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Best/Favorite MCU Heroines

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Surprised no one made a ranking of their best/favorite female characters yet...so i'l be the first one to do it. :)


Now before we count down our favorites females....i would likely add some temporary rules.


1. It can be either a superheroine like Natasha Romanoff, Wanda Maximoff & Gamora or a normal heroine like Pepper Potts, Betty Ross, Jane Foster & Peggy Carter. Side characters like Maria Hill & Darcy Lewis can be included as well.

2. It has to be ones from movies only.

3. They have to be protagonistic/be one of the good guys side, so no villains included. (Sorry, Nebula).


With that said.... let's begin.


Here are the notable main females that appeared in Phase 1:


Pepper Potts (Iron Man) : Bildresultat för pepper potts mcu

Betty Ross (The Incredible Hulk) : Bildresultat för the incredible hulk betty ross


Jane Foster (Thor) : Bildresultat för jane foster mcu


Peggy Carter (Captain America: The First Avenger) : Bildresultat för peggy carter captain america


Natasha Romanoff (The Avengers) : Bildresultat för natasha romanoff mcu

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In the row of appearance in the MCU:


Sif (sadly the actrss broke her back - healed, but wont be able to really live up to her role anymore if I got the correct impression glancing over articles then)

Frigga - to a degree (depends on which film/scene)



Gamora - there are a couple of scenes I think Gunn was an ~ clichè idiot


Wanda - to a degree

Christine (might be future potential too)


agree to the Dora Milaje mentioning


Not sure about Betty, I might have to rewatch the film, but there was something off

Same about Agent 13, didn't get enough scenes to shine


neutral about Pepper, not a fan, not a hater


Jane Foster was miscast IMHO, plus later pregnancy forced changes on screenplay = might have been better with another actress

I even prefered the assistant over her (forgot the name)


The Ancient One might not be a matching character for this list, but I liked Tilda's performance.

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All major non-villainous female characters:
34. Betty Ross (Liv Tyler gave the worst performance in the MCU)
33. Ramonda
32. Maggie Lang
31. Christine Palmer
30. Frigga
29. Liz Toomes
28. Darcy Lewis (don’t hate her as much as most seem to, she had some good jokes in the 1st)
27. Mar-Vell
26. Jane Foster (thought she was good in the 1st, but she became mancrazy in the 2nd)
25. Helen Cho
24. Michelle Jones
23. Janet van Dyne
22. May Parker
21. Sif
20. Ancient One
19. Monica Rambeau
18. Maria Hill
17. Ava Starr (if she counts as good)
16. Sharon Carter
15. Maria Rambeau
14. Hope van Dyne

13. Pepper Potts

12. Carol Danvers (I need more but could easily reach Top 10)
11. Gamora
10. Shuri
9. Cassie Lang
8. Nakia
7. Natasha Romanoff
6. Okoye
5. Mantis (everything she does in the background is priceless)
4. Nebula
3. Valkyrie
2. Peggy Carter (hands down the best love interest)
1. Wanda Maximoff (one of the most underrated character arcs in the MCU)
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On 11/12/2017 at 8:48 PM, MrFanaticGuy34 said:

Any favorite MCU-heroines here that you like the most?

=  not best acting, best written, best something 😉 I like that approach


I like best, my top group, per abc:

Black Widow, but think we do not know the real her a lot, she is, what she needs to be for the moment, adapts. But very no-nonsense, very active,...

Captain Marvel, but I do split up her role, means I like her the most, before and after she is ....

Gamora, but think the presentation is partly a bit less than possible per script or direction in GotG 2 in especial

Hope van Dyne, its increasing, at the start I did like her less than now. I'd list her as Wasp, but as her mother to was the Wasp...

Maria Hill, I'd like to see her in more scenes. Not the comic version. She seems to be the rock Fury is and can counting on, if she is in one of the movies. Have only seen season 1 of Agents of SHIELD, in case there is something not good.

Nebula, since she seems to be more than only an angry sibling

Okoye probably one of the 'coolest' characters ever. Her eyes....

Valkyrie, hope to see a lot more of her.


A step less, but mostly bcs I think its needs more screen-time or...

Maria Rambeau


Scarlet Witch


Have to see a lot more, but like something already

Janet van Dyne

Christine Palmer (I'd love to see her organising a M.A.S.H. style thing around e.g. the Avengers 'events' or other bigger fights)


I know, she broke her back and such, but would have loved to see more with Sif too


Waiting till they grow up mentally, no matter if it is age or time to develop free will based experiences:




Too young a character to know:

Cassie Lang

Maria Rambeau


If I have not forgotten someone, the others are probably simple o.K., I do not expect them to come back on the long run (not enough scenes...), or....


The exception:

I think Jane Foster was wrongly casted. In a way too bad way.

Darcy Lewis got a lot of flak, but I think without her the movies with Jane Foster in it, would be worse. She helped to balance it out  as fr as it was possible for a side character. I wouldn't mind to get to see her again in a part not focused on getting the flames out, reacting to the next strange whatever.


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