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4.15 "The Equation is Complete"


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  1. 1. Who will win?

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    • Acsc1312 (Legend)
    • CEDAR (Legend)
    • Chasmmi
    • Jim Shorts

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Welcome, welcome. To the Final Five games for Season 4. We are almost complete with our season, which is set now to be the longest of the four Box Office Alliance seasons. There will be only five players in this episode. And these games will be the hardest, most trying, and most exciting of the season. You will find many changes in these episodes, and all the conflicts, all the competitions, all the friends and enemies that have been made...will count for nothing in the turmoil that is about to be unleashed. 


Welcome to hell.


4.15 "The Equation is Complete"


Deadline: Friday, July 26 at 8:00 P.M. Eastern (7:00 P.M. Central)


1. X-Men Origins: Wolverine made 34.43 million dollars on its opening day on May 1, 2009. Follow these instructions carefully to provide your answer: Predict the difference in X-Men Origins: Wolverine and Wolverine (2013)'s opening day grosses as a percent of Wolverine (2013)'s opening day gross. (e.g. If the difference between their grosses is 1.5 million and Wolverine makes 35.93 million, then find the percent that 1.5 million is of 35.93 million)


2. Through Wednesday, The Conjuring has made 57.51 million, which is 95.06% of Paranormal Activity 3's gross through its first six days of release, according to Box Office Mojo. Predict the difference between The Conjuring's first ten days (that is, its total through Sunday) as a percent of Paranormal Activty 3's first ten day gross (80.92 million) and its percent of PA3's gross as of Wednesday (95.06%). (Confusing, perhaps, but here's clarification through example: If Conjuring makes 80.92 million in its first ten days, then it is at 100% of PA3's 10-day gross. So take 100 and subtract the 95.06% from its first 6 days as a percent of PA3's gross, and your answer would be 4.94%)


3. Predict Blue Jasmine's opening weekend per theater average


4. Predict The Way, Way Back's opening weekend gross


5. Predict the combined PERCENT DROPS of Turbo, Red 2, and RIPD

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The Final Five Games Season 4


There are only five contestants left...Season 4's Final Five Champions. One will be crowned the highest champion, but all five are champions. It has been yet again another trying season, and now we are at the epitome of Box Office Alliance's greatness. The Final Five games are always diverse, competitive, and exciting, and this season...there will be no letting up. We are joined by only two Legends. This is the first season ever where the majority of those in the Final Five are rookie players. The two Legends, however, are high caliber...the two most prominent players of the series, the two "Shadowkillers."


CEDAR won Season 2. Acsc has made it to two finales. Both are present in more episodes than any other star or recurring character of Box Office Alliance. Either one of them can take the top spot. For CEDAR, that would mark his second win. For Acsc, it would be his first, and it would be a long awaited win, after coming so close two seasons in a row. Both of these Legends lucked out last season, when fate intervened, but now they're back on their a-game and ready to enter the Finale. If the duo make it there again, they will compete against each other for the second time. The first face-off they had was legendary, marking the Season 2 Finale, where CEDAR wiped the floor with Acsc. But Acsc has something CEDAR doesn't have. And it shall be revealed.


4815162342. Numbers. A legend of his own. The strongest new player to emerge this season. Declared an early frontrunner, Numbers has been consistently the most powerful player of the season, trumping even CEDAR and Acsc in skill. While a member of "The Equation Sensation", he bested Jim (a fellow rookie) and Goffe, a Legend of incredible skill. Numbers was "The Equation"'s most powerful weapon, and Goffe knew it. That's why his shield was so important, to help keep his alliance with Numbers and to keep Numbers, the most powerful weapon, locked away from those who would try to manipulate him. Then again, the most powerful player to grace "The Earth Shakers"...more powerful even than the Legend who whipped him there: DoctorWho. Doc wouldn't dare face Numbers in a personal Challenge, and he could never put a firm hold on Numbers. Because Numbers was always loyal to Jim above all others. Even CEDAR failed to recognize Numbers' loyalty to his former partner. As a "Shadowkiller", Numbers proved more competent and powerful than both the Legends CEDAR and Riczhang, each of whom had won a prior season. Numbers is the top dog of the season, no doubt, and he is the formidable frontrunner once again. Here's where things may get mucked up. His biggest threat: CEDAR. Now that they're enemies again, CEDAR will do anything to destroy Numbers. And it will be a Challenge...a Challenge indeed.


