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  1. 3 billions require avatar performance in Europe and Japan plus EG performance in other markets.
  2. Even if it seems unlocked I am sure EG will pass avatar. Disney will benefit so much from this. A new movie every 2 or 3 years that can beat the previous record is something great for box office.
  3. Why is maoyan keeping presales for EG during next weekend??
  4. It can reach 630 if mon tues wed continue at the same scenario
  5. OS-china is at 1220 now With around 40 weekend I think the target will be 1300-1310
  6. So we have about 39 millions OS - china thus weekend This 25% over IW
  7. Movies are doing well today EG may increase over yesterday What is the reason??
  8. Will EG be available in cinemas next weekend or not??
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