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  2. I can't wait to hear more about the upcoming original Pixar and WDAS movies!
  3. Bland people always get to decide what's "related" when stuff that pokes holes in their balloons gets brought up. And I like your highly specific response - the insinuation that police violence and brutality against protesters and non-bland people is only relevant in the context of a lead actor or actress of an upcoming Hollywood film making reference to it - against my obvious point that you sanctimonious do-gooders only moralize Bland People's Officially Hated Governments for doing the exact same things that bland people's governments do. The thread has been derailed because the conversation, for the past several pages, has shifted to "moNgReL ChInA bad," while, as I have said, you all ignore and justify the similar response of bland governments to riots and to protests.
  4. when she says goddamn you Cypher, doesn't it feel like its happening right now like they are a warehouse in this heat some distance down. like you can reach out and touch the movies location (maybe from the sound mixing).
  5. Here's my list. Honestly, a bunch of these could change positions next time I do it, but this is a snapshot for right now at least. 1. Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade 2. Field of Dreams 3. The Abyss 4. Do the Right Thing 5. Dead Poets Society 6. When Harry Met Sally... 7. The Killer 8. Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure 9. The Tall Guy 10. How to Get Ahead in Advertising 11. Weekend at Bernie's 12. Lethal Weapon 2 13. Batman 14. Kiki's Delivery Service 15. Henry V 16. The Cook, The Thief, His Wife & Her Lover 17. Major League 18. Dead Calm 19. Tie Me Up! Tie Me Down! 20. Look Who's Talking 21. The Big Picture 22. Blind Fury 23. Communion 24. Warlock 25. Farewell to the King
  6. If only Okinawans who are beaten, battered and accused of faking their injuries just for trying to stop continued US imperialism on their tiny island could get a third of the Western support violent rioters in Hong Kong are getting, especially as United States military personnel continue to brutalize the Okinawan people, especially the women, of the little island. Bland people are so picky and choosy about which protests they'll back and which brutal police crackdowns they'll support. 🤨
  7. I'll address this point since it's related to the actual content of this thread. No French (or Spanish) lead of a highly anticipated Hollywood blockbuster took to Twitter to defend the police actions, that's why no movie thread got derailed.
  8. Yeah, I’m thinking it will just miss 70 now. But last 2 days can change a lot.
  9. Moderators... well, a moderator, has informed me in private that I'm only allowed to use certain terms in a manner consistent with the popular (see - bland) narrative. If those terms are used in any way that deviates from that popular (bland) narrative (in the case of this thread, "mOngReL cHinA baD"), I am "trolling" and "poisoning the well." 🙄 A couple years ago, in a conversation about China, this (socially liberal) bland woman, like all bland people do, regardless of political leaning, was insisting to me that her worldview was the only proper view, that it should be the only one followed and that anything else was unacceptably "wrong" ("evil," "immoral," blah, blah.) In all their interactions with other groups of people throughout history, bland people (intuitively) have always thought and always encroached this idea upon others, and today is no different. What's ingenious, however, is that as time goes by, they evolve new ways of expressing this very same sentiment, only in ways that are palatable to the times. "muh democracy" 'n "muh freedom" n' "muh human rights" and such. In the referenced conversation, said (politically left, socially liberal) bland woman informed me that Chinese people living in Western countries were more aligned with the identity of previous dynasties and were thus "more Chinese" than those today who support the current government. So, TL;DR - your outer appearance isn't what's important - the make-up of your mentality and your worldview are what is bland.
  10. Hobbs & Shaw (2 days out) Midnight - 7.09m OD - 26.2m (31.26%) (115462 shows) Sat - 9.30m Sun - 4.77m A comparatively smaller jump once again. As we saw yesterday H&S has advantage when it comes to its Midnight PS as well as show count but lags behind similar sized movies when it comes to Sat/Sun PS. The weak jumps have me thinking final PS will be more in the mid 60's region rather than touching the 70's. Typical increase for tomorrow is in the range of mid 40's to 50's. Lets see if the weak increase trend continues tomorrow.
  11. at least it won't be boring like Lucy in the Sky trailer. if you suffer from insomnia, just play it and 15 sec will do the trick.
