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  1. Now you guys have gotten me wanting to rewatch a bunch of WDAS stuff, lol.
  2. BW will open exactly where it is. Moving WW84 into where Shazam opened just to be “first,” vacating the slot that the first WW had, would be a truly terrible idea.
  3. Frozen Zootopia Moana Wreck-it Ralph Tangled BH6 Ralph 2 Bolt
  4. Exactly. I was sort of expecting last Saturday’s “highest admissions” status not to last, whereas I think today will in fact keep the title, but I don’t really have more justification than “just a hunch.”
  5. This club would still be in solid shape if FFH did like 530. What a year for Disney.
  6. Isn’t it a bit early for this “highest admissions day on the 4th weekend” business? We haven’t even seen the 5th weekend yet 😉
  7. Well folks, that’s the thread for ya. Turn up tomorrow to find out exactly how yawn, if you’ve got nothing better to do. Spoiler alert: I don’t.
  8. We’re only 5 days away from TS4 open now. Nobody would say 200 is quite impossible, but it would be a big (huge) surprise based on current data.
  9. We’ll see how it plays from here, but this is giving me vibes of unplanned — the people who wouldn’t like it just flat out didn’t go, and aren’t around to drag scores down. That 93% is out of just 299 reviews.
  10. Same time last week for folks to compare, it’s 1k higher. Decent odds for new highest admission day?
  11. Are you ahh... are you aware of... what site you’re on right now?
  12. I’ll pick back up whenever there’s something to pick back up with 😛
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