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  1. That's quite informative, thank you. By the way Carina Lau (regardless of her political stance) is an amazing actress and each movie I watch I get to like her more than the last. Can't really blame the actors for not standing up to the CCP though. The alternative is, best case, fading into obscurity and maybe finding a career outside of China, and worst case, get canceled utterly and possibly have worse repercussions to yourself or your family. Or have your name scrubbed from the Internet. Or get arrested.
  2. So movies that got PA releases kinda underperformed and theater-exclusives are doing great. I think there's a message in there somewhere.... Executives: "Nope, can't find it!"
  3. Ep.1 was meh for me (mostly due to the writing) but all the other ones have been great so far. Curious to see what else they have in store, it's highly entertaining stuff. Ep 4 knocked it out of the park
  4. Yeah Canada BO is a bit deflated right now because showings have limited capacity. A "full" showing is like... 50% of seats at best
  5. Thanks to our numbers people, your work is much appreciated. Great performance for Shang-Chi, and that ERC guy is on crack at the very least. ten bucks he wants movies on PA so he can pirate them day one
  6. Wasn't a huge fan of the movie, I thought it was okay, but it was also distinctively different from a typical Marvel movie (maybe not structure-wise but stylistically), so I am really glad it's performing well. Good fights sequences in there too. Rooting for it, definitely. Also, save the theaters !
  7. Industry specialists and the Buzz thread said the BOT weekend thread was tracking for 30 pages, so that was quite a bit over the estimates In the absence of accurate PA numbers tracking at least we can track the number of pages in the week-end threads
  8. lol all the doom and gloom. My friends these days watch their movies by having one of them stream their browser on Discord. That's it. None of them even bothered to go to the theater to se the movie, I did because I wanted the theater experience with my brother. This is a good number. Anytime now you can open Disney+ and watch the movie, and yet it still opened to $80M in theaters. I think it's great! And that's without mentioning pirating which also has an effect. Usually movies aren't available online in crystal-clear 1080p when it comes out in theaters. S
  9. So glad to be able to read all of you again. Amazing week-end thread so far and Black Widow is performing well if you take into account the fact that the world is batshit crazy right now. I'm in Canada and theaters here are 50% capacity or so (every seat must have an empty seat on all sides). Theater was full considering those limitations, it was great to be back in a theater watching a Marvel blockbuster. Lots of us missed that this past 1.5 year We'll probably have to wait and see next summer if things can be really, fully back to normal as far as box office goes. The
  10. Fun movie, typical Marvel solo stuff so great acting, interesting bits, tone-deaf action, too many Avengers references, funny humor, and good story. The 3rd act was really exaggerated though, like really dumb. They could have went for a Bourne-style 3rd act and it would have worked much better if you ask me. Florence Pugh is a godsent btw, amazing actress 7/10
  11. Really fun episode. This series doesn't make much sense as of now but I really like how goofy it is, and surprising. I don't know, it feels almost Bmovie-like to me and it's great! Love it for that. I hope the finale will be good!
  12. Roller coaster show baby! Great episode, loved it for the most part. As usual, the action choreography is absolutely pitiful. Like other people have said, Tom Hiddleston and Owen Wilson have amazing chemistry and the show instantly gets better when they're together, like clockwork. Really curious to see where it goes
  13. Interesting ideas, poor execution if you ask me. This is still good overall but clearly a drop in quality from ep 1 and 2, unless it's... intentional? There is a way that it could be. Sophia Di Martino doesn't strike me as believable. She doesn't look like she "owns" the costume and plays the role with a sort of snarky detachment that just screams "I am currently acting". Isn't she supposed to be a ruthless killer? She lacks gravitas and charisma. I hope her character improves going forward. Still, I'll take that over bland crap any day of the week.
  14. I really, really hope they stick the landing because this is amazing so far. Can't believe I can watch Loki doing boring office work for a while and being glued to the screen. Him and Owen Wilson together are just fire
  15. Well they have definitely earned my interest here. I love ambitious weird things.
  16. Loving this, a lot more than FATWS anyway I knew from the trailers that would be intriguing, and it is. A few raised eyebrows moments but nothing too concerning. It's quite cohesive so far, curious to see where it goes. Tom Hiddleston is always a pleasure to watch, and Owen Wilson is a lovely addition.
  17. I didn't think this would happen on Earth so much, I thought we would have a movie mostly away from Earth. Not sure how I feel about that, especially with the obvious "but what were they doing during ENDGAME?" question that will be on everyone's minds and that better be answered. That being said, I am definitely intrigued, this should be quite the experience in THEATERS (can't wait to go, I am getting my vaccine in 2 days)
  18. https://etcanada.com/video/a7fdd438-b9a6-11eb-b6a9-0242ac110002/salma-hayek-reveals-she-nearly-died-from-covid-19/ Salma Hayek Reveals She Nearly Died From COVID-19
  19. ENDGAME is a 5/5 movie for me Best in the MCU. Most heartfelt, great pacing, high stakes, epic finale, a swarm of likable characters, really funny too. Starts with a bang love it
  20. I'd like to see her comedic timing explored a bit more. Pretty sure she hasn't said a single comedic sentence in the whole 8 seasons of GoT. In Solo it wasn't really a comedic role either, but Marvel are known for their comedy and bringing out hidden comedic talents is their specialty (like Chris Hemsworth). Curious to see if she has something to work with here.
  21. Between her and Erin Kellyman starring everywhere, I'd choose Emilia Clark in a heartbeat
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