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  1. with current number at $1.027B, any chance to get to $1.1B? or it's too much... maybe somewhere $1.065B - $1.090B? Marek
  2. I see it more like 525+565=1.09, or a middle between those two predictions...
  3. probably, and maybe OS over 500mil.
  4. what is this? someone made it up? total bullshit? http://www.sntstory.com/2020/01/02/the-192-minute-j-j-abrams-rise-of-skywalker-cut-is-coming-sooner-than-you-think/?fbclid=IwAR0erM-4uDt9OhhMd74at5NDYeK66rl0J84N2liBbST97P0UnJ1gmtN6MDI
  5. totaly agree with you! he is trolling couple of weeks already about TROS numbers....
  6. @baumer I am glad I can see you here more and more!
  7. so 32.5mil wednesday for TROS is final projection, right? final data in new year, correct? any chance to go up to 33? Marek
  8. not even ENGDAME did same numbers or more then TFA, of course I am talking about DOMESTIC, not OS not sure where you have been last two years (no offense), but if you spent some months here at box office threads, there was not a single thing showing, that TROS will match or make more then TFA, it's almost imposible to replicate what TFA did, nostalgia factor and 14 years of waiting were biggiest poinst for TFA... plus total chaos in fanbase after TLJ
  9. sure about that? more then TLJ yes, sure I agree, more than TFA? NO WAY
  10. looks very good! I would do only two changes Tuesday with 20.5 ( @Jedi Jat ) and wednesday (monday+10%) Marek
  11. @George Parr, I fully agree! depends on these weekdays we will see.... I am hoping for 33-35mil wednesday and I saw some predictions from 96 up to 115mil for weekend, yeah maybe too much, but all depends how it will behave on weekdays... Marek
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