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  1. One flashback/exposition too many here but man is Wanda a great character now... I expect a huge shift in MCU character popularity polls after this. Exactly by how much depends on the finale though.
  2. 7 episodes of setup, basically. Audacious. I like it, but it really depends if it pays off well/sticks the landing or not
  3. I think some people have lost what bloat really means. Nothing is superfluous in Wandavision, yes, even those sitcom scenes that maybe you don't care about. Every single one of those scenes serves to tell you something about the characters, the world they're in, their past, or something of the sort about the events unfolding. A far cry from typical TV shows runtime bloating. Now is it boring? For some, yes, and that's fine. But to say this is all meaningless and pointless overstuffing is being obtuse. Might mean nothing to those people but certainly not for everyone.
  4. From Iron Man to this wtf this is how you build a universe the rest of the episodes are gonna destroy me
  5. ... I'm hyperventilating right now @Wondy's Cap posts I agree, also this:
  6. Sorry for the late reply but Charlie you are forgetting one huge thing here. My point is that Manchildren are review-bombing this. You just picked an incomplete set of data. Here's the complete data: As you can see, not only do Men outnumber Women more than 5 to 1, look at their proportion of 1/10, 2/10, 3/10 votes compared to women. It's not even remotely close. Men are review-bombing this, not women. Well, more like... "men" if you can call them men Like I said, bunch of manchildren
  7. This episode all but confirms that they really should have released the first 3 all at once Seeing the reviewers' reaction and all that.
  8. Great episode I really like where this is going, but the weekly wait is killing me lmao
  9. He's entitled to his opinion but I fully disagree with every single thing he said. It's funny for me. I find the mystery riveting. I like what they're going for and the reason behind the mystery. So pretty much exactly the opposite of what he says.
  10. Can't believe people are comparing David Lynch's work to the MCU with a straight face. Just the fact it's happening and it's not satire tells me that Kevin Feige and co. succeeded in their endeavors.
  11. Yeah I feel like the weekly format suits 40+mins episodes better. Disney are still testing the waters. Then again, Big Bang Theory was the most popular show on TV ever and it ran 20 mins episodes.
  12. Amazing development this time around. I might be a bit biased here but goddamn this is shaping up to be great. I can sort of glimpse where this is going and I'm 100% all for it And, as everyone who watched MARTHA MARCY MAY MARLENE know, Elizabeth Olsen is unsurprisingly a terrific actress. Those who haven't, well, you're in the know now. So glad she's getting the focus she deserves instead of being relegated to essentially background VFX prop material.
  13. Anyone knows when the reviewers get the ep 4-9 for review? I read that they'll get them eventually but no idea when
  14. every time something happens in Wandavision and I try to make sense of it
  15. I'm used to Hong Kong and South Korean movies that juggle tone like they're professional jugglers or something, so the tonal shifts are not only not jarring for me, but actually very, very welcome.
  16. Kathryn Hahn asking "how anybody does this sober?" is my new spirit animal Great start
  17. I really dislike how TV reviews only take into account a part of the episodes. As such, you never know with the reviews if the payoff to a season is good since no reviewers have seen it
  18. Cautiously optimistic on this one. LOTR FOTR is my favorite movie of all time so they better not mess it up
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