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  1. Just a reminder if you want to make a thread about an old box office run, please do so in the "Classic Box Office Runs" subforum
  2. There's something truly astonishing that Mickey's Law applies even to the streaming wars. Beautiful, no?
  3. Out of sole curiosity, my friend and I watched Battlefield Earth on Amazon. And um....wow.
  4. Oh...really now? For the record, this is fake as hell...but I love to watch the world burn.
  5. FWIW, my parents, who saw Top Gun when they were in their 20s, were both pretty excited when they heard about the sequel, so I would assume there's enough of a nostalgic hook here with that kind of crowd. It also helps it isn't like Terminator or Charlie's Angels where a whole bunch of crap sequels and TV shows have diluted the brand. Space Jam 2 feels like one of those Detective Pikachu things where people go crazy and think 90s nostalgia will make it a megahit, only for it to do just kind of okay business. At least I hope so, because the nostalgia fixation people have on Space Jam is stupid and dumb and stupid.
  6. Reminder to everybody you have T-8 days to PM me your list. And remember, it must be through PM for it to qualify. I am @ing both people who have and have not submitted a list. If you have already PMed me your list, feel free to ignore this post. If not, just remember you have 8 days. Get it in soon, or forever hold your peace @#ED @Porthos @4815162342 @75Live @A Star is Orm @a2k @aabattery @ACSlater @AJG @Alpha @AndyLL @angeldelmito @Arlborn @Barnack @baumer @Biggestgeekever @Blaze Heatnix @boomboom234 @Boxofficerules @BoxOfficeFangrl @BoxOfficeZ @Brainbug @Captain Craig @CaptainJackSparrow @Catty @cdsacken @cax16 @Jedi Jat @chasmmi @ChD @Chewy @ChipMunky @CJohn @Claire of Themyscira @Cmasterclay @cookie @CoolioD1 @DAJK @darkelf @Darth Lehnsherr @Daxtreme @ddddeeee @DeeCee @Deja23 @EarlyDeadlinePredictions @Eevin @el sid @ElsaRoc @elcaballero @Empire @EmpireCity @Exxdee @Fancyarcher @FantasticBeasts @Films @Finnick @FlashMaster659 @franfar @Frozen @FrozenUnicorn @FrozenFan626 @Goffe @Gopher @grim22 @IceFire9yt @Inceptionzq @IronJimbo @Ithil @Jack Nevada @James @Jandrew @Jason @Jayhawk @Jim Shorts @JimiQ @JJ-8 @justvision @K1stpierre @Kalderic @Kalo @kayumanggi @KeepItU25071906 @kitik @Krissykins @lilmac @Lion Roar @LonePirate @m3racer123 @Mattrek @MCKillswitch123 @Mekanos @Menor @Michael Gary Scott @Mike Hunt @misafeco @Morieris @MovieMan89 @Spaghetti @MrGlass2 @Ms Lady Hawk @Mulder @Napoleon @narniadis @Neo @Noctis @Nova @Olive @Ozymandias @peludo @Porthos @RandomCat @RealLyre @Rebeccas @reddevil18 @redfirebird2008 @RichWS @RobrtmanAStarWarsReference @Rorschach @rukaio101 @Sam @sfran43 @Shawn @Sheikh @ShouldIBeHere @SLAM! @Spidey Freak @TalismanRing @tawasal @terrestrial @That One Guy @The Fast and the Furiosa @ThiagoMaia @titanic2187 @TLK @Tower @tribefan695 @trifle @TwoMisfits @VanillaSkies @vc2002 @VenomXXR @ViewerAnon @Walt Disney @Water Bottle @Webslinger @Wrath @WrathOfHan @YourMother the Edgelord @ZeeSoh @Jake Gittes @Plain Old Tele @Ethan Hunt @Xillix @Rorschach @YourMother the Edgelord @Reddroast @Jandrew @grim22 @MrPink @chasmmi @Eric in Boots @Blankments @MrGamer @Cap @CJohn @charlie Jatinder @tribefan695 @Empire @Jayhawk the Hutt @Sal @DAJK @ZeeSoh @carolwoodpr @RealLyre @Arendelle Legion @aabattery @TMP
  7. Papa Feige knew what was going on here. Truly he does not miss
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