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4.15 "The Equation is Complete"


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  1. 1. Who will win?

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Btw I absolutely love all the little story details you add to your weekly write-ups.

Riczhang's own token glows faintly around his neck. CEDAR looks at it, considering, and then does an unthinkable action. He covers Riczhang, leaving him with his token, and walks off into the sunset.

GOLD! :lol:

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Now the moment we've all been waiting for.


4.15 "The Equation is Complete" (cont)


Where was Chasmmi when Jim Shorts fell short? Where was he when Acsc bit off more than he could chew in fighting Numbers? Where was he when CEDAR and Numbers advanced on to the next round...or did they? 


Chasmmi wasn't hiding. He thought he would avoid conflict by being the "humble one" that no one deems a threat. Jim was too consumed with the two glorified Legend Shadowkillers. CEDAR focuses on those he sees as the biggest threats, which puts Chasmmi last to him. Acsc seeks to redeem himself after an early humiliation this season. And Numbers is crafty, perhaps the craftiest of all. Numbers above all the others knows that Chasmmi is probably the biggest threat because Chasmmi is the weakest player left standing...which oddly enough gives him the upper hand. Because while the top dogs battle it out, Chasmmi will be skimming by untouched. Numbers would have Jim target Chasmmi instead of CEDAR this week. Chasmmi would've been an easier target, and with him out of the picture, hitting "The Shadowkillers" would've been easier as the two "Equation Sensation" members would be more prepared and wouldn't have to worry about an underdog sneaking up behind them for the kill. But Jim does not often listen to the reason that Numbers would provide. And so Chasmmi left this battle unscathed.


But unfortunately, he stumbled into a viper's pit. A viper's pit that will soon consume all of those left standing. This Final Five competition features a super guest. It isn't an outsider like last season; it isn't the host. It isn't each other, but in a sense, it is. It's the threat we've been hyping all season long. Chasmmi got to it first because the others were consumed with fighting each other. Chasmmi, however, has no enemy of his own...and so he is ahead of the game.


...but he's about to be so far behind. Chasmmi walked in to this unprepared. The others will know what awaits now that they see what Chasmmi is going up against.


It has been the season of the Legends. Can anyone keep a running count of the Legends? Well, let's go over that real quick.


1. Totem - died off in the premiere episode for a no show. Totem possessed the Team Creation Power Chip, used by Riczhang in week 3.


2. Baumer - withdrew three weeks in to time constraints. Possessed a Resurrection Power Chip that Riczhang used in week 12 to resurrect partner Acsc1312.


3. Goffe - eliminated just before the start of the Top Ten games. Possessed a two-parter chip: A Shield Chip that protected his team and also absorbed the points of those who died.


4. Alfred - eliminated after being sent to The Challenge by Jim Shorts. Possessed a Sacrifice Chip, which allowed him to give up his points to his partners while withdrawing from the game for a time. The chip was stolen by DoctorWho in week 9.


5. DoctorWho - eliminated after being sent to The Challenge by Jim Shorts. Possessed a Team Shift Chip which allowed him to swap the players of two teams, allowing him to acquire Numbers. Also stole Alfred's power chip and used it to withdraw from the game for four weeks.


6. Riczhang - withdrew from the game after being sent to The Challenge by Jim Shorts. Possessed an Elimination Chip that was taken from him by partner CEDAR. Also acquired Baumer's Resurrection Chip after Baumer, Riczhang's original partner, withdrew from the game.


And those are only the Legends who have died off or been eliminated. Two other Legends are still around, but they won't be involved in this. The Shadowkillers are the strongest Legends of all, so its fitting that Acsc and CEDAR will be the Legends who get to compete against these dead Legends.


...these Legends are not through. We've witnessed too much fun from them to put an end to them so soon, before the finale of the season. They all have one final play. And Chasmmi is their first opponent, perhaps their first victim. 


Introducing the Super Legend: DoctorAlfbaumtotgoffezhang...no, that's not German. Could you imagine if all six of these deceased Legends were merged together into one almighty Legend of unimaginable strength. Well, now they are. Although they've all been eliminated or withdrew from the game, each of these six former Legends lives on in the form of their cashed Legend Power Chips. Now, all six of them and their chips are kept alive by an essence, a memory of their being. And those "fragments" blend together to form this new super Legend.


You are probably all wondering how this works. Well, let the good Doczhang enlighten you. 


Stay tuned!

