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Winter SOTM 5: Advanced Predictioning Awakens, inspired by Tele. DEADLINE IS THURSDAY 26TH 11:59PM

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Ok, so It has been reported that Star Wars has already amassed 50M in advanced sales. My (well tele's) question is: How high will it go?


In a similar vein to SOTM2, predict the film's Opening Weekend that the presales will pass:


1) Antman (57.2M) 2000 / 3000


2) Straight Outta Compton (60.2M) 3000 / 5000


3) Spectre (70.4M) 5000 / 7000


4) Fifty Shades of Grey (85.0M) 7000 / 10000


5) Inside Out (90.4M) 10000 / 15000


6) Transformers: Age of Extinction (100.0M) 15000 / 20000


7) Hunger Games Mockingjay Part 2 (???.?M) 20000 / 35000


8) Shrek The Third (121.62M) 25000 / 30000


9) Jurassic World (208.8M) 100,000 / 50000


You have two options on how to predict, You must choose option A or B:


Option A:


You choose a movie and if TFA passes that total you win those points


Option B: You choose a movie (eg. Movie 4), but if TFA goes on to pass the next movie listed (movie 5) you lose.


For option B, all points won or lost are double the figures shown by each movie (so Film 2 for example essentially becomes worth 6000/10000)  

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