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  1. A year with just 3 feels like a wasted opportunity once they have the infrastructure for 4 up and running. And with two years of 3 back to back, get at least one unpleasantly long wait. I understand if they like they need to average 3.7 or something, but I feel like 4.5 is better for them and most of the audience if they're comfortable doing it while maintaining quality. If they're doing 5+ shows in a year that might alter things though, we'll just have to see.
  2. I assume from the phrasing that the 24 hr was below TlJ.
  3. I will not stand for this zendaya erasure. 3 billion films for the progressive agenda, tyvm
  4. I just want to know if the 24 hour number was O/U TLJ. Oh, and some 24 hour trailer metrics would be neat too, for all they're worth.
  5. The premier data resource for us has been paywalled/gutted. Worst day for BO lovers since I joined the site, iirc.
  6. The best option in many cases will literally be to navigate the old site using the wayback machine, but that will get less and less useful as time goes by. What a nightmare.
  7. When Dec isn't free, gimme Feb+April+June+Aug+Nov If Dec is free that year, Dec+March+April+July+Oct works nicely.
  8. Holy shit -- over Aquaman Yeah this is 100% useless. Waiting for fandango.
  9. Yes, the Endgame spoiler thread went up mucho early in response to the video leak with Hulk snap, time travel confirmed, and act 3 action. Not sure how the staff feels about that maneuver in retrospect. From my personal perspective it successfully diverted a lot of spoiled people from the shitty 1% alluding to leaked stuff in the non-spoiler thread behavior, but the downsides were that the first dozen pages of the spoiler thread where basically people who had seen the leaks but not the movie doing trashy speculation and arguing about what other leaks were real or not. Also I think at least a couple people clicked on the spoiler thread by mistake thinking it was the non-spoiler one, because the spoiler thread usually wouldn't have been up at the time.
  10. Below is not even really hardly talking about it at all, but tagged to be extra super duper safe: having to dodge shit for 2 months instead of 5 days sounds awful. My condolences to ya'll, hopefully someone can give some good social media safety tips.
  11. I hope it beats a2k's forecast by a bit, don't think that week would get it over BvS or AQM
  12. For the moment I'm thinking: Next Level< Welcome to the Jungle<1B < TROS < TLJ So, OUT. Crazier clubs have happened though.
  13. We would have won if we were the ones 8 apples down 😎 Rather a waste of 24 coins with perfect retrospection, but no way to know at the time and it sure looks funny.
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