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  1. The runtime discrepancy is because they have 5 different post-credit scenes but only show 2 per showing
  2. I guess that’s what happens when you make 9 movies in a row with 82%+ RT
  3. This post doesn’t seem very fun, so it must be very high quality
  4. Real quick concrete demonstration of how important the last 17 days are here. IW was at 3.26x BP, and has a preview night of 1.55x BP.
  5. What else would be number 1? Even if Alita had a +5% anti-gravity (lol) and HTTYD falls to Lego2 level it would still be #1.
  6. FTFY Understandable typo, with so many 1s and 9s flying about.
  7. Yeah, it comes out right before the Vision and Scarlet Witch TV show, the Falcon and Winter Solider TV show, the Rocket Raccoon and Groot TV show (rumored), the Lady Sif TV show (rumored), the War Machine TV show (rumored), the Nebula and Gamora TV show (rumored), the Nick Fury TV show (rumored), and the Hawkeye TV show (rumored). Also the animated TV shows for marvel characters MODOK, Hit-Monkey, Howard the Duck, and Tigra and Dazzler. Welcome to cultural dominance.
  8. Second Endgame trailer will help CM, not hurt it. Expect it before the OW for sure.
  9. 120 is tough, but not outlandishly so. CM shouldn’t be a big problem, it’s still 3 weeks away.

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