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4.15 "The Equation is Complete"


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  1. 1. Who will win?

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    • Acsc1312 (Legend)
    • CEDAR (Legend)
    • Chasmmi
    • Jim Shorts

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I like this, season 5 hasn't even started yet and feuds are being born that should keep me out of the spotlight just a little longer :)

You shouldn't have said it, dear. I absolutely hate people who can't stay out of trouble. #rubshands

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Because Creator loves to be tricky?

This week's kind of a crapshoot with Wolverine's Friday number plummeting, Blue Jasmine making bank, and RIPD not totally incinerating.

Which all bode very bad for me

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8 votes and CEDAR has none of them so far. He must be brimming with anger.

I voted for acsc, but that was before I realized we're pitted against one another. Oops.

I could have voted for myself like some others did but I would rather see 0 votes. It will make my victory that much sweeter. :)

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Season 4 started out rough because it occurred during a very busy time in my life. For that reason, I'm skeptical about when to start Season 5...as Season 4 will wrap up within the next 2 weeks, and a week after that I move into college and start the busiest and most exciting yet different phase of my life. Any delays in Season 5 will be due to that.


...but I can promise that Season 5 will be great regardless. One for the records, perhaps the one to break all records. I'm going to see if we can get 40 players...so I can eliminate 15 in one game. Oh yes, that serious.  :lol:

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I could have voted for myself like some others did but I would rather see 0 votes. It will make my victory that much sweeter. :)

I would have voted for you.


...except I already know who's going to win, and that's why I voted for that person instead.  ^_^

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All I'm interested in is which mad bugger voted for me


Yea... That one is sure one crazy ass mother fucker. I wonder who it might be.


It's not like I didn't put my bet on you in your last 2 challenges.

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Final Five: Part 1

"4.15" The Equation is Complete"


Jim's token dies down, the light from it fades. There's a crack running down the middle of it. The amount of energy it cost him to summon Numbers out of CEDAR's grasp is astounding. Had he not done so, it would have been Numbers rather than Riczhang who entered last week's Challenge. Jim sets the cracked token aside and embraces his partner in a brotherly and familiar hug. The duo have longed to be back together on "The Equation Sensation." Since Goffe's demise, it has not been the same. And Jim has waited long to be back with his original partner.


Another token is tossed to the ground. Shattered from its use, it remains ineffective now. The damage it caused was severe. CEDAR stands looking at the crumbled form of Riczhang, and he knows that in part, he is at fault. He sent Riczhang in his stead into the Challenge, and Riczhang refused to accept those terms. Riczhang's own token glows faintly around his neck. CEDAR looks at it, considering, and then does an unthinkable action. He covers Riczhang, leaving him with his token, and walks off into the sunset.


Acsc1312 stands alone, not certain what his options are now. He was eliminated by DoctorWho, and now Doc has been eliminated. "The Gold Seekers"-turned "Lords" are no more, and Acsc has the ability and desire to be a "Shadowkiller." But at this point in the game, an alliance with CEDAR on "The Shadowkillers" would prove futile. The pair would be facing each other in a Challenge or in the finale all too soon...and last time the two went in, CEDAR crushed Acsc. Acsc does not want to face CEDAR again. And yet, he may have to. If the two original "Shadowkillers" overpower the two original "Equation Sensation" members, then they'll be next in line for competing against each other. Acsc takes a deep breath. This is a trying moment. Fate is a fickle foe, and the foes at the table are even greater.


CEDAR approaches two doors, sealed tight. Shut. They've been there for weeks. CEDAR eyes them and then he pushes against them, thrusting them open. The light blinds him momentarily, but he lowers his hands from his eyes and sees two people waiting for him. Jim and Numbers. A moment of truce? A pact to be made? Can all that has been wrong be righted in this moment? Jim looks hopeful, as though thinking CEDAR is giving himself up to them. Numbers is a bit more skeptical, and more considering. He knows CEDAR on a more personal level. He did serve with CEDAR for a time, and he knows that CEDAR is not to be underestimated. But Jim pushes for it, wants to see CEDAR fall. He isn't quite so humble...but neither is CEDAR. Both are rivals, and this is not a moment of truce. Jim prepares the first blow, eager to strike a wounded CEDAR...wounded by the loss of Riczhang, by the use of his own token, by the diminishment of his former Legend power chips. CEDAR has put out so much energy, power, and passion this season, that now he is weaker because of it...but also stronger, in a contradictory sense of the term. Jim knows and feels this, and he strikes, not worrying as Numbers seeks to hold him back.


Chasmmi watches Acsc slink away. Despite having just lost his new partner, Acsc doesn't seem perturbed. There was certainly no attachment to DoctorWho, not after what he did to Acsc earlier in the season. Chasmmi is safe therefore from Acsc's wrath, and he knows it. Acsc has been scorned enough already. Chasmmi watches as he wanders off, as though something, or someone, is tugging him some place distant. 


