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Season 5 Launch Date

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You've all been waiting for it. I'm sure some of you have been eager to hear the news on Season 5. I've been very quiet about it, and, in fact, this is my first return to the forums in a month. It's been a decent hiatus since the end of Season 4, when Numbers epically defeated CEDAR in the finale. There's some build up anticipation for Season 5. And as the interest mounts, I'm more excited than ever to progress on to the next engaging season of Box Office Alliance.


So the first step will be to announce the launch date for Season 5. This will occur in three phases.


Phase 1 (Recruitment Phase)

Monday, September 16 to Monday, September 23:

-I am charging you all to find people who will be interested in playing. This is applicable to all veterans of former seasons.

-If you can find someone who has never played before and who would like to play this season, both you and that player will be rewarded (most likely with points) toward the start of the season.

-On my end, I will also be recruiting new players. I am looking for a record number of players this season, not for longevity sake...but for other intents I have.

-If you find someone from across the forum (anyone who has played any game or wants to play a game), please contact them and also establish contact with me via PM. In the PM, you must add that person to the PM so that I can see both you and the person(s) (you can do more than one) who you have selected. In this way, I can give out your rewards accordingly.

-The more people you recruit, the more reward you will receive.

-But what if they don't accept recruitment? No problem! You will still receive credit for trying!

-NEW PLAYERS: If you want to be let in on the game, but aren't referred to by any veteran who will be playing this season, you can contact me in this thread or via PM and you will receive some benefit from joining.

-If you have any questions post them here, PM me, or get in touch with any of the veterans who will be playing again this season.

-VETERANS: If you join in this recruitment but then withdrawal from the registration phase, you can pass on your point reward to ANY player of your choice, new or old.


*In a large part, I am asking you, the players, to carry out this recruitment because I cannot devote enough time and energy to try to bring new players to the scene. My energies will be focused on making this season the best season yet, but that will require a lot of help from you.



Phase 2 (Registration Phase)

Monday, September 23 to Monday, September 30


-In this phase, you can pledge to join the season.

-You must sign up in one of the registration threads that will appear across the forums:

---Here, in the Box Office Alliance subforum

---In the Misc Games and Quizes forum there will be an additional sign-up

---And in the Box Office Discussion forum there will be a sign-up

-By signing up, you pledge to participate in Season 5 of Box Office Alliance

-New players not recruited in the Recruitment Phase can STILL sign up and receive the benefits that exist in Recruitment Phase

-If you participate in Recruitment Phase, you do NOT have to sign up to participate in the season. The choice is yours.

-The optimal goal this season: 30-35 players (typically, we get 20 max). If the number exceeds that, entrance will be determined based on merit. (This means some who apply will not be accepted, if the number exceeds the max I am setting for the season)

-You MUST register by Monday September 30 or you will not be allowed to participate.



Phase 3 (Season Launch)


-The first game of the season will be held on the first weekend of October (October 4-6, 2013).

-Details will be revealed at the end of the Registration Phase.



Please begin campaigning Veterans. Here's another interesting tidbit:

--The new players you bring will be in your power, should they and you choose to register for the season. Each veteran will thus be a head of his own team. This does not mean no two veterans will be on the same team, as some veterans may be matched together depending on total number of new players.




***Bonus: If I see you put a link to this thread or to the sub-forum in your signature, you will get an automatic +5 points at the start of the Season, should you register.



Let the fun begin!






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I openly invited the whole of Box Office Forum to join this game.


In order to show you have accepted my invite, just use any variation of the phrase or concept 'I'm In' in any of the referenced threads in post 1, as a sign that you are specifically my invited as the reason for joining the game. 



That should do it. Let the points Roll!

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I thought PM deadline was yesterday

Not sure what you're referring to.


The PM process involves you guys more than it does me. You guys (veterans) who may return this season, I am charging you with recruiting some new blood. Venture into other game forums and attract followers from there. The more followers you get, the more power you'll be given in the next season. You will see. So I charge all of you to find someone or various people to bring to your side...people who have NOT played the game before, preferably.


This goes on for about a week (till the 23rd). Then registration is up for you and those players and anyone else who wants to join after that. But this is not exactly the registration phase. This is more like pre-registration. 


Do you guys understand?

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Ok. I haven't gotten in news from you guys and I guess the incentive isn't there. Let me put it like this:


You are making your alliances this season. Every veteran has the opportunity to be Captain of a specific team. Each team will be consisted of at least one veteran bonded to a few rookie players...and if not enough new players, some veterans will be teamed together.


But I am asking you guys to build your teams, and to do that, you need to find  people who will be suitable candidates for your teammates. Seek out forum regulars, people who haven't played before, people who've participated in Survivor, BSG/BWG, or any other forum game, etc. 


Guys this is a revolutionary idea! I am letting YOU pick your teams. And each team will have its own power.


...if you recall, power had a huge role to play this past season with the Legends.

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