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CAYOM Year 7 Advance Schedule

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Post all your major films here. No fillers or platforms allowed.

January 6-8
Unbalanced 4 (Horror Anthology)

January 13-16 (MLK Weekend)

January 20-22
PhoneShock (B&W Horror)

January 27-29
Penumbra (Horror)

February 3-5

February 10-12

February 17-20 (President's Day Weekend)
Bone: Solistice (Adventure Animation)
The SCP Foundation (Sci-Fi Horror)

February 24-26
Dawn of Souls II: Rebirth 3D Re-Release

March 3-5
Digimon: World Invasion (Sci-Fi Action)
The Wanders (Horror)

March 10-12
Assassin's Creed (Period Adventure)
White Cargo (Period Drama)

March 17-19
At The Mountains Of Madness (Horror Action)
Star Fox (Sci-Fi Animation)

March 24-26
Fable 2 (Fantasy Adventure)

March 31-April 2

April 7-9
Godzilla: Apocalypse Part 1 (Sci-Fi Action)

April 14-16 (Easter Weekend)
Shipbreaker (Sci-Fi Drama)
Blank (Crime)

April 21-23
Michael Bay's Thomas The Tank Engine

April 28-30

May 5-7
Justice League (Superhero Action)

May 12-14
Karate Kong Returns (Adventure Animation)

May 19-21
Call Of Duty: Eye Of The Storm (War Action Thriller)

May 26-29 (Memorial Day Weekend)
Existence (Sci-Fi Adventure)
South Pacific (Musical)

June 2-4
Spark 2 (Sci-Fi Animation)
Life After Death (Action Thriller)

June 9-11
Gargoyles (Fantasy Horror)

June 16-18
Chrono Heist (Sci-Fi)

June 23-25
The Blue Belt: 3D (Sci-Fi Animation)

June 30-July 4 (Independence Day Weekend)
Resistance: Fall Of Men (Sci-Fi Horror Action)
Doomsday (Disaster Action)

July 7-9
Harlem Shake: 28 Days Later (Horror Comedy)

July 14-16
The 39 Clues: The Sword Thief (Action Adventure)
Wings (Family Animation)

July 21-23
The Little Mermaid (Fantasy Adventure)

July 28-30
LucIId (Sci-Fi Action)
Amulet (Fantasy Animation)

August 4-6

August 11-13
Extrasensory (Sci-Fi Thriller)

August 18-20
X (Sci-Fi Thriller)

August 25-27

4Chan: Exposed (Documentary)

September 1-4 (Labor Day Weekend)

September 8-10
Untitled Dexter Of Suburbia Drama (Drama, no crap)

September 15-17
The Terrible Plight Of Freddy Zapper

September 22-24
The Fall Of Boss Tweed (Crime Drama)

September 29-October 1

October 6-8
Tomb Raider: Mission Uno (Action Adventure)
Heavy Rain

October 13-15
Paper Towns

October 20-22
Risk Management

October 27-29 (Halloween Weekend)
Fright Town 3 in 3D (Horror)
Witch Hunt (Anthology Drama)

November 3-5
The Adventures Of Tom Sawyer (Comedy-Drama)
St. George and the Dragon (Epic Fantasy)
Teen Titans (Superhero Action)

November 10-12
Killing Floor (Action Thriller)
Untitled Thanksgiving Turkey Movie (Family Animation)

November 17-19
Red Skies (Sci-Fi Action)
The Chronicles Of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe (Fantasy Adventure)

November 22-26 (Thanksgiving Weekend)
Hollywood (Comedy-Drama)
Chuck Norris And Liam Neeson vs. Santa Claus, Ultimate Badass (Action Comedy)
Journey (Fantasy Adventure)

December 1-3

December 8-10
A Series Of Unfortunate Events: Movie The Third (Dark Family Comedy)
Final Fantasy: A Kingdom In Darkness (Fantasy Adventure)
Shiloh (Drama)

December 15-17
Sonic The Hedgehog (Sci-Fi Animation)
The Rise and Fall Of Julius Caesar (Epic Period Drama)
The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime (Mystery Drama)

December 22-25 (Christmas Weekend)
Wednesday, December 20: Lost Planet (Sci-Fi Adventure)
Thursday, December 21: Wonderstruck (Drama)
White Death (War Drama)
Monday, December 25: The Once And Future King: The Queen Of Air and Darkness (Epic Fantasy)
Monday, December 25: FarmVille (Family Comedy)

December 29-31 (New Year's Weekend)

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January 13: The SCP Foundation

February 17: The Mutant

March 10: Assassin's Creed

April 14: Shipbreaker

May 26: Dead Space

June 30: The Throne Of Fire

July 21: Star Fox

August 4: Regular Movie

September 1: Slenderman 2

October 6: One Giant Leap

November 3: The Adventures Of Tom Sawyer

December 8: Steve Jobs

December 15: Sonic The Hedgehog

December 25: The Outsiders

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Digimon: World Invasion (IMAX 3D) - March 3 (Action/Adventure/Sci-fi/Family)Director: Sam RaimiCast: Max Irons, Stephen Amell, Dakota Fanning, Saoirse Ronan, Shilow Fernandez

At the Mountains of Madness (IMAX 3D) - March 17 (Horror/Thriller/Action)

Director: Drew GoddardCast: Matt Damon, Channing Tatum, Justin Timberlake, Jared Harris, Jude LawGodzilla: Apocalipse Part 1 (IMAX 3D) - April 7 (Sci-fi/Action/Adventure)Director: Francis LawrenceCast: Ewan McGregor, Emily Blunt, Marion Cotillard, Terrence Howard, Jeff Daniels, Rafe Spall, Jason Clarke, Julian Lewis JonesGargoyles (IMAX 3D) -  June 9 (Fantasy/Horror/Action)Director: Guillermo Del ToroCast: TBAResistance: Fall of Man (IMAX 3D) - June 30 (Sci-Fi/Horror/Action)Director: Daniel Espinosa

Cast: Tom Hardy, Dwayne Johnson, Jamie Bell, Colin Farrell, Kevin Durand, Kate Beckinsale, Sarah Wayne Callies, John NobleThe Little Mermaid (IMAX 3D) - July 21 (Fantasy/Adventure/Family)Director: Jon FavreauCast: Amanda Seyfried, Liam Hemsworth, Julia Roberts, Liam NeesonRed Skies (IMAX 3D) - November 17 (Sci-Fi/Action)Director: Stephen SommersCast: Josh Hutcherson, Henry Cavill, Kristen Connolly, Tom LenkLost Planet (IMAX 3D) - December 20 (Sci-Fi/Action/Adventure)Director: Jonathan NolanCast: Brad Pitt, Jeremy Renner, Eva Green, Aaron Paul

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I'll update the schedule at 8:00 tonight. One last change.I'm moving Star Fox to April 28. Be the summer starter (unless May 5 is considered the summer start date).

Depends on what you're opening but generally it is the first weekend of May. This time the entire weekend falls inside April so I'd say no.
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