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  1. Though I consider WW a marginal movie at best, I'm really happy for all involved. Congrats!
  2. You began the fifth word of your sentence with an "s" instead of an "n". Unfortunate typo. 😝
  3. At first I thought the poster was an absolute ugly mess, then Cocho said "yearbook vibe" and I got it. Yeah, great poster. And rather clever to boot.
  4. The shift from Sam to Cade is the soft reboot. Next stop is a full reboot. I have no idea how they would bring that about, but surely Paramount sees that they are past the point of diminishing returns and a major shake-up is necessary.
  5. Everyone in TF1, including the robots, were well characterized. The problems with the portrayals came afterward and on two fronts. First, Bay sacrificed characterization for action. Not a bad choice, per se, but there's only so much action he can offer before the general audience considers it repetitive, routine and droll. Second, Hasbro sacrificed characterization for pushing product. Even if you put aside how new robots were introduced in such a way that the audience is supposed to pretend that they were there all along, the only reason Ironhide and Ratchet were relegated to the backdrop in TF2 and then each killed off in TF3 and TF4 respectively was to make way for said new robots. That kind of cynicism does little to encourage the audience to connect with the characters, let alone engage with a franchise.
  6. That article was five paragraphs too long.
  7. TF and DOTM are good. ROTF is poopy with crystallized urine sprinkles. Haven't seen AoE.
  8. So sorry about your dog, Baumer. Bill Paxton was a fantastic actor. He helped make Aliens more than a Sci-Fi horror flick and provided AoS some much need grounding and gravitas. The news of his death is certainly a shock.

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