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  1. Mystique does look better in this one. I like the Days of Future Past as well.
  2. Sad to hear that he is injured. I know some actors want to do this to make it real as possible but sometimes stuntmen are there for reason. And sometimes they also get hurt or killed too.
  3. Surprised 1 has a nuclear reactor just by that circle in the chest piece. 2 looks like a brawler equivalent like the Russian version in PR1. 3 Looks like it depends on agility to fight.
  4. Movie was awesome! A few surprises for me especially at almost end of the movie. Love the suit! And something else. Acting was good. Story was good. Love the origin of Vulture in this movie.
  5. Definitely not a sequel. No board game. Its like a reboot! I'll give it a shot, but I'm not impressed. I can see they have to get that big blue jewel or crystal of some kind like in a game to complete it to get out.
  6. Straight to video title would have been Jurassic Park: Uprising. "They were thought extinct, they were wrong!!!"
  7. Want to see the legit Rogue whoever it will be when she is a teen.

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