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CAYOM: An Oscar Proposal

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I have a minor proposal concerning the Oscars that I think should have its own category.

Back in the original CAYOM, there was a big controversy about whether voice actors in animated films should be nominated for Oscars in the acting categories. After a lot of heated debate, it was decided to follow the real-life rules that prohibit voice actors or motion-captured actors from being nominated. As a result, RySenkari started to hold a version of the Annies, which are the real life Oscars for animated films essentially. However that project eventually faded away.

My point that I'm getting to is this: I think it might be a good idea to include two new gender neutral categories at the Oscars: Voice Actor in a Leading Role and Voice Actor in a Supporting Role, with six slots for each category. Here is why:

1) First, I am making the categories gender neutral so male and females are eligible for each of the two categories. Because there aren't as many animated films or films with CGI/motion capture characters than regular films, it'd be hard to find 5 suitable male and female roles for both Lead and Supporting. And since we're including both male and females in the same category, these categories only would have six slots instead of five.

2) Second, these categories would also include characters in live-action film who are portrayed by voice actors and motion capture. An example this year for this is Gina Torres as Amira in Nirvana. She isn't eligible for the Oscars as it stands, but under these new categories she would be eligible for Voice Actor in a Leading Role.

3) Overall this would allow animated films or live-action films that have a large amount of non-human characters to have additional representation at the Oscars if they had a truly dominant performance in them that wouldn't be recognized at the Oscars otherwise.

I have set up a poll asking the group if they agree to adopting this idea.

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Yeah it's 5-0 in favor. I think that settles the matter.One thing, since it looks like this will be accepted, I think it would be good if we also did it retroactively for Years 1-3 as well, so those animated films and films with CGI/Motion Capture characters can get a shot at a little extra Oscar glory. Just an idea, though people who haven't played those Years might be burdened having to look through them to give it a shot.

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Well of course we could just have people coming in and voting also who don't play :PI was going to put a poll on the Oscars predicting what will win-but since one can change there vote here...yeah decided against it.

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