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Final Five: Part 1

"4.15" The Equation is Complete"


This question proves dire for all. Predict "The Way, Way Back's" opening weekend gross. Well, silly players...only a few of you saw what could be seen. "The Way, Way Back" debuted two weeks ago. THAT was its opening weekend gross...of $550,000! And almost everyone predicted this weekend's gross instead. It was a give me! You all should have scored 100% here.




Wow! I can't believe you asked such a question.

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4.15 "The Equation is Complete" (cont)


Chasmmi stands up against the Super Legend. But how does this work, if each of the Legends that compose this Super Legend are eliminated already? Well, this will all come in phases. This week, the Super Legend enacts Phase 1.


Phase 1


In this phase, the Super Legend's chip allows him to combine or average scores from any and all of the Legends that compose it. Those scores come from the weekend games that all six of these Legends make up. As these Legends are among the strongest (in fact are the strongest) of all players in the game, that should make Chasmmi tremble in his boots...as these are high scoring players. And yet, they all have their flaws, and that will hurt the Super Legend in a way.


The scores are chosen at random. The Super Legend is more of an entity than an actual being, so it does not answer the weekend questions...this week, anyways. In Phase 1, it takes past scores to fill in for the weekend questions. There are five questions and six Legends, so the Super Legend has to mix and match from those six Legends. 


You shall learn more as this phase is revealed. And here it is.


Question 1: Chasmmi did not do so hot here. He scored remarkably...low, with a score of 13.95%. The Super Legend has an 83.3% chance of beating that. Those odds are highly in his favor, so did he beat it. 

The Super Legend sorted at random and Alfred's seasonal average comes up as the score for Question 1. Alfred's seasonal average is 81.94%, way above Chasmmi's 13.95% score on this question. The Super Legend is in the lead.


Question 2: Chasmmi had a great come around. Here, he posted a solid score of 96.68%. None of the Legends averages add up to this amount, so it's unlikely the Super Legend could top Chasmmi here. Which score did the Super Legend choose to use?

It was Baumer's seasonal average, which came out to 67.56% (Baumer only played two games). This is a farcry from Chasmmi's near perfect score. However, the Super Legend is still in the lead quite comfortably.


Question 3: Chasmmi shook a bit but held on nicely at least with a somewhat decent 75.96% score. The Super Legend has a good chance at beating that, but then again, as Baumer's score shows, he can falter. Which score did the Super Legend choose this time?

It was Goffe's score, which came out at 83.56% for a seasonal average. Goffe's score ensures that the Super Legend wins this question and still maintains his lead.


Question 4: This question proved dire for the other competitors. Did Chasmmi make the same mistake they made, or did he go down Numbers' path? Well, how does a score of 100% sound? Pretty nice, right? Naturally, the Super Legend cannot beat that score on this question. But it would try.

The Super Legend sorts at random, and DoctorWho's scores are pulled up for consideration on this question. Doc was absent for a good portion of the season, so his average is a bit lower than it should be, coming out at 73.62%. The Super Legend suffers a heavy loss here, and this weakness shows that maybe Chasmmi has a chance at winning, even if he's still falling somewhat short.


Question 5: Everything is riding on this one question. Chasmmi is behind so far, but a good score here and a bad average for the Super Legend could ensure his victory, which would be a tremendous accomplishment for a rookie player against six Legends. But the Super Legend still has two scores...one good, one bad. Chasmmi scored a remarkable 91.77% here. How did the Super Legend do?

The Super Legend averaged Riczhang's score for 76.93% on this question.


This ended up much closer than it seemed it would. Chasmmi made a big come back and that could help him fend off the Super Legend. If he does so, it would prove that Phase 1 is not so good as it seems. But there are other phases and the Super Legend is not through yet. Did Chasmmi, a rookie and underdog, defeat the Super Legend in its first phase? Let's take a look at their averages.


Chasmmi: 75.67% (a high score for this week, second only to Numbers)


Super Legend: combines the scores of Alfred, Baumer, DoctorWho, Goffe, and Riczhang, for an average of...76.72%.




This was close. Chasmmi nearly defeated the Super Legend, perhaps showing he, like all the Legends that compose him, is not as mighty as appears. This season showed us that despite their status and rank, the Legends were not consistently the strongest players and, in fact, many of the new players proved more powerful at times. But, in the end, Chasmmi did lose to the Super Legend, if barely, and so fate intervenes.

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