  12. Ah so reactions and stuff will show up soon? Time to check out of the thread. But I'll be back after I see the film on probably opening day
  13. Movie Distributor Gross Change Thtrs. Per Thtr. Total Gross Days - (4) The Angry Birds Movie 2 Sony Pictures $1,010,000 -68% 3,869 $261 $17,101,219 7 - (7) Once Upon a Time…in Holly… Sony Pictures $900,000 -62% 2,504 $359 $115,329,567 25 - (8) 47 Meters Down: Uncaged Entertainment Studi… $757,015 -65% 2,853 $265 $9,184,280 4 - (10) Blinded by the Light Warner Bros. $420,000 -65% 2,307 $182 $4,753,305 4 - (12) Spider-Man: Far From Home Sony Pictures $345,000 -59% 1,515 $228 $377,021,361 49 - (14) The Kitchen Warner Bros. $235,000 -63% 2,745 $86 $10,610,575 11 - (15) The Farewell A24 $168,610 -63% 861 $196 $12,990,326 39
  14. Colombia Weekend Adimssion week 33 8.15-8.19 # Film Title Weekend Total 1 The Lion King 228,310 4,236,832 2 The Secret Life of Pets 2 211,722 538,844 3 FAST & FURIOUS: HOBBS AND SHAW 189,591 1,466,595 4 Crawl 121,692 121,692 5 Once Upon a Time in Hollywood 88,226 88,226 6 The Art of Racing in the Rain 77,404 77,404 7 Monos(Local) 42,751 42,751 8 Toy Story 4 6,485 5,142,257 9 Un hombre en apuros 3,631 31,001 10 Bring the Soul: The Movie 3,146 36,469 *8.19 is national holiday Chile Weekend Adimssion week 33 8.15-8.18 # Film Title Weekend Total 1 The Lion King 150,575 2,219,380 2 FAST & FURIOUS: HOBBS AND SHAW 72,662 335,477 3 Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark 45,954 45,954 4 Paw Patrol: Mighty Pups 45,280 111,597 5 Toy Story 4 38,293 3,164,349 6 Araña(Local) 24,804 24,932 7 Spider-Man: Far from Home 14,623 1,086,451 8 The Secret Life of Pets 2 12,614 48,676 9 Avengers: Endgame 8,383 3,094,876 10 Anna 4,389 4,389 Peru Weekend Adimssion week 33 8.15-8.18 # Film Title Weekend Total 1 The Lion King 149,708 3,173,160 2 FAST & FURIOUS: HOBBS AND SHAW 91,824 874,852 3 Crawl 83,550 83,550 4 Recontra loca(Local) 81,625 244,905 5 Paw Patrol: Mighty Pups 78,213 78,213 6 Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark 65,143 221,852 7 Once Upon a Time in Hollywood 13,357 13,357 8 Air Strike 11,116 20,816 9 The Secret Life of Pets 2 10,280 445,002 10 Toy Story 4 9,107 2,785,306 In Colombia, TS4 is all-time NO.2 and Lion king is No.5, here is top 10 admission: 1 AG4 5,915,759 2 TY4 5,142,257 3 AG3 4,375,070 4 FF7 4,374,998 5 The Lion King 4,236,832 6 FF8 3,900,430 7 IC2 3,838,628 8 Aquman 3,793,298 9 Minions 3,147,060 10 Captain Marvel 3,048,914 In Chile, TS4 is all-time NO.1 and Lion king is No.5, here is top 10 admission: 1 TY4 3,164,349 2 AG4 3,094,876 3 AG3 2,334,956 4 COCO 2,240,711 5 The Lion King 2,219,380 6 Minions 2,088,540 7 Stefan v/s Kramer 2,076,061 8 IceAge4 2,068,957 9 IC2 1,832,467 10 Avatar 1,653,130 In Peru,Lion king is all-time No.2 and TS4 is No.6, here is top 10 admission: 1 AG4 3,854,982 2 The Lion King 3,173,160 3 AG3 3,138,943 4 Asu Mare2 3,082,942 5 Asu Mare 3,037,686 6 TY4 2,785,306 7 Asu Mare3 2,597,453 8 IceAge4 2,319,759 9 IceAge5 2,257,386
  15. When you realize your career in Hollywood is past tense ...
  16. Today
  17. The director of Ad Astra would rather die than make an entertaining movie for global audiences. The deplorables don't deserve his talent.
  18. This is opening... everywhere around me. Even in small towns that don't usually get this type of content. Late August strikes again. Hopefully this time it means I get to watch a really enjoyable movie I didn't expect
  19. I'd say that Crawl was dumped too (remember no press screening) but ended up with positive reviews and decent boxoffice. Would have made 40M+ if it didn't get its theater count slashed due to overcrowded last 2 weeks. so Underwater could be decent. Sometimes studios have no confidence in decent movies and overconfidence in trash.
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