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Season 5 Registration

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Registration for Season 5 is officially underway.


You have one week to register yourself and your teams. 


Please register here, in another Registration Thread, or via PM with me. 


Also, don't forget to sign your entire team up. You're picking your teams based on your recruits.


To all new players: You're all very welcome to join. I know you may have some questions about Box Office Alliance, so I'll go over some basics here, and if there's a question that needs answering, I will gladly answer it:

-Every Wednesday, a weekend game goes up. On this game, you predict things such as opening weekend grosses, per theater averages, percent drops, etc. All things tie to weekend performances of movies. The deadlines will always be on Fridays. You will have a partner (or several partners) with whom  you can work to perfect your answers.

-Every Monday, scores will be posted. Team averages will be based on the average scores of all players on the team. Points will be rewarded based on rank, accuracy, and other factors. Also, immunities will be given to those team(s) that stand out the most each week. Immunities are good for avoiding The Challenge.

-Every week, a Challenge is held. This consists of two or three players who did not score high enough on the weekend questions to obtain immunity. The players compete on weekday questions, and scores are posted by Thursday at the latest. The lowest scoring player(s) is eliminated from the game.


If you have any questions not addressed here, please feel free to ask them.


If you are a new member that has not been recruited by a veteran, you can still join and a veteran will take you under his wing.


To all veterans who are planning on signing up, PLEASE take the time to recruit new members who will be placed onto your teams.





You must register yourself and, if you have one, your team.

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The deadline for registration is fast approaching.


I still would love for you to continue to look for new recruits to join to your teams, but now, here's another thing.


You better start getting people (even if they're veterans now) to join you...because you'll be in a world of pain if you start without a team. This does not apply to new players as they will automatically be chosen or assimilated onto an existing team. But for every veteran who does not have a team well...you'll see (hopefully not). So if you're a veteran and there's another veteran and you both lack teams, you might want to get in touch asap.


And I encourage everyone to still sign up!

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