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  1. I see Wonder Woman was unable to resist returning to its original spot on my birthday weekend. I was was looking forward to it being earlier, but I also felt like Aquaman, Shazam, Joker, WW in a span of 12 months felt a bit rushed, so overall I guess I approve.
  2. Jesus, a 35.5M Sunday AM estimate from Deadline. Looking more and more likely that this awful movie will get another movie made in Sony’s “spider-man universe but no spider-man”
  3. Thanos Legion

    Biggest bomb of 2018

    Does Mortal Engines even cost enough to beat Solo if it finished with 0WW?
  4. Thanos Legion

    Biggest bomb of 2018

    The true answer was Solo all along
  5. Well, I’m much more interested in the Wed dailies than I expected to be.
  6. 70M would be good for #1 October OW... and also not a top 100 OW overall. As records go this is a pretty meager one, so it doesn’t surprise me to see a relatively subdued thread.
  7. There’s thinking differently, and then there’s thinking things that are just bonkers. Like, people are obviously free to prefer the Emoji Movie to The Return of the King if that’s really their personal preference, but “different people have different tastes” won’t stop me from calling it a bad take.
  8. If serious, these Venom>Ant-Man takes are some of the worst I’ve seen in a while. Looks like Venom will be well above 100M DOM, bummer.
  9. Sony’s awful spideyless-spideyverse is probably moving forward with a preview like that, unless it manages to totally collapse over the next 10 days or so.
  10. MT lead for ASIB has grown from .6 (18.3 vs 17.7) to 2.0 (21.4 vs 19.4). It’s pretty hard to interpret that thanks to the Wednesday showings though. Edit: 6PM Pacific, +2.4 (24 vs 21.6)
  11. Even if they’re neck and neck in presales, I’m sure Venom can pull it out in the end. After all, adult-targeted romances with a musical component and Oscar buzz are notoriously frontloaded
  12. Even a 1% chance of going under WW is still much more likely than the club condition though
  13. Much more likely that we have Venom WW<SM3 DOM
  14. BOP has Venom at just under 1.5x ASIB, but I think it will be closer.

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