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  1. [Shrugs] I'm only vaguely following this film and genuinely had no idea. Not my fault the marketing's being coy about it, and I'm sure it'll come as a surprise to a lot of viewers too.
  2. Don't worry, Futurist knows this. Calling out imaginary edgelords is just a bizarre obsession he's had since Logan.
  3. Don't be that guy. It is absolutely fine to think this isn't a deep movie.
  4. Was the leaked script much different to the final product? I quite liked the movie but I wouldn't say that's because of its writing.
  5. Nah - it's a totally reasonable, albeit arguable, take. A 55m, 2 hour action-free misery-fest getting a billion would be more shocking than anything else that's happened this year so far. (Honestly not trying to start a flame-war here, I have zero riding on the Maverl vs DC nonsense. But at this point it's not enough to say 'well duh, it's the Joker'.)
  6. Maybe this movie will be so badly received it'll be a blessing in disguise: RDJ will realise he should take the Christian Bale route and not give a shit about making money he doesn't need and pick, y'know, half-interesting projects.
  7. Joker getting to a billion would be the most impressive BO story of the year. Which seems doubly insane given Endgame's total, but
  8. 6:30pm Picturehouse Central totally sold out last night, and going by the chaos in the lobby I assume the subsequent showings were very busy. If you know that cinema you'll know that's a very big screen.
  9. The film isn't clever by any stretch of the imagination, but it's hard to deny it's a bit of a thrill to be watching something that you can't quite believe exists. Yeah, there have been R-rated CBMs, but this has neither the broad comedy of Deadpool nor the gritty heroism of Logan. It's two hours of pitiful, hopeless misery. You feel dirty after watching it. And for better or worse the MCU will never, ever make something like it. But yes, beyond the dreamy style, it can be rather quite bone-headed. I think the incel stuff has been exaggerated - if anything this is a liberal-leaning movie that pounds you over the head with all the systemic failures that impact the individual. If Arthur is sympathetic it's only because things bigger than him are worse. Credit to Phillips, they don't make him an anti-hero, as I feared when the project was announced. Society may have created this horrible person, but he is still a horrible person. I did enjoy the talk-show scene. You know something horrific's going to happen and the film never lets you off that queasy hook. Seeing him become the Joker after 100 minutes of foreplay struck the right note. Sitting in his full make-up, on the verge of exploding, he is genuinely menacing. The dancing and the camper voice were also great, they paid homage to their comic book roots in the right way. I'd say I wanted more of that, but then the effect would be lost. Perhaps the mere glimpse was enough. I don't know if I'll ever have the energy to watch the movie again. But I enjoyed how much it made me want to have a shower. And a cigarette.
  10. "Aims to repeat at #1 this weekend" Yeah, no shit Gitesh.
  11. "£12.6m = $15.5m" God, the pound really has taken a battering in the last few years. Anyway, seeing this at a Picturehouse on Friday. Looks like they've just added another showing today to accommodate unexpectedly high demand.
  12. Feeling pretty good about entering that >300m club.
  13. Ouch at that budget. Expensive original movies sure don't make it easy on themselves.
  14. Lucas should gracefully shut up. By the time of the prequels his idea of 'new' was shoving as much CGI as possible into every frame. The CEO above is correct anyway. SW fans don't want 'new'. They never have.
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