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  1. damn can't wait, oh my.. this will EPIC, well I hope
  2. thank you, somehow with my search, I was not able to find it Marek
  3. not sure where to post this.... do we have Ashoka thread? or am I blind hmm: https://www.small-screen.co.uk/lars-mikkelsen-has-signed-on-to-play-thrawn-in-the-ahsoka-spinoff-series-exclusive/?fbclid=IwAR2jtJKwJKDaNAUfRrTWUuIpvt7umqUJ5eUSRHMwkVFWDcyravku5ITKuTc
  4. wow that was f....g super cool! have to watch it couple more times! wow just wow, it's getting better and better...... Marek
  5. damn, I have to watch it as soon as possible today lol so I can read all SPOILER tagged messages how god it was? from those 3 episodes? thanx, Marek
  6. thank you Inceptionzq and Porthos! this will be a very long night can't wait for first episode I read somewhere it will be quite long episode
  7. at wich time it will appear at Disney+? 6AM? 6PM? Marek
  8. not bad for start... YT official channel: 5.1M views Twitter: 7.5M views FB SW: 6.5M INSTA SW: 2.0M IGN: 1.3M others: 2.0M ================================== together: 24.4M views
  9. wow what an ENDING hmmm ohh I can imagine last 4 episodes together as nice 4K HDR movie, I know it will not happen, but I can dream M.
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