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  1. So bummed out over the new Gorillaz album. Just yuck. Demon Days is the GOAT, Plastic Beach has some great songs too.
  2. This is not a thread derailment, more a short interlude. Anybody watch The Leftovers? Love it so much Girls? Eh, won't really miss it Veep? Still funny but I don't like the setup this season
  3. Jesus lord that international number. China loves cars.
  4. Furious 7 was a weird storm of popularity and the death effect, no way F8 was going to top it.
  5. People are so fanatical about this movie that it's made me skeptical if it's actually that good. No plans to pay to see it, so I'm just going to wait until it lands on TV or some legal anime site, though I've been waiting for The Wind Rises for ??? years to no avail, so I doubt I'll ever see it.
  6. Derailments not allowed? I thought those annoying new rules still had a provision for allowing derailments, but k
  7. Wait thread title - trailer spoilers everything, refunds - is that true? Anyone got a link? Lol
  8. Has anybody noticed this trend of producers et. al. blaming Rotten Tomatoes/reviews for their movies doing poorly? That BvS producer who said RT was bad for the industry, and an article today about Ghost in the Shell. Are these people incapable of believing that their movie may have done poorly because it was... poor? Why shoot the messenger?
  9. Is At World's End still ranked too high? Screw all y'all with these phony ballots lol
  10. Sounds like unnecessary moderation (people have no self control and will click on spoilers against their own will? k?)
  11. Having to open the spoiler tags to see everything is annoying
  12. Didn't know this thing was even happening. Only plebs leave the Box Office forum
  13. Screw the haters, really I guess I'll take Atonement in the top 10 as a consolation prize
  14. AWE is the best score of all time, but I figured I would have to be a little more flexible given this is a public poll
  15. If POTC: AWE isn't in like top 20 I'm done tbh.