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  1. This will probably be a legs play in most markets. France is one where that has the best chance because it won’t be as affected by free streaming availability.
  2. Seems like a classic case of negotiating through the press to me. They’ll probably reach some settlement and I wouldn’t assume any retribution/bad blood to follow. From the details in the article this seems pretty open and shut — if the old contract guaranteed a window of exclusivity and they never had her sign a new one.
  3. https://www.wsj.com/articles/scarlett-johansson-sues-disney-over-black-widow-streaming-release-11627579278 👀
  4. Guys, the France numbers are bad even considering the vaccine pass. You shouldn’t just assume people saying so are unaware of it.
  5. GvK made under 300M WW-C, so I’m looking to beat it substantially. But of course GvK also came out during a different phase of the pandemic so I don’t think a direct comparison is worth much. If more countries are still in a bad spot with delta in September I would lower to target to 350-400ish though.
  6. Well, it does depend on where various countries are with delta and restrictions by then. But that’s only asking for ~250M OS-C, BW will ~200 with PA/piracy and hopefully worse conditions.
  7. EW believes this is the next live action show, which would push Ms Marvel to 2022.
  8. Gunn has delivered. Very excited to see this Thursday. I’m gonna laugh my ass off if the first year with 4 MCUs is also the year that my favorite CBM is from the DCEU. Especially since my favorite comic book show of the year could also be a Harley Quinn property. Unfortunate about the current sales trajectory, but I’d rather get a bunch of great movies with meh numbers than repeats of the 2016 fiasco. And hey, maybe it can leg well.
  9. AM1: 128th (69.6M) Thor: 55th (103M) Cap1: 63rd (98M) If it wants to miss 70M on a holiday, it’s going to need to be the worst OW in the MCU. Could be possible, but I hope not.
  10. Oh, and fwiw, the last few days of data out of the UK have been pretty encouraging. Seems like delta could be peaking more around the time of TSS/Free Guy and on a clear downswing by the time of Shang-Chi. I now expect Disney will just muscle it out with a pure theatrical on the current date.
  11. Top 4 ending up 51M, Snake Eyes and Space Jam both 2.5M or so short of those quick nums. Disappointing product plus a movie getting hammered by MAX frontloadedness. It’s a shitty weekend for sure but in a pretty normal way. I’d expect a lot more of that for the next… 5 weeks? F9 and BW were the only real blockbusters the studios put in summer and now they’ve already come out, so
  12. Yeah it is basically the same, almost certainly both or neither. “Under Space Jam” feels a lot more salt-in-the-wound than “under GvK” though.
  13. I’m not sure what you mean/what your point is/what you’re trying to get at?We were talking about some hypothetical weekends for a theatrical exclusive BW. Edit:Ah, now that I open the quote in full presumably you’re responding to the 2nd paragraph. Well, I mean, yes — obviously BW is having brutal drops, but my point is that it’s not like they’re 10% worse than expected, more like 5%. And obviously PA is playing a role there.
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