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CAYOM Advance Schedule

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Here we go!

As a note: Only put major films here, nothing small. (Just because it is your OC does not mean it is big either)

January 6-8:

January 13-18 (MLK weekend):

January 20-22:

January 27-29:

February 3-5:

February 10-12:

The Perfect Gift

I Hate Luv Stories

February 17-20 (President's Day weekend):

February 24-26:

March 2-4:

The Island

Untitled Pokemon Film

March 9-11:


March 16-18:

March 23-25:


March 30-April 1:

Midnight: Revealed

April 6-8:

The Princess and the Prince

April 13-15:

April 20-22:

April 27-29:

May 4-6:


May 11-13:


May 18-20:


Karate Kong

May 25-28 (Memorial Day weekend):


June 1-3:

Untitled Roger the Alien Film

June 8-10:

Hollow Earth

June 15-17:


June 22-24:

Mysteries of the Beyond

June 29-July 1:

War of the Worlds Musical

July 6-8:

Tuesday, July 3rd: Starcraft

July 13-15:


July 20-22:

Untitled Blockbuster

July 27-29:

U.S.S. Seawolf

August 3-5:


August 10-12:

August 17-19:

The Few AKA Knights of the Air

August 24-26:

New World Chronicles: His Story

August 31-September 3 (Labor day weekend):

September 7-9:

September 14-16:

September 21-23:


September 28-30:

Tim Burtons Dracula

October 5-7:

Hotel of the Lost

October 12-14:

Fatal Rendezvous

October 19-21:


Vast Dark Volume 2

October 26-28:

November 2-4:

Super Mario and the Legend of the Seven Stars

My Life to Waste

November 9-11:

The Degrassi Movie

November 16-18:

The Chronicle of Novara: The Stone of Armagon


November 21-25 (Thanksgiving weekend):

Tim Burton's Little Demons

Final Fantasy: Dawn of Souls


November 30-December 2:

December 7-9:


December 14-16:

Frank's Untitled Fantasy Film

December 21-23:

Wednesday, December 19th: Kittyhawk

Wednesday, December 19th: Atlantis: Dark Empire

Wednesday, December 19th:: The Seafarer

December 28-30:

Tuesday, December 25th: The Voyage of Marco Polo

Something to keep in mind also:

The week after Thanksgiving NEVER has any big relaeses (Outside of Star Trek 6 and Last Samurai that is, but those were just odd cases)

And New Years weekend never has anything either.

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Okay now.Here I go!November 2nd:Super Mario and the Legend of the 7 StarsBased off Mario RPG. I also plan on Paper Mario as well eventully (Which was a great RPG as well, one of the best RPG battle systems ever, outside of Super Paper Mario which was not as good but still fun)

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