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I need 7 of you to send me trivia questions (FIRST 7 WHO RESPOND)

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The first seven people who respond to this topic will be the 7 who can make up trivia for me.The point structure for the trivia will be as follows:Question 1: 3000Question 2: 3000Question 3: 2000Question 4: 4000Question 5: 3000Question 6: 3000Question 7: 2000I need the questions to be challenging but fair. Don't ask me something like "What colour shoe laces was Ron wearing in scene 24-9 in Harry Potter and the Prizoner of Azbakhan. Make them fair please. Use the ones i gave you as a template.First seven who respond in here......GO!

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Should I make you sit through Citizen Kane? Does that qualify as "fair"? :P

Yes, that is fair. Any film that you want to ask is fair game. I just don't want the minutae of the film asked. I don't think any of the questions i asked you guys were that tough to research.
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Ok,So once I have all of the questions here, I'll impose a deadline on myself and then I'll post the answers here when and if I have them. Good question Jake. (I don't need google or to rewatch the fil to answer.....one of my fave movies) :)

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I did think of posting a question about The Artist, Moonrise Kingdom or Scott Pilgrim vs the World, but decided not to be the one to torture you with that. ;)Edit: very cool - PF is my favourite movie, but even I would have to rewatch it to be sure about the answer to this question.

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Question 1 (3000)In Tropic Thunder, how much money does the Flaming Dragon demand Pecker (McConaughey) pay in exchange for Tugg Speedman?

Awesome! I have no idea. This will give me a reason to watch Tropic Thunder again. I love that film.


You do Question 3. :)
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