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  1. So I know there has been a lot of crazy news for Solo from all over the world the past few days, but I think the one that will stick with me years from now is Solo opening Friday ~= IW 5th Friday in Brazil. Like, WHAT!?

    When having 0 good markets is your positive spin
  3. Oh, so it’s medium crumbling. The most boring timeline. Meh number for DP2. Insanely good for IW though Edit: Misremebered last Fri numbers for IW, whoops. Still pretty solid.

    TFA 1131M RO 524M TLJ 712M Solo 200-250M? Obviously there are individual factors for each movie that make it a lot harder to extract a real trend, but I'd put IX under TLJ rather than over if I was forced to pick right now.
  5. Disney would be insane to expect only Ant-Man 1 numbers, which would legitimately be a big disappointment. It it ends up with like 660 it will be below my personal expectations but a totally acceptable number from a business standpoint.
  6. Is Solo flopping worldwide? Yes. Is it no longer looking to flop as hard as it could have? Also Yes. Is Star Wars as a larger franchise still very much alive and formidable. Yes again.
  7. Nope. The only ones to do better than +50% DOM are Thor 3 and Captain America 3 (maaaybe Avengers 3, looks tough atm). Ant-Man and the Wasp does have a reasonable shot to do the best sequel increase so far though I would say. Low absolute gross for the first entry, first entry was coming off meh AoU, but it had good reception and legs. Character gained exposure from Civil War, coming off of the super hot phase 3 and IW in particular, first female character in movie title, and will be important to Avengers 4 (not sure exactly to what extent they'll be communicating this though).
  8. If this hits 100M 3-day after all of this, it's going to be kind of a letdown in terms of box office surprises. Still, much better for something to salvage itself out of being a historic run than underperform down into being a historic run.
  9. Guys. We took less than 24 hours to talk ourselves into a position where 37M OD is seen as good for a Star Wars film. Expectation management is truly a beautiful thing.
  10. Hmm, seems to be crumbling upward. That’s new.
  11. Ridin' So Low: Solo under Attack of the Clones

    They’ve pretty much hatched at this point.

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