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  1. IDK how I'd be able to make a list of R rated movies I've seen in theaters since Prometheus. So I just went to top grossing R rated and switched to by year and got this. So any R rated movie that made like below 100m or whatever won't be on this... so like a lot won't be on this. Flight Zero Dark Thirty SLP Argo 21JS Django WOWS American Hustle Gone Girl American Sniper Mad Max Straight Outta Compton 50 Shades (Snuck in after seeing SpongeBob) Revenant Deadpool Get Out Logan
  2. The first R rated movie I saw in theaters was probably Passion of the Christ. IDK why my parents thought it was a good idea to bring me though...? What was that, 2004? I was 9.
  3. Ascension is the "best" IMO but yikes. Saturnz Barz especially makes me gag lmao -goes back to listening to Demon Days-
  4. Gorillaz is my favorite "band" but the four songs they released today are all SO bad
  5. When the theater manager lets you raid the poster closet and you score Dunkirk, La La Land, Get Out, and Alien 2017.
  6. Whilst at the theater for Beauty and the Beast, the manager comped me some swahizzle full size posters, including this. Aye. (Others were new Alien, La La Land, Get Out).
  7. Don't know about this secret trailer but that one I saw a few days ago has me intrigued in a way I haven't been since that Japanese Brave trailer but we all know how that turned out
  8. 2D. Can you imagine if it was 3D? Oh my God. In 2D the night scenes (and like the entire movie takes place at night, of course) you really have to strain/pay attention to get everything. And even daylight scenes aren't as bright/colorful as you'd expect them to be, given the movie.
  9. Saw it last night and it was aight. Way too visually dark (seriously, this and Fantastic Beasts, WTF is going on with the cinematography/coloring in these movies? I can't see anything!). Did nothing exciting or potentially artistic, just a very safe remake I guess. Boring. Josh Gad's one-liners were all pretty much actually laugh out loud moments. Emma Watson's autotune sounded a little weird, especially in the first song.
  10. So only yesterday did I finally realize that there were TWO pieces of OJ Simpson media last year. I started watching the ESPN doc and after 30 minutes I said to myself, "where's Sarah Paulson et. al.?" And then I found out the bombshell news.
  11. Saw it a second time on Monday <3 It does feel a little long and I would have accepted some fat cutting. Still awesome tho
  12. I really wanna see it again. I have enough Regal Crown Club points for a free ticket
  13. Scene from a few pages back: my theater also laughed. It was funny.