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  1. I am sure part of it is COVID another part Disney+ hmm, and some people bought skywalker saga, so well its said overall decline of physical media
  2. DOMESTIC (48%) $515,201,406 INTERNATIONAL (52%) $558,941,706 WORLDWIDE $1,074,143,112
  3. probably not in march, april or may... with this situation all over the world
  4. in few days SW9 will move to number 6 WW for 2019 DOMESTIC (48%) $515,115,774 INTERNATIONAL (52%) $558,897,845 WORLDWIDE $1,074,013,619
  5. did you saw any celebration in my post? I am sick from every your post pissing over TROS, yes we all get it, so you can quit.....
  6. DOMESTIC (48%) $515,049,789 INTERNATIONAL (52%) $558,897,845 WORLDWIDE $1,073,947,634 JOKER is next $1,074,151,311
  7. DOMESTIC (48%) $515,029,813 INTERNATIONAL (52%) $558,576,280 WORLDWIDE $1,073,606,093
  8. DOMESTIC (48%) $514,094,372 INTERNATIONAL (52%) $555,972,389 WORLDWIDE $1,070,066,761
  9. you've got my update just several hours before you asked... what update do you need? there is a link couple post back, you can check it anytime by yoursel... M.
  10. DOMESTIC (48%) $513,346,141 INTERNATIONAL (52%) $555,972,389 WORLDWIDE $1,069,318,530
  11. from same boxoffice mojo link https://www.boxofficemojo.com/releasegroup/gr2303480325/?ref_=bo_ydw_table_8 DOMESTIC (48.1%) $513,100,363 INTERNATIONAL (51.9%) $553,963,044 WORLDWIDE $1,067,063,407
  12. you maybe want to lear again what is filler and what not...., when you use it in same sentence as Mando its fucking crazy when people think, that half season is filler @baumer, I think I am around your age do you think that half season of Mando is filler, or that is a type of series just like old serials , or we are so old lol thanx, Marek
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