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Jem and the Holograms | 10/23/2015

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I'm rather excited for this. Jem could be really cracktastic at times, but was never any dumber than, say, GI Joe or Transformers.


My biggest concern is Chu as the director. Although this is probably more in his wheelhouse than GI Joe Retaliation was.

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I remember watching a lot of this, back when I would watch anything that was animated.


From what i remember, it was really dumb. Really really dumb.


That's crazy! Popstar with a double live, going on epic adventures with her band, running an entire orphanage of girls and fighting a rival rock band and their manipulative and sleazy manager? Plus in show music videos? This pawns stuff like Hannah Montana, which clearly got the "pop star leading a dual life" hook from this.

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One of the best cartoon themes ever. The score of the show itself is a work of art.


Personally I'd be all up for a live action Thundercats movie. The 2011 reboot was great and was seriously underappreciated and mistreated by CN.


Basically anything involving Thundercats at this point (no matter how crappy it may be) will do.

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