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  1. I don't feel excited hearing Raimi is coming back. I mean he he peaked in the early 2000s and hasn't had a very critically acclaimed directorial life since. Also the OG spiderman movies feel distinctly unlike the mcu, though it is hard to guess how much of that was raimi's own vision or studio mandates. As a singular unconnected film, this would be a great choice, but I'm doubtful there won't be any creative conflicts in the production room. Strange 2 might be a civil war or ultron kind of event, and if so, I see no way for marvel to just hand over the keys without defining the sandbox first.
  2. I know nothing about Shazam, the concept looks interesting, but I'm not digging Zachary Levi in the role. Also the costume looks bizarre? Padded to the T to look like he is on steroids?
  3. Wow, not a fan of those Gunn tweets, Disney had to fire him. But how did he pass those HR checks to get hired in the first place? The tweets are really nasty, ugh.
  4. The butthurt against the MCU winning is ridiculous. I hope avatar 2 is as amazing as James wants it to be, and I hope DCEU gets better at making competent movies and perhaps reach the heights of the dark knight. This toxicity is stifling.
  5. Why do all the Cameron boy toys have weird expectations for every movie's box office?
  6. Mary Poppins will underperform OS. I don't see this making more than 600 M WW with the intense competition.
  7. Using sociopolitical issues as a crutch to explain the failure of movies is a bigger disservice to those specific causes because it dilutes the argument when it actually happens. This is what happens when you go too woke.
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