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Alpha's Reviews: Year 6 (Requests Needed)

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Hourglass Pictures Presents


A Jason Reitman Film


Best Friends


A Very Simplistic Plot That Surprisingly Drives The Story.


This is this year's Silver Linings Playbook, except for one difference. Instead of the main characters being the same, the main characters (Jonathan and Kevin, I believe) are completely different. these two used to be best friends in high school, but now Jonathan is a successful real estate agent. Kevin has kept his trouble-making high school personality, and now lives in a cheap apartment. When Kevin gets kicked out, he stays with Jonathan's family. With all the time they spend together, the more they become friends again. Unfourtuantely, Kevin gets into a violent fight with a bartender, and goes to jail, once again setting back his relationship with Jonathan's family. When they realize their favorite bar is closing, Jonathan bails Kevin out of jail so they can win money to save the bar by participating in a video game tournament, one thing Kevin is particulary good at (and something the two used to do). Along with Jonathan avid gamer son Sammy, they head to the video game tournament.

Even after winning a few rounds, they lose the final round. However, the winning team also decides to donate money to the bar, and the bar is saved.


Best Friends definetly succeeds at being a good dramedy. All the characters are likable, the story has a great pace, and the acting and direction are great. While many other films maybe getting awards attention, I think this is something you should look out for.



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Blankments Productions Present


A Seth McFarlane Film


The Improper Exchange


Featuring A Magic Pineapple Voiced By Seth McFarlane. -_-. What Has Blank Been Smoking Lately...


Okay, so this romantic comedy was...weird. It was basically the R-rated version of Freaky Friday. The two main characters, like Best Friends, are completely different sides of the wealth spectrum. Sasha Salone (played by Anne Hathaway) is the world's most famous supermodel, while Joe Liners is a hobo. Joe one day buys a magic pineapple who grants him one wish; to be as beautiful as Sasha Salone.


Hold up one second. A magic pineapple? WHAT? It couldn't have been a genie, or a magician, but a PINEAPPLE? I do not want to know what the hell Blank was smoking! Acid? Ecstasy? LSD? This sounds worse than any hallucination Hunter S. Thompson would experience!


Anyways, the two switch bodies. Joe, now in Sasha's body, is somewhat pleased with his new body, while Sasha is horrified. Even worse, Sasha has an important fashion show that night which could land her a role in a Jennifer Lawrence movie. The pineapple tells the two (who have obviously been getting high on marijuana) that they need to find their special talent. Since Sasha's special talent is fashion, Joe needs to train for the big fashion show that night. Sasha is able to transform Joe into a more respectable human being, and Joe heads to the show prepared.

In a showdown between another supermodel Sam and Joe (in Sasha's body), Joe eeks out a victory between a violent fight. The two then magically switch bodies and live happily ever after.


Well, folks. You have body switching, fashion shows, and a MAGIC FREAKING PINEAPPLE all stuffed into one romantic comedy. It does churn out some cheap laughs, but the plot moved rough in where you kind of felt the plot was short but every scene was stretched out.



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B- is still positive. :P Origins of the idea for this movie comes from a bizarre place. We were hanging out at Dairy Queen, and one of my friends had never gone on Omegle. After the typical begining of a conversation, the guy on the other end asked "What do you look like?" My friend answered, "I have the face of Anne Hathaway... and the body of Zach Galifanikis, mixed with a pineapple." :rofl:

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