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  1. Out of sole curiosity, my friend and I watched Battlefield Earth on Amazon. And um....wow.
  2. Oh...really now? For the record, this is fake as hell...but I love to watch the world burn.
  3. FWIW, my parents, who saw Top Gun when they were in their 20s, were both pretty excited when they heard about the sequel, so I would assume there's enough of a nostalgic hook here with that kind of crowd. It also helps it isn't like Terminator or Charlie's Angels where a whole bunch of crap sequels and TV shows have diluted the brand. Space Jam 2 feels like one of those Detective Pikachu things where people go crazy and think 90s nostalgia will make it a megahit, only for it to do just kind of okay business. At least I hope so, because the nostalgia fixation people have on Space Jam is stupid and dumb and stupid.
  4. Reminder to everybody you have T-8 days to PM me your list. And remember, it must be through PM for it to qualify. I am @ing both people who have and have not submitted a list. If you have already PMed me your list, feel free to ignore this post. If not, just remember you have 8 days. Get it in soon, or forever hold your peace @#ED @Porthos @4815162342 @75Live @A Star is Orm @a2k @aabattery @ACSlater @AJG @Alpha @AndyLL @angeldelmito @Arlborn @Barnack @baumer @Biggestgeekever @Blaze Heatnix @boomboom234 @Boxofficerules @BoxOfficeFangrl @BoxOfficeZ @Brainbug @Captain Craig @CaptainJackSparrow @Catty @cdsacken @cax16 @Jedi Jat @chasmmi @ChD @Chewy @ChipMunky @CJohn @Claire of Themyscira @Cmasterclay @cookie @CoolioD1 @DAJK @darkelf @Darth Lehnsherr @Daxtreme @ddddeeee @DeeCee @Deja23 @EarlyDeadlinePredictions @Eevin @el sid @ElsaRoc @elcaballero @Empire @EmpireCity @Exxdee @Fancyarcher @FantasticBeasts @Films @Finnick @FlashMaster659 @franfar @Frozen @FrozenUnicorn @FrozenFan626 @Goffe @Gopher @grim22 @IceFire9yt @Inceptionzq @IronJimbo @Ithil @Jack Nevada @James @Jandrew @Jason @Jayhawk @Jim Shorts @JimiQ @JJ-8 @justvision @K1stpierre @Kalderic @Kalo @kayumanggi @KeepItU25071906 @kitik @Krissykins @lilmac @Lion Roar @LonePirate @m3racer123 @Mattrek @MCKillswitch123 @Mekanos @Menor @Michael Gary Scott @Mike Hunt @misafeco @Morieris @MovieMan89 @Spaghetti @MrGlass2 @Ms Lady Hawk @Mulder @Napoleon @narniadis @Neo @Noctis @Nova @Olive @Ozymandias @peludo @Porthos @RandomCat @RealLyre @Rebeccas @reddevil18 @redfirebird2008 @RichWS @RobrtmanAStarWarsReference @Rorschach @rukaio101 @Sam @sfran43 @Shawn @Sheikh @ShouldIBeHere @SLAM! @Spidey Freak @TalismanRing @tawasal @terrestrial @That One Guy @The Fast and the Furiosa @ThiagoMaia @titanic2187 @TLK @Tower @tribefan695 @trifle @TwoMisfits @VanillaSkies @vc2002 @VenomXXR @ViewerAnon @Walt Disney @Water Bottle @Webslinger @Wrath @WrathOfHan @YourMother the Edgelord @ZeeSoh @Jake Gittes @Plain Old Tele @Ethan Hunt @Xillix @Rorschach @YourMother the Edgelord @Reddroast @Jandrew @grim22 @MrPink @chasmmi @Eric in Boots @Blankments @MrGamer @Cap @CJohn @charlie Jatinder @tribefan695 @Empire @Jayhawk the Hutt @Sal @DAJK @ZeeSoh @carolwoodpr @RealLyre @Arendelle Legion @aabattery @TMP
  5. Papa Feige knew what was going on here. Truly he does not miss
  6. Did I say that things will be peachy in June? I'm just saying that it makes no sense for WW to make 50-100M when you look at the outside circumstances, and that it'll likely do lower than what you're projecting
  7. How? States are already starting to go through lockdown phases, and it's not gonna magically reopen nor will cases improve one month later. There's probably going to be 500 theaters or so that would still be open at best, and I'm being charitable here. This getting to even 30M domestically is a stretch
