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  1. Yeah I hear you. I optimistically believe that good movies in the marketplace make people want to go to theaters more. Mission, Barbie and Oppenheimer all live in different genres which is definitely a positive. I hope the cross promotions boosts all of them to success. For myself and others I know, going to theaters to see You Hurt My Feelings made us want to go see Past Lives and Asteroid City that much more since it was so nice being back at the movies.
  2. Regarding MISSION - This is a long film that’s adult skewing. The box office story is not told yet. We need to see how this plays on the weekend. I am a huge Cruise/Mission fan and have seen all his films in theaters since the first Mission. I’d never even consider seeing this film during the week. I have IMAX tickets for Saturday. WOM also seems great. These films are built with quality and to last
  3. A2's performance is off-planet. We've seen films come out the gate with massive openings and have somewhat impressive legs to generate massive totals. We've seen films that have opened modestly and the developed amazing legs that got them to astronomical grosses relative to expectations. I can't point to another film that opened "modestly," didn't exactly wow on its follow up weekend and then just came back with a complete vengeance to shatter all expectations. It's...Insane.... I mean.. this really seems to have at least $500m WW left in the tank to secure #3 of all-time globally which is just pretty incredible. At least $150m domestic and $350m internationally seems achievable, right?
  4. Agreed. They are both extremely impressive in unique ways. I mean a $1.2b global opening is pretty stunning... As is opening at $77m domestic and then going on to gross almost $750m domestic on the initial run, but I'd definitely give the edge to Avatar since it was a completely brand new property and wasn't the culmination of almost two dozen films.
  5. All in all... if AVATAR 2 becomes the highest grossing film of the year globally and gets nominations for Best Picture and Best Director, that's pretty stellar. Hard to argue against that even if expectations were higher.
  6. The reactions to the 3D trailer playing before BP2 are beyond stellar. https://twitter.com/search?q=avatar 3d trailer&src=typed_query&f=live
  7. I haven’t seen the film and I’m not a huge Pixar / Toy Story guy (although I find them to be quality animated films - and isn’t the Tim Allen component explained by it not being based on the toy, but the fictional person the toy was based on?), but anyway… for me it’s less about Disney and more about the strength of the market during a precarious time and, as some who loves the theatrical experience, I want to see films across all genres and demographics score right now.
  8. It’s also better for TGM that there are other successful films being concurrently released since no one can claim that it cleaned up due to a vacuum in the marketplace. Of course there are less films being released in general than pre-pandemic, but it’s not as glaring as say NWH’s extremely long and essentially exclusive run (not to take away from that film’s success and importance to the industry).
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