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  1. In the case Pete Docter drops the ball, we have this edit
  2. I don't see any Toho Godzilla movies coming to US theaters outside of limited run events like Shin Godzilla did, they'll definitely show up on streaming services though
  3. push me to the edge, my IPs are dead push me to the edge, my IPs are dead push me to the edge, my IPs are dead
  4. It is but I think Godzilla vs. Kong is going to have better OS appeal than Wonder Woman.
  5. I know, the March release date is probably locked in at this point and we'll most likely get a trailer this year's comic-con
  6. Changing directors with a mostly complete Godzilla vs. Kong is a bad idea but I'm not opposed to moving the film up to December 2020 since Avatar isn't there anymore. It could very well be WB's biggest movie in 2020.
  7. I'm not saying Disney is hurting Godzilla, that was sarcasm towards the OS performance. I'm saying Disney is the one driving for the future of blockbuster films to be run by superhero movies through pure oversaturation, do we really need 3 MCU movies per year?
  8. Real talk, I blame Disney most of all for how the future of genre movies is going. Audiences aren't ever going to be sick of this stuff so Disney is going to keep pumping more of it out. Fuck me, we're going to have at least 5 Marvel movies out every year between Disney-Fox and Sony.
  9. Curse you superhero genre over saturation, you've ruined the profitability of disaster movies OS outside of Jurassic Park!
  10. Should Zilla ever appear in a Monsterverse movie, that song should be blaring upon his entrance.
  11. Wouldn't it be funny if this ended up getting worse reviews and than 2014 but audiences ended up liking this one a whole lot more.
  12. I agree with moving this up to December 2020, this could really break out like Aquaman did.
  13. I love how expressive the monsters are in this movie, Ghidorah straight up gives the stink eye.
  14. We'll get something for Godzilla vs. Kong at SDCC this year.
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