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  1. CM always had a high variance thanks to Endgame. If a 2+B grossing movie with Shazam was coming out in mid-May we could talk about 160 😛
  2. CM: ~8M weekend, 12.5M added Sun-Sun Next 7 days another 12.5M After that 7.5M (-40%) Reat of run 9M Total 428 Could go higher without too much trouble tbh. Shazam: ~16M weekend (cume 120) 7M weekdays (127) 7M weekend (134) Rest of run 21 for total 155 Lots of optimism there.
  3. No, IW only debuted with a pathetic 107th place. TFA debuted in 96th though. To match that AEG would need 281.3, and to beat it 281.6.
  4. Is this for real? https://www.scmp.com/news/china/society/article/3007011/chinese-cinemas-showing-avengers-endgame-ordered-cap-service If so, I assume it will hurt ATP but help attendance — good or bad net effect in ¥?
  5. As an enfranchised MCU fan I thought they looked incredible. Not enough context to predict critic reactions meaningfully.
  6. Thanos Legion

    Hong Kong Box Office

    First reaction: “Eh, not that big a difference.” Second reaction: Holy fuck, someone just told me the presales were an entire IW higher and I didn’t even blink. What has the world come to!?
  7. That “Now Hiring” text really fills me with confidence for their launch. After all, they’ll get an entire day of ironing out the kinks before American cinema’s first 90M+ single day comes along
  8. Endgame train is fully engaged, every day from here only increase
  9. BP for me. You always remember your first I think it will detroned in a week though.
  10. INTENSE Might beat last weekend, will need Mon for 400 though.
  11. I realized after tagging you that it was 3 hours earlier than I thought (usually on the West Coast, now on the East Coast). So yeah, makes sense nothing too firm atm. And I think Shazam 6.3 will come down on their next update, but we’ll see.
  12. The only thing that can resuscitate this thread is a 2.8+ CM estimate. Save me @Charlie Jatinder-Wan Kenobi, you’re my only hope.
  13. Can say pretty confidently at this point that it will keep those finishes WW and OS, but move up to 5 DOM (obviously Endgame will kick all of those down by 1 before CM’s run ends). I’d like to get a 4th viewing in this week, but might be tricky to line up a good theater opportunity.
  14. 17:00 Pacific 4/19/19 (End of Good Friday) 1 22.3% Avengers: Endgame 2 13.8% Shazam! 3 13.3% The Curse of La Llorona 4 8.2% Breakthrough 5 7.3% Captain Marvel Huge lead today, will obviously keep it next installment as tomorrow is nearly flat. CM snuck into 5th on the last update of the day, and this now reflects pretty closely the order of the likely weekend results.

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