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Jack the Giant Killer OS thread

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If it does manage 300M OS, and that's a very big if, it's in ok shape, because the domestic of 28M is better than what was expected a couple of days ago.  I wish I could be talking about how much it's going to make, rather than how much it's going to avoid losing, but, with that 195M budget, and the crap marketing, and the release date which leaves it in the path of the Oz onslaught to come, this was pretty much inevitable.

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Is that good?

See for yourself. 659,673 admissions isn't bad for an import; the last one with a bigger OW was Les Mis (922,431 admissions). But to give you an idea of the gap between local films and imports, the first-place movie this weekend (The New World) had 849,378 admissions on its second weekend, and the second-place film (Miracle in Cell No. 7) managed 777,970 even though it's been out for a month.
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Just 7 markets.


10 markets actually.


Korea grossed an outstanding KWN 5.4b (US$4.9m) with 680k admissions from 507 screens nationwide. JACK ranked #3 behind two local films.

Malaysia: MYR 4.7m (US$1.5m), 352k admissions, 173 screens, rank #1.

Thailand: Baht 44.1m (US$1.5m), 309k admissions, 183 screens, rank #1.

Taiwan: NT$ 43.5m (US$1.5m), including sneaks, 154k admissions, 102 screens, rank #1.

Philippines: Ps 50.5m (US$1.2m), 272k admissions, 176 screens, rank #1.

Singapore: S$ 1.4m (US$1.1m), 134k admissions, 68 screens, rank #1.

Hong Kong: HK$ 5.4m (US$696k), 65k admissions, 38 screens, rank #1.India: Rupee 36.8m (US$681k), 320k admissions, 442 screens, rank #4 behind three local films.

Indonesia: Rp. 5.8m (US$581k), 147k admissions, 135 screens, rank #1




It's really good in South East Asia, except Indonesia where it only got an okay result. It looks like we're more interested in Oz and waiting for it instead.

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