...Jim Shorts has provoked the beast. CEDAR is ready, as prepared as he can ever be. And yet, Jim believes he is poised as well. He has seen enough, fought enough, and now he squares off against his foe. Numbers must intervene now. This could end Jim, crush him. And Numbers will not stand to see his partner destroyed. So he intervenes...and someone else steps in. Acsc1312. The other "Shadowkiller." He steps up to prevent Numbers from also attacking CEDAR. In a single moment, two Challenges are set. 


And here they begin.


Question 1: Jim attempts to undermine CEDAR. He goes for an early kill, hoping to outscore CEDAR early on, enough to damage CEDAR's average and make it a challenge for him to match up. But Jim screws up. CEDAR knocks him on his butt as Jim scores only 46.15% on this question. CEDAR outmaneuvers him, scoring 55.51%. He has the early upper hand, and he knows it. But CEDAR has fought many strong foes before and knows that an early lead is no guarantee of a victory.


Acsc and Numbers come out equally balanced. Numbers is only here to ensure Jim is protected. Acsc is here to see that CEDAR is not totally blindsided by two great warriors. So they do their dance as well, a battle of wills. Numbers outperforms Jim with a score of 48.25%, but had he gone up against CEDAR, he would have been wounded. Against Acsc, however, could he have fared better? Well, it was better, but still a loss, as Acsc comes out on top in this battle with a score of 48.76%.


The two Shadowkillers have an early lead.


Question 2: But it isn't over yet. Jim will not allow himself to lose this easily. He has to see CEDAR wiped clean. This is the battle he has waited for, for so, so long. CEDAR steps up to the plate and scores 80.07% on this question. A none-too-shabby score. Jim can beat it for sure.


Numbers blows Acsc to the ground. He comes out with a score of 92.74%, taking an upper hand in this battle. Acsc gets knocked down, having scored only 68.43% here.


But the eyes are focused more on Jim. Did he persevere over CEDAR, or will CEDAR consolidate his lead. Jim....did paltry. Only 59.91% here. CEDAR has a clear win so far, and it's going to take a lot for Jim to come back around.


Question 3: Call it quits. Numbers encourages Jim to at this point. CEDAR has just opened a powerful can of whoop ass. Jim has a lot of recovery to make. This is not going to be easy. Perhaps if Jim would step aside, Numbers could attack CEDAR instead, and Jim could take on Acsc. Those matches seem a little more fair, as both Jim and Acsc are losing their fights, while Numbers and CEDAR are evenly matched so far.


...but CEDAR is not letting up. He smacks down on Jim with a score of 71.84%. Jim doesn't finish too far behind, with 71.38%, but it's still a losing streak that he can't overcome. If he can't match or better CEDAR in the next question, he may have to rely on Numbers to carry him. 


Only, Numbers has faltered. 64.02%. A terrible blow for Numbers. It may be a challenge to recover, and Acsc has potential to step back up to the plate here. ...but no, Acsc stumbles, and falls. 33.99%. Acsc did a good job at keeping Numbers away from CEDAR, where the combined struggle against two members of Equation Sensation could have been too real for him, but now Acsc looks finished for sure.


Question 4: The victors are looking obvious. And yet, what if both "Equation Sensation" members step down and swap out. Numbers sees Jim is losing horribly against CEDAR. And Acsc has proven not to be a match for Numbers. But if Numbers goes up against CEDAR, he may just win. Maybe. And Jim could beat Acsc at this point.


This question proves dire for all. Predict "The Way, Way Back's" opening weekend gross. Well, silly players...only a few of you saw what could be seen. "The Way, Way Back" debuted two weeks ago. THAT was its opening weekend gross...of $550,000! And almost everyone predicted this weekend's gross instead. It was a give me! You all should have scored 100% here.


Only...Numbers did score 100%. Every other competitor in this fight scored 0%. Numbers is the clear winner of his battle. Acsc cannot recover now. And so...Acsc goes to the Challenge. Numbers turns to Jim, asking him to step down. CEDAR still has the upper hand in that battle. But Jim, too proud to let up, refuses to give up this fight and let Numbers step in. He tells Numbers he has won his fight, and he will go on, with or without Jim. And if Jim goes into The Challenge...he will see that Acsc loses. CEDAR will still be around to die next week.


...and it isn't over yet.


Question 5: Only Jim and CEDAR stand around. Numbers steps back, letting Jim fulfill his wish to be the one to oust CEDAR. Acsc has fallen. CEDAR is enraged. He couldn't let it get this close. No. Not a Legend. Not him. Jim would die today. 


CEDAR scores 90.66%. There seems no possible recovery for Jim. It would take a score over 100% to outperform CEDAR's average in this Challenge. And Jim only managed to score 91.18% on this question. Clearly, CEDAR wins...and Jim Shorts is knocked down, into the Challenge with Acsc1312.


...so Numbers and CEDAR won their fights. It is over. Jim could not live up to the challenge against CEDAR. Numbers regrets the choice that Jim made. But what is done is done, and it cannot be undone.



Acsc1312: 47.44%

CEDAR: 59.61%

Jim Shorts: 53.72%

Numbers: 79.68%

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