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  1. I was reasonably happy with how my plan to set a low and clear personal meltdown bar in advance for BW weekend worked out. It meant I didn’t have to recalibrate “is this good, or is this bad, or is this terrible” etc etc every time a new number rolled in (although it unfortunately it did end up going below my meltdown bar and being a horrific crumbling flop Anyway, I think I’m going to do the same thing for this movie so I can just keep calm and carry on. And my meltdown/crumbling/flop bar will be: $21,144,800
  2. Actually, MK could be a solid comp. Went back and checked. At Sun before release, MK had twice the tickets for Fri at MTC2 that TSS does for Th+Fri. That was for non summer too. Could be worth digging around for run rates, but when Menor says Fri looks bad I really want to emphasize that it looks baaaaaaaaaaaaad.
  3. TSS and MK are both R? But it’s not obvious that TSS can beat MK’s OW
  4. The entire board does revolve around this thread when you weight by importance 👀 I’ve been trying to lower TSS expectations elsewhere in part to avoid a meltdown, but I suspect there is a level of performance around Alice Looking Glass that will cause things to get rowdy no matter how much they’ve been lowered.
  5. JC could go 17-18 imo, and TSSTFSS possibly as low as 16 or so, though that’s definitely not the center of my range.
  6. The standard showings are getting really concerning at this point
  7. I think 100-110 ish without PA, so maybe 120-130ish without PA or any pandemic? Hard to say, may be a little too optimistic, but 110+ should be pretty comfortable. Hard to say whether PA or MAX is hurting movies more, so sure, maybe add 40-50% as a first approximation?
  8. Dang, better hold than I expected for Snake Eyes based on the Friday. Not even coming close to MK’s record…
  9. If JC really goes to 35M here I would not consider that an easy bar for TSS whatsoever. Or an unassailable bar, by any means.
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