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  1. Thanks for all your good work Charlie. In 8 days we have a long fall holiday break almost nationwide for 9 days straight days incl 2 weekends. Ticket sales will increase big time. Some movies will double. Its almost like Japans Golden week. Looks out for those numbers
  2. Danish drop should also be low after a record weekend
  3. Ehhh. It was okay i guess. Nothing to go down in history with
  4. its was insane. To compare its like a 302 mill US OW 61 mill UK OW Thats how much we love James Bond here
  5. i really agree with you all the way and i love the Simpsons compare. MANY Bond fans will hate this movie and MANY will surely love it. But it wont`t go down in history as one of the good ones. This will not age well IMO
  6. My wife and son had`ent seen Spectre. They missed out on a lot
  7. Totally agree with almost everything. They really fucked up the Craig era big time with this one. Horrible villan(s) and where is all the cool action that comes with such a long expensive movie?? As a huge JB fan this really frustrates me. Did i really wait this long for this???
  8. Like @wildphantom says YOU ARE NOT READY!!!! But seriously. I hated it. And im the type that likes almost everything. It was to long and draaaaaged sometimes. I can`t say anymore without spoiling but i have a feeling that many Bond fans will hate this and as many will love it to death. There are so many wrong things with this movie IMO.. Stay away from spoilers Im very very disapointed 3,5/10 for me
  9. Thanks Charlie. I don`t expect NTTD hitting Top 5 though but it can`t be ruled out just yet.. That Frozen number though…….
  10. Im not quite sure. Maybe 250-300k adm Here its not all about OWs. Its all about the legs. Were not Japan but still up there Nope. There are zero Covid restrictions left i Denmark. 75% of population are full vaxx and its not a problem for us anymore. A few elderly still die but we dont have a pandemic anymore
  11. It will explode in the couple of days for sure. Projections looks possible yes
  12. starting tuesday i think Presales here are like i never seen before. Its crazy
  13. Presales in Denmark are INSANE. It just started. I just spend 1,5 hour online waiting for OD tickets. I think Bond 25 will sell more tickets today in presales than Dune 4,5 OW total. Last time it was this crazy was for Potter 8. Not even Endgame was this rushed
  14. Still. Must be only 50k tickets. Sounds frontloaded from what i saw on wed/thu presales
  15. I dont get that Denmark number. Sounds to low. Is it really 1.1 mill 4,5 day?
  16. As an example. If you`re a 18 year old student and help at a restaurant or a movie theater you get 22-25$ pr hour 12,5% on top of that for when you want to take a day of or take a vacation 5-10% pension When you`re sick you get full salery So as a imployer you pay around 30$ in total for a person in student jobs. Now you all know why its so expensive here
  17. Here in Denmark we get HBO Max in a month. But they won`t release day and date with theaters like they do in the US for new movies. ”Its an american thing” they said in the press release
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