Chasmmi  - the underdog. No one would have expected Chasmmi would oust a Legend. But he did. Chasmmi finally removed DoctorWho from the equation. Chasmmi picked out a piece of the puzzle, one that had been irking "The Shadowkillers" for far too long. On top of that, he outlived his own Legend ally Alfred. As a "Destroyer", Chasmmi has proven to be the longest lasting, the most enduring of all. Compared to the other Final Five Champions, he is weakest in skill, but he is well placed as the lowest of threats, which will keep him out of both CEDAR's and Jim's separate vengeance paths. If it comes to one-on-one combat, he likely won't prevail against CEDAR...but then again, he will put up a fight. His skill in the Challenge is mighty, and his endurance proves he is a strong and worthy warrior.


Jim Shorts. Nothing needs to be said that hasn't been mentioned. Jim thinks he will take on CEDAR and defeat the Legend. Jim expects it will be a mighty big task (oh, it will be), but he envisions CEDAR falling victim just as Alfred and DoctorWho had. But there's a difference. Jim never had to face Alfred or Doc in direct combat. He set them up against others who overtook them. With CEDAR, as with Acsc, it will be different. Jim will have to face them himself...and while a strong and highly skilled predictor, he hasn't quite matched CEDAR just yet. However, he has his luck, and that may definitely carry him here. He is the Avenger, and that will come in handy when it is time to strike against CEDAR.


...and that moment is now. This week, Jim Shorts versus CEDAR. It will happen.

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Btw, renting a villa in Tuscany is over fucking rated. 100 year old house without central air! Fuck that. I'd rather take a crack motel with a working AC right now over this shit. Imagine Vegas temps (99-105 degrees) with no sun and barely a breeze. Oh and the "wi-fi" only has a range of 15 ft and cannot penetrate the brick walls. Lovely.

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4.15 "The Equation is Complete" (intro)


Jim Shorts versus CEDAR. This is a match that has been weeks in the making. Jim Shorts is the Avenger, plotting to get a chance at CEDAR. He hopes to remove CEDAR from the game in a one-on-one challenge. CEDAR is the most dominant player left standing, a Legend who has done more damage than all the others combined this season. Jim has felt CEDAR's wrath slightly, and he does not like the power CEDAR has displayed this season. His treatment of Goffe and his thievery of Numbers has made Jim disgruntled, and now he's going to fight back.


Numbers versus Acsc1312. CEDAR has a battle of his own, and it's going to be quite a challenge. But Jim has a partner again in Numbers, and "The Equation Sensation" is complete and whole once more, albeit without Goffe and Schumacher. But Numbers and Jim were always the two most loyal members of the team, and if Jim is going to go into a fight, Numbers is going in after him. Numbers may have been partnered to CEDAR for a few weeks, but that won't stop him from standing up for his most loyal of all partners. Nor does it cast aside Numbers' feelings for CEDAR, who wiped his point slate clear and tried to have him eliminated via the Elimination Chip. But CEDAR has a protector of his own, both intentionally and unintentionally. Acsc1312 was the original "Shadowkiller" and CEDAR's truest, most loyal and devoted partner. A legendary figure, Acsc possesses traits few can overcome. And this week, he squares off against Numbers. This is an intentional move as Acsc himself has been a "Shadowkiller"...yet it is also uninentional for Acsc is not allied to CEDAR at the moment (unless a covert alliance exists). Instead, Acsc will work for CEDAR for the time being until the duo can overcome "The Equation Sensation."


And Chasmmi. Chasmmi versus...well that fun little bit shall be revealed. Perhaps the greatest match of all, especially as it's the most unexpected...and the most unpredictable. 


Here's a run down of how things will go this week. 


Each of the members of "Equation Sensation" will square off against their Shadowkiller nemesis. These are not Challenges, but they will lead to a Challenge. The winner of each battle will send the loser to a Challenge. If both the "Shadowkillers" end up in the Challenge, then they will fight each other to the death. Likewise, if both of "Equation Sensation" lose, then Jim and Numbers will fight each other to the death. 


...but Chasmmi has a different fate. Win or lose, live or die, his is not the same fate set for each of the four other members. Does this exempt him from the Challenge? Absolutely not. 


Stay tuned for more.

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You are worse than me, but sadly enough, you're not in the game right now. So...

I don't care. I am just a man who never lived up to his potential. You don't want to be on the wrong end of me if I ever do.


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I like this, season 5 hasn't even started yet and feuds are being born that should keep me out of the spotlight just a little longer :)


You won't be out of the spotlight. Not this season, nor the next season. The people who you eliminated will remember you. FOREVER.

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Ugggggggggh why did I have to get numbers? :blink:


Because Creator loves to be tricky?


This week's kind of a crapshoot with Wolverine's Friday number plummeting, Blue Jasmine making bank, and RIPD not totally incinerating.

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