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  1. A worse drop for deadpool than even BvS. Shitty move by fox has caused a cross cannibalization of hype and box office of three major blockbusters.
  2. Lol, franchises are dying and Solo is the proof of it. We need more SciFi like arrival or ex machina and less of the garbage franchise stuff.
  3. I'm not one to agree with the SW purists trolls, but what is your basis for claiming sabotage? The want to see score basically is a poll for people to vote if they want to see it or not. The trolls are exerting their ability to vote in the poll, you could claim there is sabotage if people are making multiple accounts to vote, where is your evidence? All we can see is that the haters are a vocal percentage of the audience.
  4. Cameron is a director. So all tarantino or Nolan movies are a franchise? Terminator is a franchise, terminator and avatar aren't one franchisem
  5. I'm not getting your point. I want more movies like Titanic which aren't bound by some franchise. How is avatar related to titanic?
  6. Three franchises down - DC and Star Wars and Xmen. Three more need to die. Jurassic World and Avatar don't seem like long running ones. The Marvel franchise (MCU, Spiderman, Deadpool) will die after avengers 4. Avatar was a one trick pony. Franchises need to die so that independent movies can flourish again.
  7. Solo in pre release tracking vs Solo post preview night numbers.
  8. SW movies are bogged down by the stupid obsession with practical effects even when a similar result is easier to obtain from VFX, due to legacy issues and biases of its core audience. Bad planning and the flux of directors and scripts necessitating major reshoots in almost every film has also been a major factor.
  9. With TFA getting such a huge domestic gross, it seems LF learned the wrong lessons. They seem to have made the movies inaccessible to new markets in the goal to pander the domestic market where profitability is much higher. It's funny how critics pick bones with infinity war about not being self contained or not working for people who go into the (19th) movie blind, but do not see the exact same issues with movies like TFA, TLJ, RO or Solo, all of which depend on nostalgia to even get the basic plot and weight of the consequences of those plots especially for youth outside the US who aren't brought up with a similar cult like following for SW.
  10. Looks like Solo is going to remain a solo film.
  11. Discounting the 10 and 1 scores to get a score average is probably a better indicator. If you ignore 1 and 10 scores, the distribution does seem like a Gaussian curve.
  12. Is there any data on if audiences overwhelmingly prefer to prebook a ticket during the winter holidays and prefer turning up directly during the summer? I don't understand how Thursday night can be empty otherwise. Bad WoM would take effect on Saturday and beyond. Does that mean the brand is tarnished or the negativity surrounding Solo is so overwhelming.
  13. Solo is crumbling internationally. This is the consequence of running nostalgia to the ground to an audience which hasn't grown up on that nostalgia. Interest in SW in my country has nose dived lol.

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