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Ezen Baklattan

Survivor III - Week 2 - The Preliminaries Were Tough.

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I know that you're all excited to know the results, so let's just cut to the chase.

PART 1: Predict the 4-day weekends of the following films

The Last Stand - 7.213m

Broken City - 9.549m

Mama - 32.15m

Silver Linings Playbook - 12.74m

Zero Dark Thirty - 18.60m

A Haunted House - 9.472m

Gangster Squad - 10.13m

Django Unchained - 9.216m

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey - 7.623m

Lincoln - 6.678m

PART 2: Answer the following questions. Each correct answer adds 1.5% to your score, and each wrong answer subtracts 1.5% as well.

1. Will any of the openers decrease on Saturday? NO

2. What rank will the lowest grossing opener have this weekend? #10 (THE LAST STAND)

3. What film will rank #8 this weekend? LES MISERABLES

4. Other than Zero Dark Thirty and Silver Linings Playbook, which Best Picture nominee will have the best weekend PTA? AMOUR

5. Will any film in the top 20 drop less than 15% on Sunday? (This means the top 20 on Sunday.) NO

ChD - 70.38%

bigm10 - 75.76%

lightyagami - 69.38%

chasmmi - 63.49%

CJohn - 60.46%

DoctorWho - 67.55%

Creator - 71.29%

Punishment - 50.84%

acsc1312 - 81.72%

Goffe - 69.95%

Iceroll - 71.71%


Hall Of Shame:

Alfred - 3%

Killimano3 - 0%

EmpireStrikesBack - 0%

Totem - 0%

Congratulations to bigm10 and acsc1312! These two players had the two highest scores this weekend, and as a result, they will choose their teams! Because ascs had the highest score, he will go first in selecting teammates and a team name. This will be done via PM. As for the rest of you, I have sent you the private message for the next weekend contest. Do not delete these messages, as we can use these for the rest of the season, and be sure to predict this weekend. bigm10 and acsc, I will send you a special PM tonight.

My policy with no-shows (There were four this week. Boo.) is that if you don't predict three times, you are automatically eliminated. No pleas, no bargaining, just bye-byes.

Remember, the deadline for the next game is Friday at 10PM ET!

One last thing: If I see that you edited your predictions after the deadline, you will recieve a score of zero for the weekend! No cheating! :angry: Fortunately, no one did it this week, so I may not have to worry about that. :)

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I've decided that I hate this game now because instead of before when i could just check out a Friday update thread if I felt a bit bored and had the time, now I'm hitting refresh every 5 seconds desperate for updates like their my university exam results or something.  



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oh its all the checking of estimates against my guesses, then checking the better estimates against my guesses, then the actuals then rinse and repeat Saturday and Sunday and then spend three days vaguely wondering whether my guesses seemed close or not to the results.


Only after I've put myself through all that will I get round to sweating over how things may actually turn out in relation to other people here.

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