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3.6 "A New Day Dawns"

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I couldn't make this season's Special Episode be for Breaking Dawn, so don't expect that.

Game 3.6

Deadline: Friday, November 16, 2012 at 3:00 P.M. Eastern (2:00 P.M. Central)

Predict the following

1. Breaking Dawn Part 2's Friday share of its opening weekend gross (e.g. if it makes 70m Friday and 140m OW, it would be 50%)

2. Breaking Dawn Part 2's weekend gross as a percentage (or share) of the overall top 12 gross (e.g. if the top 12 gross for the weekend is 200 million and Breaking Dawn makes 100 million, your answer would be 50%.)

3. The difference in grosses between Breaking Dawn Part 2's opening weekend gross and Skyfall's second weekend gross

4. Skyfall's Saturday per theater average

5. Wreck-It Ralph's weekend gross

BONUS: Predict Lincoln's opening weekend per theater average.

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"A New Day Dawns" - Game 3.6

This week, scores were excellent all around. The six remaining teams competed for glory, and a very close race decided the winner. It was an exciting turn-out, and one I'm sure you're all eager to see.

But first up, some brief discussion of what's coming. ShawnMR has been declared, by popular vote, as the Special Week-Long Host. We are aiming for a tentative week of the first weekend in December (that will be not this weekend, but the next one), where Shawn will have full tyrannical...cough...reign for a week to do as he pleases. This should make for an interesting turn-out this season, and we'll see where it goes and what Shawn is capable of.

Now more interesting things will be coming, but for now let's take a glance at the results.


ChD: 87.18% +2 (+2 85%+)

DoctorWho: 91.73% +4 (+3 90%+, +1 above average)

AVG: 89.46% +6


Alfred: 96.05% +14 (+3 3rd individual, +3 1st team, +4 95%+, +3 all questions over 90%, +1 above average)

XenoZodiac: 95.96% +14 (+2 4th individual, +3 1st team, +4 95%+, +3 all questions over 90%, +1 above average, +1 highest Question 1)

AVG: 96.01% +28 (IMMUNE)


Iceroll: 90.05% +3 (+3 90%+)

Baumer: 91.53% +4 (+3 90%+, +1 above average)

AVG: 90.79% +7


RichWS: 95.56% +10 (+1 4th individual, +1 3rd team, +4 95%+, +1 above average, +3 all questions 90%+, +1 highest Question 5)

riczhang: 91.17% +4 (+1 3rd team, +3 90%+, +1 highest Question 3)

AVG: 93.37% +14 (IMMUNE)


acsc1312: 91.36% +8 (+5 won Challenge 5, +3 90%+)

CEDAR: 96.20% +11 (+4 2nd individual, +4 95%+, +1 above average, +1 highest Question 1, +1 highest Question 2)

Goffe: 71.55%

AVG: 86.37% +19


JackO: 92.64% +6 (+2 2nd team, +3 90%+, +1 above average)

Totem: 97.69% +16 (+5 1st individual, +2 2nd team, +4 95%+, +3 all questions 90%+, +1 above average, +1 highest Question 4)

AVG: 95.17% +22 (IMMUNE)


Because scores were so great this week, I'm not deducting points for being below the average. The majority of the scores were over 90%, so it doesn't seem fair to deduct points for some of thsoe scores when they're amazing all around.

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