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Alpha's Reviews: Year 7 (Top 25 Finished)

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I've love requests for movies!


The grading scale is, instead of letters, numbers.


Like 6/10, 8/10...


And throw every movie you've got at me. My mission is to review every movie this year!


- Alpha

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NOTE: I will be using studio names to identify the distributor.


Golden Age Films Presents


A Tomas Alfredson Film


Heavy Rain


I Hate Rainy Days Even More Now Than I Ever Did


Well, I do know one thing about the movie. It's really long. ChD sent me the film through a PM, and the entire thing couldn't be fit into one post. It was crazy. I looked at the length, and I'm like...  :o


But I do say the movie makes up for that super long word count. 13,000, I believe? Anyways, the movie is told through 4 seperate point-of-views. The POV of Ethan Mars (the central focus), the POV of Madison (her part is downplayed quite a bit), the POV of Scott Shelby, and the POV of Norman Jayden. In the film, Ethan Mars' son Shaun is taken mysteriously one rainy day. The crime was committed by the Origami Killer, who has a plan; if Ethan fails to save Shaun before the total rainfall hits 6 inches since the kidnapping, Shaun is killed. Ethan needs to go through 5 crucial (albeit gruesome) trials to find the address of the place where Shaun is being held hostage.


Each character has it's own part in the story. Madison is a good friend of Ethan (her role was quite insignificant, and as a result was downplayed), Scott Shelby is the retired police officer back in the game as a private investigator, and Norman is the FBI agent sent to solve the mystery of the Origami Killer. The story jumps from the different POVs, giving you a good look at the unfolding mystery.


There are a few problems at times, mainly when the side characters make stupid decisions. The police force thinks Ethan Mars is the Origami Killer because he leaves a small little origami piece at his psychologist's office? So what do we do now? GO AFTER EVERYBODY IN THE CITY IF THEY HAVE ORIGAMI? Ugh. I know this was a crucial part of the game, but they could've given more logic into the supporting roles. Again, Madison's role was extremely downplayed. I felt like she didn't have much of a part in the movie. Had she been removed I would've seen no change besides a few things.


Anyways, it's a really interesting and complex film, and I do think I had a fun time reading it. There's a couple things that fall out of balance, but I enjoyed it. It was, after all, very tense. Ethan Mars only has 3 days to save his son, and the final moments are brutal for the audience. It's very action-packed, and I think it was a good movie overall.


The Verdict:



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Well... Ethan's having black outs and can't remember what he's doing, that's how he managed to lose his son. After even his wife goes to the police and tells them he's been coming home in the middle of the night murmuring things about origami and murderer, after they find that last proof at his psychologist, they automatically have to assume that Ethan is the Origami Killer since it was the only solid track they could follow.


I agree with Madison, I have cut nearly 3/4 of her story out.


Thanks for the review.

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