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  1. I actually appreciate the restraint that Sony showed in this trailer. Leave at least some surprises for the audience.
  2. This movie could potentially be a big case of "Expectations getting out of proportion and leaving lots of people disappointed".
  3. Indeed. Villeneuve does such a great job of maintaining the lore but also being digestible for newcomers. He only tells us what's crucial the moment instead of overwhelming the viewer with backstory. On a side node, this movie made $1.23M on Thursday ($87M DOM). I think it has enough has in the tank to cross $100M.
  4. This is where my predictions are at the moment. Low: $220-250M DOM. $500-600M WW Mid: $250-300M DOM. $600-700M WW High: $300-350M. DOM. $700-800M WW
  5. Lightyear isn't outgrossing Toy Story 3 OR 4 domestically. I'm a huge Pixar fan and even I think $400 million for this is nuts.
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