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CAYOM - Year 5: Part 2

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Beast - 5.8/12.1

The Risw & Fall Of WWE - 4.2/11.3

Shocker - 14.3/31.5

Escalation - 18.2/42.7

Game Hunt - 12.7/32.5

Rise Of The Dead - 21.8/49.2

PSY: Sorry For Gangam Styling - 3.3/8.1

Slumber Party - 3.6/9.1

I Love You, Too - 24.3/71.5

3:37AM - .3/4.3/34.7


Countdown - 38.5/121.8

One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish - 47.3/176.9

The Guardian - 27.4/80.3

Unbalanced 2 - 38.6/78.4

Forgiven, Not Forgotten - 8.9/29.6

Made In China - 5.7/14.6

Tyrant - 29.7/67.3


Paradise Lost - 43.9/100.6

The Very Last First Time - 7.4/27.3

Nonexistence - 20.9/64.8

Slit Happens - 3.6/7.6

Godzilla - 53.8/136.9

Psychonauts - 15.1/50.6

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January Opening Weekend Tracking!

January 2-4:

The Beast and The Rise and Fall of WWE open Year 5. The Beast is tracking along expectations with 5M opening weekend while The Rise and Fall of WWE is tracking poorly with 2M opening weekend.

January 9-11:

Shocker has the second weekend all to itself and with no competition. Shocker is tracking toward a 16M opening weekend.

January 16-19 (MLK weekend):

Escalator and Game Hunt plan on being the first biggish films of Year 5. Escalator with its gripping trailers is tracking toward a 21M four day weekend while Game Hunt is tracking toward a four day weekend of 15M.

January 23-25:

Psy: Sorry for Gangnam Styling and Rise of the Dead plague the weekend. Korean singer Psy's first film debt is tracking toward a solid 7M opening weekend, which is good for a concert film. Rise of the Dead is looking to terrorize the box office with 30M opening weekend, which is decent start for a large scale zombie film.

January 30-February 1:

I Love You Too and Slumber Party look to finish up a basically average January with 20M and 4M respectively.

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Some people like to do reviews first. They want to have read the film before they predict legs.

Most of the stuff in January-March is fillers anyways, so it's okay to go there. Also, Red Pyramid having significantly better legs than Men Of The Night?
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Killer Husband - $18M/$48MSummer Wars - $27M/$84MDouble Chronomance - $28M/$104MStories From Eden - $35M/$140MLegally Blonde - $20M/$64MChris Smith - $47M/$138MWarcraft: The Cataclysm - $110M/$312MDone for tonight, have to go to bed.

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