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  1. yup I am 90% sure it will get to 700mil I will be very happy if it will get over BP ( ), but anything within 650-700 is OK with me..., and of course over 1.2-1.3 WW, but that will be probably harder if OS will drop... we will see... if movie is GREAT with audience 700 can be done... if not, even 600mil will be hard...
  2. I hope, after first 17 days, it will be well over 550mil or closer to 600, I can dream right? but it's not that unrealistic Marek
  3. you didnt say anything about VFX? so yes, they are doing 75% redo of movie, and then they will start with all posproductions stuff.. etc, sound, vfx, etc.. with 75% CHANGED movie, you have to do music again, soooo? its almost like to do whole movie in 64 days... GET REAL!
  4. ou yeah sure and because of that, they need to redo 75% of VFX already almost done, right? yeah, year of work to redo in 64 days you clearly know how this work GOOD TRY!
  5. little update YT main SW channel: 18.3 mil TWITTER main SW: 13.5 mil FB main SW: 5.2 mil INSTA SW: 1.8 YT other links: 8.5 together: 47.3 all together are probably more then 50mil, there are too many reaction videos, breakdowns... cant count all those I am out of time
  6. true, but as with TFA and TLJ, also last movie will hopefully get better boost comare to summer release, where it can get maybe bigger openig weekend, but also more crowded M.
  7. Which movies are now at 4th, 5th and 6th position? If I may ask thankk you for answare Marek P,S, I found it in tracking thread thanx
  8. update: SW YT main channel: 14.6mil TWITTER SW main: 13mil TWITTER SW UK: 0.5mil INSTA: 1.8 FBmain SW channel: 4.9 other YT: 8.4 together: 43.2
  9. YT is closing on Twitter.... FB 4.3mil YT SW 11.0mil INSTA 1.7mil Twitter 11.7mil other links on YT around 6.7mil together: 35.4 mil
  10. little update: FB 3.7mil YT SW 8.5mil INSTA 1.6mil Twitter 10.6mil other links on YT around 5.9mil previous total: 26.5mil together: 30.3 mil can't wait for some official data tomorrow for first 24 hours
  11. yeah I totaly forgot to add Twitter , thanx! update: FB 3.3mil YT SW 6.8mil INSTA 1.5mil Twitter 9.4mil other links on YT around 5.5mil together: 26.5 mil
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