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  1. Isn't England hoping to vaccinate 37% of the entire country by year end 2021?
  2. Roku was a great stock but $340 a share when it doesn't make money is crazy. At least Tesla has a unique brand. Tesla proves roku could go on ahead another 500% easily while never making money It's not hard to create a streaming OS. I'm not saying roku will fail, wish I had invested in it but I mean I loved it 10 years ago. Now meh. Apple, Amazon, Google, hell facebook might even wade in. So many ultra badass competitors Compare it to DocuSign and their competitors. Dinosaur Adobe and Hellosign (lmao)
  3. I can't believe Roku is $400 a share when they have no moat and frankly while I like their streaming product I have fire TV that works great. As for AT&T I feel like their stock is massively undervalued but deservingly so due to horrific management. Surely at some point HBO Max will not suck
  4. The joker had nothing going for it either from a connection standpoint and despite the acting being phenomenal it was incredibly dark gritty and depressing yet it dominated. Aquaman had horrible ties just coming after a dumpster fire Justice league and did excellent. Those connections don't mean near as much as you assume they do
  5. No argument there let's say end game added 200 million. I like that movie but it was mediocre and it still would have done $850 to $900 million.
  6. I think this particular movie speaks to female empowerment a lot more than Captain marvel which did incredibly well. Additionally I think the production quality was expected to be very high-end with high praise and intense demand. I certainly don't think it's impossible that it would have been below 1 billion but I think it could have been higher too.
  7. I hope to hear good news from you too! My wife's mom had cancer and she had a horrible tasting but very healthy diet. She's been cancer free now for 12 years.
  8. Definitely exercise and less booze helped. However I point to the fact that my wife exercises, eats better than me and my test results were somehow better. She was a bit chuffed about it. However I pointed out her cooking helped me tremendously, which saved me 😊
  9. What the hell covid made me healthier. I just had a full blood panel for life insurance tests at age 35 almost 36. My numbers are better than they were at 21. High BP and cholesterol runs in my family. Both are the lowest they have been in my life even as a teenager. Honestly I'm shocked. Numbers were not trending good 2 years ago.
  10. I think the key point is current market conditions make it impossible for AT&T to buy Disney. However Disney would never buy AT&T, that's like buying a flaming dumpster fire.
  11. The majority of people live in major cities. More and more we see major hubs connecting a ton of smaller cities as a major metro area.
  12. Hence the reasoning was so stupid. Say through March or May or something. All of 2021? Lmao might as well announce streaming only for the next decade
  13. I tried HBOmax. Netflix is better in my opinion and I think the majority feel that way.
  14. Yep it reeks of desperation and frankly doing the entire year was always going to piss off directors and movie stars. People defending HBOMAX because of covet with a vaccine that is literally being released this month for an entire 360 days more is a bit crazy. Had they said through May sure.
  15. No one else is doing this. WB is not doing this because of costs. They are desperate to save their dumpster fire rollout of HBOMAX. I'm glad they went full throttle in pissing so many people off. Streaming for new films as the only option sucks.
  16. All the more reason it will be incredibly easy for those to buy the expensive parts for pennies on the dollar. Leases will be incredibly cheap after covid and bankruptcy. If by some miracle the building is owned even better. Yes we will see consolidation but ask yourself this do you think people that bought a house in 2010 or 2011 are upset now? I don't think so. This even gives the opportunity for more independent theaters. it's so much easier to take a chance when you can buy all the equipment you need for next to nothing versus retail price and get a sick lease deal
  17. Likely afraid of massive antivax movements. Their membership had grown a lot, 99% from the GOP lately.
  18. I get take out but date nights are going to disappear. Paper bags of food doesn't adequately celebrate big life events. Spending $50 on takeout is so much worse for me than spending $65 at a restaurant.
  19. The pandemic isn't over so of course people are being smart. Theaters did amazing in 2019. Antisocial lazy folks often like streaming and sure some of them would be willing to pay $20 most will just illegally download torrents. When PVOD starts making 20 million instead of 100 to 200 million incurring massive losses it won't be as popular. Just like many restaurants won't reopen there are several theaters especially those less busy but will never reopen again. The theaters that were successful prior to the pandemic will reopen and rebrand if necessary.
  20. They can avoid working with certain studios that allow them to be shafted. Netflix is up front about this and pays higher salaries.
  21. Considering AT&T is an epic failure whose stock continues to plummet despite people hoarding it for its dividend yield I wouldn't put much credit into what their boss says. It's likely the new normal for the next year but people are going to be so desperate to actually go to a movie when it's safe they are going to be sick and tired of doing nothing but streaming. The $69.99 deal is very smart but 6 months honestly kind of sucks because it's a short period of time. at which point then you're looking at $180 for a year after that. It's a smart bridge the gap till the vaccine starts hitting too.
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