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There is a reason this game is a Box Office War. In addition to the combat you're all engaged in on your separate game teams, you will now be given a golden opportunity to participate in another war...an individual war. How will this work?


When we are down to 16 players (or any even number left standing) you will each be paired off (the determination for this pairing will be announced at a forthcoming time). The pairs will advance in daily predicting competitions, with winners matched off to other pairs, until there's one final winner after several rounds. The prize will be...quite good.


Here's the catch! If you are in this competition but you get eliminated in Box Office War itself, YOU still have a chance to redeem yourself through this competition. So while you may have been eliminated from the game and its teams, you will still be alive here until (or if) you are eliminated. If you win here, then you're guaranteed a spot back in the actual game...in addition to the prize that will be announced.


The first set of pairings will be revealed this week, and the questions will go up as soon as possible.

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Box Office War


Welcome...welcome. Today begins the first round of War. In War, each standing player will be put up in a one-on-one challenge against another player, competing on a daily, weekly, or bi-weekly basis (the bases will change with time, and a challenge can occur at any moment), in a series of rounds until we produce our winner...(s)? There will be some great repercussions from this, and some terrible ones. And no matter whether you want to participate or not...if you're still alive in the game, your name is in the hat.


But here's the catch! Not only will this challenge count for the 14 standing players (14 after this week)...it will also count for every player, alive or dead, of Season 1. So we will now be having 24 contestants in this War. It will not currently effect you in the game competition itself, but it may later on, whether you're alive or dead. So be prepared.


What will War focus on? It will focus on your ability to outpredict, out strategize, and out wit your opponent. Not all the questions will deal with strictly box office matter. It may focus on trivia questions, on hypothetical questions, or maybe even on random mystery challenges. All in all, it will be exciting, and I think you'll get a blast out of it.


The rankings for the opponent selection for Round 1 are based on your placement, via points, up to Week 5. That means the two players with the highest points are ranked at 1 and 1, then the 3rd and 4th highest points go to 2 and 2, etc. If you are a 1, you will not be matched with another 1 or 2. If you are a 2, you will not be matched with a 2 or 3, and so on. Let's get to it.



Opponents 1 and 2:

Riczhang (a rank 2) vs.

DoctorWho (a rank 6)


Opponents 3 and 4:

4815162342 (a rank 1) vs.

tylerdurden365 (a rank 11)


Opponents 5 and 6:

Goffe (a rank 3) vs.

JackO (a rank 9)


Opponents 7 and 8:

Punishment (a rank 2) vs.

ChD (a rank 6)


Opponents 9 and 10:

Glassfairy (a rank 4) vs.

Edward (a rank 11)


Opponents 11 and 12:

Spaghetti (a rank 1) vs.

Simionski (a rank 7)


Opponents 13 and 14:

CEDAR (a rank 7) vs.

Fanboy (a rank 12)


Opponents 15 and 16:

Alfred (a rank 3) vs.

Fakhir (a rank 8)


Opponents 17 and 18:

CJohn (a rank 5) vs.

Totem (a rank 10)


Opponents 19 and 20:

Michael G Scott (a rank 5) vs.

Jim Shorts (a rank 12)


Opponents 21 and 22:

Gopher (a rank 8) vs.

RichWS (a rank 10)


Opponents 23 and 24:

Iceroll (a rank 4) vs.

Claireholt (a rank 9)

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And now...your first War.


Answer the following


1. Predict The Croods' Wednesday gross


2. Predict The Croods' Thursday gross


3. Predict Olympus Has Fallen's Thursday per theater average


4. What famous playwright does Johnny Depp play in the film "Finding Neverland"?


5. Identify the movie which popularized the following quote appears: "You had me at 'hello'"

----A. Elizabethtown

----B. Jerry Maquire

----C. Up in the Air

----D. Ferris Bueler's Day Off


Answers must be PMed to me by WEDNESDAY, MARCH 27 AT 11:00 P.M. CENTRAL (MIDNIGHT EASTERN TIME).


***Because my inbox gets so drastically overflowed, please respond in the PM that it is sent in. If I already have any open conversation with you, I ask that you respond there.

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Round 1 Results


I will post the results by competition. So, let's go.



Competition 1:

Riczhang: 86.86%

DoctorWho: 88.79%

DoctorWho wins!


Competition 2:

4815162342: 89.38%

tylerdurden365: 0.00%

4815162342 wins!


Competition 3:

Goffe: 0.00%

JackO: 62.79%

JackO wins!


Competition 4:

Punishment: 89.45%

ChFloppit: 0.00%

Punishment wins!


Competition 5:

Glassfairy: 88.10%

iTz Only ED: 0.00%

Glassfairy wins!


Competition 6:

Spaghetti: 93.46%

Simionski: 89,15%

Spaghetti wins!


Competition 7:

CEDAR: 85.56%

Fanboy: 0.00%

CEDAR wins!


Competition 8:

Alfred: 89.22%

Fakhir: 0.00%

Alfred wins!


Competition 9:

CJohn: 83.69%

Totem: 0.00%

CJohn wins!


Competition 10:

Michael G Scott: 81.97%

Jim Shorts: 0.00%

Michael G Scott wins!


Competition 11:

Gopher: 0.00%

RichWS: 0.00%

No winner


Competition 12:

Iceroll: 0.00%

New York: 85.73%

New York wins!

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So here is the list of players who are moving on to Round 2 (in order of competition)


1. DoctorWho

2. 4815162342

3. JackO

4. Punishment

5. Glassfairy

6. Spaghetti


8. Alfred

9. CJohn

10. Michael G Scott

11. None

12. New York


Only that makes 11 competitors, as both people from Competition 11 were no shows. So, to make a 12th War Challenge...it will come down to either Simionski or Riczhang. Both players lost their respective challenges. However, they are the only players who answered who lost. So to allow for an even number, there will be one separate challenge between Riczhang and Simionski before you are all regrouped on the basis of this set of scores.


And as for the trivia questions...those are not included in your score. I am keep a running tally of correct/incorrect answers, and they will affect you later.


For now, this is for Simionski and Riczhang only:


Predict Evil Dead's Wednesday gross


The player with the higher score moves on.

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