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Ezen Baklattan

Survivor III - Week 6 - I Created A Monster

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Well, let's just get right to the chase.


Part 1: Predict the Thursday grosses of the following

Safe Haven - 8.829m

A Good Day To Die Hard -  8.239m

Beautiful Creatures - 2.542m

Identity Thief - 5.371m

Bullet To The Head - .0915m


Part 2: Predict the three-day PTAs for the following

Safe Haven - 6,640

A Good Day To Die Hard - 6,990

Beautiful Creatures - 2,570

Escape From Planet Earth - 4,833

Warm Bodies - 3,060


Part 3: Predict the Monday drops (or increases for the following)

Safe Haven - -47.9%

A Good Day To Die Hard - -49%

Beautiful Creatures - -39.4%

Escape From Planet Earth - -5.4%

Side Effects - -47%


Part 4: Predict which films will take the following ranks over the 4-day weekend

#3. Safe Haven

#5. Warm Bodies

#9. Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters

#14. Lincoln

#19. Les Miserables


Part 5: Answer the following questions

1. Will Escape From Planet Earth increase more than 82.5% on Saturday? NO

2. Will Save Haven exceed $12.5m on Thursday? NO

3. How many openers will Identity Thief out-gross on the three-day weekend, if any? THREE

4. Will Silver Linings Playbook pull ahead of Side Effects? YES

5. How many BP nominees will be in the top 10 over the 4-day weekend? TWO


The Dinosaurs

Alfred - 46.78% (placeholder)

bigm10 - 46.78% (placeholder)

ChD - 46.79%

chasmmi - 75.67%

CJohn - 70.61%

Iceroll - 72.04%

Average: 59.78%

The Breakouts

acsc1312 - 49.51%

The Creator - 62.68%

DoctorWho - 67.10%

Goffe - 66.82%

Punishment - 65.63%

Average: 62.35% (+1%) = 63.35%


The Breakouts recieved a 1% boost for winning the prior week, but they were able to pull off a victory yet again.  This means that the Dinosaurs are heading off to Tribal Council. It will be the same drill as always.


Predict the Wednesday grosses of the following

Escape From Planet Earth

A Good Day To Die Hard

Safe Haven

Beautiful Creatures

Identity Thief


You have until 7AM ET on Thursday to get out your predictions.

You have until 4PM ET on Thursday to get out your votes.



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Wow the actuals for percentage drops changed dramatically from the estimates yesterday! That must of added over 10% to my score.


Just clarifying an assumption that me and ICerolls are bot immune because of me for this week and Iceroll's carries over from last week, is that correct?

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Here is your weekend game. Because this only happens once a year, let's shake things up a bit.


Part 1: Predict the following 3-day grosses


Dark Skies


Pretty easy, huh? Well, that's not the main part of this week.


Part 2: Predict the Oscar winners in the following categories





Supporting Actor

Supporting Actress

Original Screenplay

Adapted Screenplay


Original Score

Original Song

Film Editing


Art Direction

Costume Design


Sound Mixing

Sound Editing

Visual Effects

Animated Feature

Documentary Feature

Foreign Feature


The deadline is Friday at 10PM ET!!


The oscar predicts will be just like bonus questions, but there will be a 2% reward/penalty for every category Adapted Screenplay and above as well as a 1% reward/penalty for every category Original Score and below.

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Tribal Council - Week 6


I'm sorry, Dinosaurs, but one of you is unfortunately leaving this island tonight, so let's cut to the chase and find out who this person is.


Escape From Planet Earth - $0.86m

A Good Day to Die Hard - $1.469m

Safe Haven - $1.26m

Beautiful Creatures - $0.4434m

Identity Thief - $1.471m


Vote 1



Vote 2



Vote 3



Vote 4



Vote 5



Vote 6 and the next person eliminated is...



Did this person recieve second immunity?

No, as his second immunity score placed 3rd out of three contestants. CJohn came out on top with a score of 88.95%. It's sad to see you go, Alfred.


Don't forget your weekend predictions!

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I forgot to predict.............................................. Any chance I can still predict on part 2  -.-?


Nevermind... Even if I nailed all questions, I would be lower than I will be with a placeholder...

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