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  1. I checked like this:
  2. There's something I don't understand with trailer for a few months, why do they show some scene and title card before the trailer actually starts?
  3. Looks awesome. So much better than the turd TASM 2, which was Jonah Hex / FF / GL tier. Glad Marvel saved SM.
  4. GotG is one of my favorite MCU movie but this trailer isn't really good, just look like more of the same.
  5. Aren't DS legs a bit disappointing? I was expecting more considering it had a good second weekend.
  6. Saw it yesterday, top tier MCU movie imo. Two weak points: useless humor, uninteresting villain (as always with Marvel movies).
  7. Hi, Any news about Terminator 2? I first saw early October, then early November and now no info at all.