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  1. Well neither made the top 50, but I guess we could ask Panda. This would be kind of depressing though.
  2. Christ there’s a lot of straw in that man. Obviously the concern is about offending anti-Hitler types who think it’s in poor taste, not offending pro-Hitler types.
  3. After GoT I *really* wouldn’t want them writing the finale. They really, massively, screwed the pooch there in terms of quality. But handling the 1st or 2nd entry of a trilogy would probably be fine.
  4. We’re really getting to the good stuff now. The remaining 14 should be perfectly balanced.
  5. Okay, so in early 2022 we can run top 30 MCU, and then we just agree to all put them in that order for other lists from then on
  6. They were planning to release a Fortnite movie, but Marvel beat them to the punch
  7. Just deductively, it’s virtually impossible that TA, IW, EG, TWS, BP, IM1, GotG, or Ragnarok would have come in under e.g. IM3
  8. ??? Is this just a joke that I’m missing? FFH will be below CM DOM and above it WW with this, just like it would have been without this...
  9. Civil War 9th of the MCU huh. I’ve got it 4th but I guess the remaining 8 are pretty good too.
  10. There’s a good chance that it includes this sequence: Also features the scenes with Mr Delmar.
  11. He was saying if you just switch Rocket and Nebula. Thor and Nebula to 2013, Rhodes and Rocket to Power Stone (2014), Natasha and Clint to Soul Stone (2014). Would have went off without a hitch, acquiring all 6 stones without alerting any timeline’s Thanos of anything.
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