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Hey guys, you ever see that really old movie, The Derby Strikes Back? | Week 21

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The Angry Birds Movie $41.89M $41.12M
Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising $27.03M $30.92M
The Nice Guys $14.10M $15.89M
Captain America: Civil War $36.35M $37.30M
The Jungle Book (2016) $10.06M $11. 00M
Money Monster $8.07M $8.10M
The Darkness $1.72M $1.85M
Mothers Day $1.39M $1.40M
Zootopia $1.67M $1.91M
The Huntsman: Winter's War $1.08M $1.29M

3 players had zero picks. I adjusted averages up 6 percent


Leaders average is taken from the top 5 all time players




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16 hours ago, WrathOfHan said:

Lotta people are going to get screwed on Neighbors. Surprised how high the Zootopia average is.

At least a 50% haircut was pretty obvious if OS performance was looked at.

I think zoo has its worst hold of the run with direct competition and its largest theater % drop.



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A quick look:  Error Alert..52 players, 79.131 avg

I entered the top 10 as this:

Angry Birds - 39.32

Neighbors - 21.50

Nice Guys - 11.26

Civil War - 33.45

Jungle Book - 11.17

Money Monster - 7.07

Darkness - 2.34

Mother's Day - 1.12

Zootopia - 1.72

Huntsman - 1.21






TalismanRing 87.769
Rolling Thunder 87.725
Wildbill 87.595
Exxdee 87.024
Horror Wizard 86.306
jj99 86.212
Olive 86.141
Spaghetti 85.080
darkelf 84.953
narniadis 84.942
Bozly 84.743
BK007 84.738
e1828 83.927
Johnny 83.882
Jmorphin 83.319
8wombi7 83.054
WrathofHan 82.850
Wrath 82.677
nelmsey 81.776


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Rolling Thunder 88.837
Wildbill 88.592
Exxdee 86.886
TalismanRing 86.835
Horror Wizard 86.128
Spaghetti 85.698
Olive 85.570
jj99 85.490
narniadis 85.324
BK007 85.203
darkelf 84.838
Bozly 84.625
Jmorphin 83.841
e1828 83.512
8wombi7 83.355
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