off. Townzy has opted to perform the very first Creator Challenge in the history of Box Office Alliance (and even since Box Office Obliteration, this option has never been chosen). This is huge! This will be kept in this thread because this means I, The Creator, will be enterring the Challenge myself against Townzy89.

The Creator Challenge - July 4th Special

Never before has a member opted to perform The Creator Challenge. Presumably, there's just too much risk involved. But this week, the stakes are higher than they would usually be. Rather than opting for doubling his points, Townzy has made a deal that may cost him his life in the game. Townzy has decided, and I have consented, that the Creator Challenge will act as a Resurrection Challenge. If Townzy89 wins this Challenge, The Dark Alfred will be resurrected and "The Firerisers" shall reign again, attempting to exact revenge against "The Crimson Knights." They have already failed to do so once, but could a second chance give them that opportunity to dethrone this season's early frontrunners?

But there is a big catch. If Townzy should lose The Creator Challenge, not only will Alfred not be resurrected, but Townzy will be eliminated from the game. The stakes are high, but they may pay off. Can this finally upset the winning streak "The Knights" have set, or will this barely register on their radar. Either way it ends up going, Townzy will no longer be a member of "The Crimson Knights", but his partnership with Alfred has proven to be the most personal of all the partnerships to have developed since the pilot episode of Season 1.

The Challenge is:

1. Predict Ted's Thursday gross

2. Predict Brave's Thursday per theater average

3. Predict Tyler Perry's Madea's Witness Protection Thursday gross


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Crap, crap, crap...I should put off The Creator Challenge at least until tomorrow. Maybe the other Challenge as well? It's the 4th, most of you probably busy, and I'm supposed to be doing something tonight so I'll be busy also. Let's move all these to Thursday grosses, guys!

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Oh wow, Tuesday grosses are listed as estimates on BOM? When will we get actuals for both Tuesday and Wednesday (I assume Wed will also be listed as estimates)? This blows. Should I base my scoring on the estimates if Wednesday numbers are also posted as estimates? Does this usually happen on the 4th?

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