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The International Box Office Discussion Thread

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Tintin adds $41m to surge past $125m internationallyhttp://www.screendaily.com/news/distribu....5034327.articleA further $40.8m for the family adventure mostly through Sony pushed it to $125.3m while Constantin’s The Three Musketeers is several swishes of the blade away from $100m through Summit International licensees.The Adventures Of Tintin had little trouble holding on to pole position and continued to deliver powerful results in the second weekend. The film was active on 6,811 screens in 45 markets, mostly through Sony Pictures Releasing International. France remained the key and generated $7.8m from 914 for a dazzling $39.8m, while Spain produced $6.2m from 819 for an excellent $18.1m.Tintin opened in Russia in second place on $5.9m from 900 and added $3.6m in Germany from 878 for $10.5m, and surged to $6.1m in Belgium following a $2.5m haul from 169 in comic book creator Herge’s native Belgium.The sole release so far through Paramount is also a success: the film has amassed a $16.4m running total in the UK after grossing $3.3m from 517.In other highlights through Sony, Tintin stands at $6.9m in Sweden, $4.1m in Italy, $3.6m in Denmark, $2.9m in Switzerland and $2.2m in Holland. The number one Finnish debut generated a mighty $520,000 from 100 screens.The Smurfs has amassed $416.5m and Anonymous stands at an early $1.1m following a $530,000 weekend from 311 screens in Australia, the UK and New Zealand.Fox International’s sci-fi thriller In Time took $16.6m from 3,517 screens in 52 markets for an impressive $38m tally after 10 days in release. It opened at number two in the UK on $3m from 428 and debuted top in Mexico on $1m from 477.In Time brought in $3.9m in the second weekend in Russia on 903 as the tally climbed to $10.6m, while Australia’s $1.7m weekend from 286 raised the running total to $5m. In other launches, the film ranked fourth in Brazil on $609,193 from 123 and third in Holland on $322,901 from 63.Rise of The Planet Of The Apes stayed top in China as a muscular $6.6m from 2,300 boosted the tally to $21.6m after two weekends. The film stands at $29.4 in Japan after five and grossed $7.5m overall for the weekend from five remaining markets and is sitting pretty on $294.3m.What’s Your Number has grossed $15.7m. Fox International Productions’ Taiwanese hit You Are The Apple Of My Eye held on to pole position in Hong Kong for the third consecutive weekend on $1.1m from 85 for $5.6m. The international running total has reached $18.5m.DreamWorks Animation’s US number one hit Puss In Boots grossed $15m outside North America through Paramount Pictures International (PPI) from 1,262 sites in four markets and has amassed $39m.The dominant force was Russia, where Puss In Boots already ranks as the fourth biggest animated release and the 11th biggest release following a superb $13.6m weekend in 1,007, which brought the total to $35m.Paranormal Activity 3 grossed $14.1m from 3,662 sites in 50 territories for an impressive $77.1m. The horror hit opened top in Germany on $3.6m from 275 and debuted well in Japan too, taking $1.8m from 152. It stands at $15.5m in the UK and $6.8m in Mexico, both after three weekends. Footloose has amassed a relatively early $10m from 23 territoriesDreamWorks’ Real Steel grossed $10.7m in the fifth weekend through Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures International and now stands at $127.2m. Top territories include Russia on $19.5m, South Korea on $16.9m, Mexico on $12.5m, Australia on $11m and the UK on $7.1m.The Help added $3.2m for an early $22.2m and has reached $189.6m worldwide. Australia has delivered $8m, France $3.5m and the UK $3.5m. The Lion King 3D has generated $53.1m.Universal’s comedy caper Tower Heist launched in 23 territories through UPI and grossed $9.5m from 1,948 venues. It opened at number three in the UK on $2.3m from 416 and ranked fifth in Germany on $1.7m from 461 and second in Spain on $1.6m from 300.Johnny English Reborn added $7.3m from 3,500 sites in 53 territories for an international running total of $139.6m and has amassed $29.9m in the UK after five weekends. The Change-Up is on $31m, Drive $1.3m through the UPI launch in Russia, The Thing $4.9m and Fast And Furious Five $420m.The Three Musketeers grossed $5.8m from approximately 5,345 screens and currently stands at $94.7m.Warner Bros Pictures International reported that Contagion added $5m from 2,547 in 45 for $45.5m/ It has reached $1.9m in Brazil and $1.7m in Mexico, both after two weekends.Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy has crossed $22m in the UK through StudioCanal. Edited by Cedarpoint
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Some early estimates for me:Breaking Dawn 1 - 340MSherlock Holmes 2 - 380MTintin - 500MChipmunks 3 - 230MMission Impossible 4 - 280MThe Muppets - 2700MHappy Feet 2 - 260MIts a hard summer this one, lots of wild cards!

I think it's winter. :)
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