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  1. Tight race in Egypt for all time number one. Blue elephant 2 at 93 million Egyptian pound. Welad rizk 2 at 83 million Egyptian pound. But the later has better daily gross. May be both of them can pass 100 million.
  2. The blue elephant now at 84 millions Egyptian pound. Welad rizk 2 at 65 millions Egyptian pound. It will be close race Aladdin at 2.1 million dollars. Lion king at 1.2 million dollars
  3. This week was a holiday. I don't know how it will hold after the end of holidays.
  4. According to daily estimates, the blue elephant grossed around 67 millions Egyptian pound till Tuesday. It is now the third biggest movie ever in egypt in local currency and it is on way to be number one. The question is will it be the first movie to cross 100 million Egyptian pound or not.
  5. Titanic grossed around 4.5 million dollars in 1997, but at this time 1 dollar was equal to 3 Egyptian pound. ER is the worst now. Avatar grossed 2.3 million dollars in 2009.( Around 15 million Egyptian pound at this time) EG at 1.75 million dollars this year.(30 million Egyptian pound)
  6. The blue elephant 2 is the second part for a movie with the same name. 45 millions Egyptian pound in 2 weeks and we still have the feast next week. It will have bigger competition later this summer but it can be the biggest movie ever in local currency and may cross 100 millions Egyptian pound. The biggest movie ever in local currency is named Casablanca and it grossed around 80 million Egyptian pound ( around 5 million dollars)
  7. Here in egypt Aladdin grossed about 2 million dollars which is a big number for foreign movies. It is a bit higher than EG.
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