  8. I'LL BE RIGHT HERE It’s time to celebrate the movie man himself. The man who birthed the blockbuster. The man who directed some of the greatest films ever made. The man who could make hit after hit without even trying. The man who invented the blockbuster, brought back the dinosaurs, gave us a friendly alien, showcased the horrors of the Holocaust, took us into sci-fi landscapes It’s time to celebrate the one and only Steven Spielberg! This time, through a fun countdown where we create the definitive ranking of all the movies he directed. Your job is very simple: PM me your rankings of your favorite Steven Spielberg movies. From Duel to Ready Player One. However, there are a couple more rules you need to understand: 1. Only theatrically-released movies directed by Steven Spielberg are allowed. No movies he produced, written, or cameoed in. So no Poltergeist, no Gremlins, no Back to the Future, no Roger Rabbit etc. None of his TV episodes or TV movies will qualify, with the exception of Duel, because it was released theatrically overseas, making it qualify under a technicality. I’m also excluding Twilight Zone: The Movie, because he only directed one segment from that movie, and because it gives people one less film to worry about. I shrunk this down because I want to look at the movies that define the man best, and also because it’s easier for you and me. As for the TV movies he made pre-Duel, this is also because, while not impossible, they aren’t the easiest movies to find. These are the movies you can put onto your own list 1. Duel 2. The Sugarland Express 3. Jaws 4. Close Encounters of the Third Kind 5. 1941 6. Raiders of the Lost Ark 7. E. T. the Extra-Terrestrial 8. Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom 9. The Color Purple 10. Empire of the Sun 11. Always 12. Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade 13. Hook 14. Jurassic Park 15. Schindler’s List 16. The Lost World: Jurassic Park 17. Amistad 18. Saving Private Ryan 19. A. I. Artificial Intelligence 20. Minority Report 21. Catch Me If You Can 22. The Terminal 23. War of the Worlds 24. Munich 25. Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull 26. The Adventures of Tintin 27. War Horse 28. Lincoln 29. Bridge of Spies 30. The BFG 31. The Post 32. Ready Player One If any list has a movie that is not in that pool, I will ask for you to change your list accordingly. 2. To allow your list to go through, you are required to send it through PM. You are more than free to share your list in this thread, and I strongly encourage people to, as well as FYC the Spielberg titles you love. However, if you want it to count, you have to send it through PM. No exceptions! 2. I don’t expect people to put every movie onto their list, and that’s totally okay. The minimum number I will ask for your list is 10, about a third of his filmography. However, I strongly encourage people to see as many Spielberg movies as possible, both to make the rankings and lists stronger and more accurate, but also so people can see some of his films that do not have the cultural reverence as E.T. or Indiana Jones. So don’t be lazy. 3. If you are wondering where you can find some of these movies, the best place to look is on the website JustWatch.com. It’s an excellent database on where to find the best places and deals to stream any movie. 4. Voting will continue from now until November 30, 2020. Essentially, you’ve got until Thanksgiving weekend to watch the Spielberg joints you missed. I don’t know when exactly the countdown will start, but I do plan on finishing it on December 18. That’s Stevie’s birthday! Scoring Number 1. 10 points Number 2. 9 Points Numbers 3 - 4. 8 Points Numbers 5 - 6. 7 Points 7 - 8. 6 Points 9 - 10. 5 Points 11 - 15. 4 Points 16 - 20. 3 Points 21 - 25. 2 Points 26 - 32. 1 Points Have fun!
  9. Thanks! I love to write and I thought this was a perfect opportunity, especially because I suggested this as the movie to watch.
  10. I actually don't have work on Monday, so that would be the perfect day to do it for me if today can't happen.
  11. I'll be at work tomorrow, so I sadly can't make it. Just know that I'll be there in spirit.
  12. @all men, we need to try and copy Clark Gable's hair curl. 😍 Next week's Forbidden Planet
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