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Collateral Beauty starring Dwayne Johnson?

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Will Smith's Collateral Beauty grossed 2.4 million on Friday.  This look awfully low cause I've seen tons of promo for it.


I was wondering, what do you think the movie would have grossed on Friday if Dwayne Johnson had the starring role?   Would it have tanked regardless because of the movie itself, or do you think someone like The Rock would have saved its box office? 

Also do you think 10 years down the line, Dwayne Johnson will have surpassed Will Smith in terms of being the most successful black actor box office career wise?  Denzel Washington is up there but perhaps more for his acting and respect than his box office power, and Eddie Murphy had a good run but didn't sustain it for a long time.  I feel that Dwayne Johnson will surpass Will Smith when all is said and done.

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