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  1. Just saw the viral tweet comparing the shot-for-shot rip-off of you-know-who's death. I gotta say, the mockery is deserved. That's really the best they could do?
  2. Was at a party last night and met someone who was part of the team who did the character animations. Apparently they were all surprised when Favreau told them he wanted it to look like a documentary and just getting the animals to move their mouths to speak without look completely fake was a monumental task. Their work actually finished over a year ago after which another team spent the rest of post-production rendering backgrounds.
  3. Imma go out on limb and suggest if you thought Aladdin was awesome this will also be good enough for you.
  4. 1) It's 2019: great CGI is taken as read. 2) There's nothing impressive about copying a story right down to shot compositions.
  5. The venn diagram of people who get really angry and the people who instantly accuse others of being cry-babies is a perfect circle. ETA: Don't worry mods, I'll leave it there.
  6. Watched a clip of this for the first time just now. I know the uncanny valley, emotion-less faces have been talked about to death already but I had no idea it was that bad. And I'm not even sure why they did that, because the animals don't move like real ones, so it's just realistic faces on unrealistic bodies.
  7. No, that was a so-bad-it's-good remake. The original is one of the most influential horror films ever.
  8. It's undoubtedly more metaphorical than literal. Some people will be happy to meet the movie halfway on those terms and some won't - both are reasonable reactions.
  9. I strongly disagree with horror movies needing to have a ray of hope, but with regards to Midsommar
  10. I have a weakness for whodunnits but the trailer felt like it was trying a bit too hard. We'll see.
  11. They didn't have giant duds 4 years beforehand to contend with. After Ghostbusters 2016, why would you be excited for this? Because it (might) star kids?
  12. You're not using that word correctly, just FYI. It doesn't simply mean 'a lot'.
  13. *Reactive (Forgive me, the misuse of the word 'reactionary' is an irrational peeve I have, and am currently seeking therapy to get over.)
  14. I'm not going to read the script but I'm mildly relieved it's taken the mean-spirited approach. The worst thing it could have done was to have its cake and eat it by making the Joker some kind of hero we root for (unless it does? In which case, that's bad).
  15. Dude, no-one would give a shit about Dr Sleep were it not for the endurance of Kubrick film. It'd be a TV movie. (Much like King's own Shining movie. )
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