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  1. 220+ is possible, but I’d say 218-220 looks more likely now. Was dropping roughly in line with AM1 and SMH first 5ish weeks, but has been worse recently.
  2. Hmm, #3 looks awfully close, but it has also been out for a while now.... In any case, way to go 2018, incredible year for movies.
  3. Okay, it looks like IW and TA are the top 2 adjusted pure weekends though, with about: TA & IW 216 JW 214 TFA 204 So if A4 can beat JW’s adjusted pure weekend gross, that will be a top 3 shutout. Also, I would like to register my sincere annoyance, once again, at how BOM does not separate out preview grosses or even provide a good interface to do so 😠
  4. Another nice trophy which will be in play next April/May is for top 3 adjusted pure Fridays, top 3 adjusted Saturdays, and top 3 adjusted Sundays to just have Avengers movies filling all 9 slots. Right now it is: Adjusted Sat — IW, Avengers, JW Adjusted Sun — IW, Avengers, TFA adjusted pure Friday — IW, Avengers, I forget the third and it’s a hassle to look up because all the sites have Thursday rolled in 😕 Edit: Okay, I double checked adjusted pure Fridays, and it looks like I was misremembering. I think IW set the unadjusted record there, but its 66.5 is behind TA (71.6) and JW (71.2) adjusted. So even if A4 took #1 there, it would just bump out IW. As an aside, this means that IW had about 6M of “slack” on Friday. Clearly the adjusted TA and JW numbers are beatable, since IW did it Sat and Sun, although the huge Thursday release of pressure that TA and JW lacked presumably hits Friday the hardest.
  5. Yeah, I was factoring about 10M for Japan, which is what the first one did. Maybe 270-280 OS-China to show more optimism with the remainder of the run, but still need China to come through for 4B.
  6. Maybe going to end at 270-275 OS-China then? ~220 DOM, looks like it might be essentially flat from the last one in China — I don’t think the MCU is hitting 4B this year anymore
  7. Getting an MCU movie with OS > AIW WW might take.... a while. But hey, you can probably nest CA:TFA WW inside AM&tW OS, so that's 4 levels at least. Okay, nesting things as tightly as possible right now you get TIH WW<Thor OS, Thor WW<CA:TWS OS, TWS WW<CA:CW OS, CA:CW WW<IW OS.
  8. Realize early Saturday that there's probably a weekend thread by now. Find it. 4 pages (at least 1 of which is probably just people commenting on the thread being small, tbh).
  9. Can it still beat Age of Ultron? Maybe with the rerelease for best popular picture
  10. Thanos Legion

    Thursday Numbers

    If Fallout follows RN from here, we could be headed for a photo finish between it and AM&TW in the high 210s.

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