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Here in Austria, Rush started from pole and (of course) took the weekend flag with more than 60.000 admissions, in front of "Turbo" (about 35k) and more than tripling Gravity's less-than-20k. This being one of these rare cases where Austria's and Germany's BO drift wide apart - in Germany, Rush came in 3rd with about 165k (including previews). So, Austria generated between 35 and 40% of Germany's admissions where your typical Hollywood movie does about 10-15%!

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Has crossed 300k admissions here in Austria, meaning a "Golden Ticket" and currently #5 of 2013 films (admissions, but it might catch up with IM3 and Smurfs2 in US$ too) - legs continue to be good, even had an increase last weekend despite Thor's opening.


What does "Golden Ticket" mean?

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no, "Golden Ticket" is an award (no money included, just for glory and a certificate) awarded for 300.000 sold tickets which is a kind of blockbuster in Austria (8mil inhabitants), but real blockbusters get to the "Platinum Ticket" (600.000 admissions) or - the rare thing - 1mil admissions - the "Diamond Ticket". Including "Titanic", there's only 10 films that made it to the DT since 1997. 2013, not a single one made the PT yet, Django is #1 with 550k. Hobbit 2 might reach the PT (H1 had 620k) - for comparison, every one of the LotR films made the DT (barely)

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