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  1. I didn't understand the whole bit about titans and humans being an infection. Isn't this overly complicating a simple monster story?
  2. This is making me intrigued for Avatar 2 trailer to come out and show us what underwater world would really look like, sorry, but the underwater scenes here look weird.
  3. People are loving the CGI, I on the other hand found it very fake - those underwater colosseum scenes especially. The one's above ground looked good. Also people are speaking under water and there are no air bubbles? All that hype about underwater CGI and it just feels like some slow motion effect behind tinted glass. The trailer gave me black panther vibes, but Jason Momoa... These dudebroisms are going to be the weakest link in the movie. The guy has one expression on at all times - and he ain't being stoic like Chadwick boseman as t'challa.
  4. I know nothing about Shazam, the concept looks interesting, but I'm not digging Zachary Levi in the role. Also the costume looks bizarre? Padded to the T to look like he is on steroids?
  5. Wow, not a fan of those Gunn tweets, Disney had to fire him. But how did he pass those HR checks to get hired in the first place? The tweets are really nasty, ugh.
  6. The butthurt against the MCU winning is ridiculous. I hope avatar 2 is as amazing as James wants it to be, and I hope DCEU gets better at making competent movies and perhaps reach the heights of the dark knight. This toxicity is stifling.
  7. It's a tragedy that this morally insensitive and puerile garbage is getting the numbers it is.
  8. Can't wait to see a the movie in the new 10d experience theatre where I have to hold my breath underwater and look at the screen to get the ultimate new view of the next Avatar.
  9. James "Exchange Rate" Cameron. James "3D tickets 2x price" Cameron.
  10. Jurrasic World Sh*tty Kingdom is going down, this will be a disaster rivalling Solo.

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