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The Red Turtle | Jan. 20, 2017 Limited - Expanding Jan. 27 | Best Animated Feature Nominee

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Wild Bunch, Studio Ghibli's The Red Turtle Film Slated for January 20 in N. America



Initial release on Jan. 20 will only be New York and Los Angeles. It will expand on Jan. 27, might still be very limited. But as one of the more likely nominees for Best Animated Feature, thought I'd make a thread for it.


Update, nominees announced:


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30 minutes ago, Arlborn said:

Red Turtle's trailer looks so unappealing, I really can't bring myself to watch it.


Not going to lie, I'm a bit apprehensive about this one. Going to watch it anyway, but only because it's a Best Animated Feature nominee. Helps that living in downtown Toronto means I won't have to go out of my way to see it.


P.S. I completely forgot I made this thread until your comment in the Your Name thread. Took the excuse to bump it. :lol:

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